Wow! No More Ugly Indent

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26yrs ago I went under general anthestic to reduce...

26yrs ago I went under general anthestic to reduce mon pubis whilst I was being wheeled in i told the nurse I had a change of mind..she ignored me and must have thought it was just the preop taking effect. I awoke all done...very sad. liposuction wasn't around and the extra tissue was cut away. no room for error however error was what occured. too much was removed and over time the indent became worse. I couldn't swim or wear tights for the gym. the thought of nakedness around a partner front on is terrifying. Needless to say I am still single.

I started searching for a remedy 2 or 3 years ago and was told about Macrolane however this was still in research and I had to wait. Whilst waiting I returned again to the initial doctor for any ideas he might have,we tried fat transfer but this didn't take too much scar tissue. He suggested other types of surgery but this would involve a skin graph and scar. Then on the news 4 weeks ago a review on macrolane I couldn't believe my ears i was so excited, finally, then I found out it's not available in Australia so I searched for referral.

Now even though I have swelling and bruising I have my mons publis. I also had to have scar release surgery which doesn't help the view. I will remain hopefull that all works out and post again when swelling and bruising subsides. Remaining positive at the possiblity of feeling feminine again.

Dr Woffles Wu

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