8 week PO Pics-LOVING LIFE!!! TT and Lipo of Flanks, 3/29, Macon, GA

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Hi there! I am a 31 year old Mom to two boys--13...

Hi there! I am a 31 year old Mom to two boys--13 months and 3, both born natural. I have been overweight since I was a little girl. I am 5'0" and currently at 133 lbs. Up until 2005, I weight anywhere from 150- 180 lbs. I lost a ton of weight for my wedding and then gained about 50 lbs with each pregnancy. I am now back to that wedding weight and probably the lowest weight since I was about 10 or 11. I exercised regularly and eat much better than I ever have. However, I can't wear pants with having an intertube around my waist. I am literally all gut, no butt and my weight is carried above my belly button, not necessarily below. I am nervous all how a TT will get rid of all that, but I have confidence that it will. I have wanted this surgery for so so long and never realized that it was a possibility--I told my husband that I would rather have this than a new car so I started saving and was shocked to find out the price was less than I expected. So, it is now going to happen--nervous and excited about it at the same time!! I am looking forward to the 4 month mark after surgery :)

Went to see my PS yesterday to discuss the...

Went to see my PS yesterday to discuss the possibility of lipo on my flanks...and he said that I could greatly benefit. I had lost 10 lbs and stopped breastfeeding since I had seen him last and my love handles hadn't changed. So...looks like I am going to be spending an additional $3K, but I feel that I would regret it if I don't. I don' t know where my natural waist is because the widest part of my body is around my belly button and love handles, so I want both gone. He also said that I could get lipo around my bra line (I am a 38), but it would put me over the $10K mark and I just don't really think it is necessary. The crazy thing is that I am a size 6 or 8 right now, but I have this intertube around my waist. I don't care to go down a pant size, I just want to be able to wear them without a fat roll hanging over! I also asked my PS about the use of a walker--I thought about renting one. He said that no, he didn't suggest it because he wouldn't want me to rely on it.

Today was my pre-op appt. I was given my...

Today was my pre-op appt. I was given my prescriptions, given all post op instructions, and took pictures (the worst part) of me naked! I can't wait to see the afters because they before pics were bad. The things I found most interesting:

1. Can resume aerobic exercise after 14 days, providing all is well. The first 14 days are where the bleeding risk is the highest.

2. Can resume lifting weights after 3 weeks.

3. Suggested I get a shower curtain and line my recliner--the lipo sites will leak in the first 48 hours.

4. The surgical tape can stay on my scar for up to my one month post op. I told the nurse that I had purchased the silicone strip and she said that after a month, I should use it. It was the only thing that was clinically proven to treat scars (not sure about that...just adding it).

5. I asked her about the Bromelin--which I already bought. She said that they do give it to patients who have lipo around their face, but not necessary. However, taking it will help with the healing.

6. I asked her about the diet--she said that a whole foods diet is the absolute best thing you can do for the swelling. She suggested that I drink a ton of water this week and limit sodas...going to *try* to do that.

I weighed in at 135. They didn't do measurements, but am going to do all my measurements this week at home. After I saw all of the hideous naked pictures, I have been contemplating doing lipo on the bra line....it is about an additional $1500 that I wasn't expecting.

I just updated pictures with better before pics. ...

I just updated pictures with better before pics. I also took measurements...not scientific, but works for me. Smallest: 34 inches -- At Belly Button: 37.75 inches --At pubic line: 37. Only a few days left....I am so excited.

Got the call about my surgery time--I have to be...

Got the call about my surgery time--I have to be there at 11.45. In my head I was thinking I could be first, but oh well. Now I get to see my kids in the morning at least. I am scheduled to be in surgery 3.5 hours and recovery after that. Looks like it is real now!!

Found out today that I have been wearing the...

Found out today that I have been wearing the compression garment in the wrong place. The nurse who discharged us told us on thing, the Dr on call said another. But, I know that it wasn't right.-so we called yet again and the nurse who just had the surgery in February talked to me and told us exactly where to position. I was wearing it above my scar, so all of the fuild was pushing down to my scar and giving me a pooch. I about had an anxiety attack because I am hoping it won't make a different in the way I heal.

Has anyone else been wearing their CG the wrong way?

Yesterday, 6 days PO was my turning point! I am...

Yesterday, 6 days PO was my turning point! I am alive! For a while I was doubting the decision I made, feeling like I was "that" statistic to have a botched surgery, not being able to look past the swelling, etc. Well, I went to the dr today to have the drains out....Praise the Lord!! And I was given a Stage 2 garment. I feel like a different person. Now I just need to take another shower, fix my hair, and put on makeup and it be so much better. I have a lot of swelling, but am so exteremely happy with me scar, as it is right about the pubic line. I'll post pics later.

10 days PO: Swelling is not a joke! I thought...

10 days PO: Swelling is not a joke! I thought about posting pics,however because my swelling is so incredibly horrible, I decided to wait. I went to a baby shower today and several of my close friend commentted about how thin I looked....none of them knew about my surgery. So, that make me happy,but the swelling is off.the.chain!

Just posted a picture of me 10 days PO. I am so...

Just posted a picture of me 10 days PO. I am so swollen that I can't see my BB opening...however, very very happy with placement of my incision.

12 Days PO--Back to work today. I have been...

12 Days PO--Back to work today. I have been wearing skirts/dresses because my incision is tender, so I wore a dress with a cardigan. Everyone asked how my vacation went...and somehow they didn't notice I was slow, slumped over, and in pain :) The first 7 days of this process was absolutely brutal....but it was so sorth it. I went to Kohl's yesterday and for the first time in a long time was excited about buying new clothes. I didn't try anything on, but it was just a good feeling!

12 Days PO--after work: Going back to work was...

12 Days PO--after work: Going back to work was easy!! I sit at a desk all day and was able put my legs up on my exercise ball, so I actually had an easy day! I work 3 days a week, so the days I am off are going to be rough--2 boys under 3, which means an on-the-go Mama. And, I wrote earlier that I went to Kohl's...but I forgot to say that I didn't buy anything. My swelling is still really bad and I have a horrible pooch where my lipo was done as well as above my incision. Though, I can't wait to shop!!



I was really hesitant about doing this surgery--mainly because of the guilt of spending money. However, I have had self esteem issues my entire life and although those will never really go away, I have never ever felt better about myself. I posted my before and after at 8 weeks and I couldn't believe it. I measured and there wasn't only but about 3 inches in each spot that I measured--I still have a lot swelling. But then, I took pictures and couldn't believe it. I still wear my compression garment and have started the silicone strip for my scar-but honestly, i don't care if my scar looks horrible. The recovery was rough....and I mean rough...but it was worth it. I LOVE MY DECICISION!!

Loved my doctor's office!

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