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Hi! I'm a mother of a beautiful and extremely...

Hi! I'm a mother of a beautiful and extremely active toddler boy! I had to undergo and emergency C-Section while in labor & didn't quite heal properly from it. My GYN referred me to this wonderful surgeon for my c-section scar revision, & while examining me, he informed me I was an excellent candidate for a tummy tuck as well. I was skeptical at 1st, but he gave me a moment to look at his work & I was instantly sold! Oh the nerves are kicking in! I've been lurking around this community for months now, and decided at the last minute to start a post of my own. My pre-op is today and my procedure is scheduled for tomorrow morning! I love the fact they got me in so quickly.

I did it!

Whew! Who knew my tummy could ever be this flat? I'm extremely sore right now...and a little swollen but this too shall pass. My support system is doing a wonderful job with me & insisting with my active little toddler as well. My surgeon put me in a compression garment & will go and see him on tomorrow for post review/garment removal. Only had the tolerance for one pic but will post more after tomorrow's visit!

1st pic since surgery

I'm flat!

Loving my results those far...will take more later. I'm sooooo sore

Compression Garment/Drainage

Update! Feeling great!

Hi ladies! I'm feeling good this morning so I decided to update! For some reason my pics didn't upload on my last few posts, but no worries. I'm updating from my iPad this time. I'm 10 days post op and finally feeling back to my old self again. Pain is minimum. Just a little sore from the Lipo on my love handles. And for some reason my stomach tends to contract very tight at night while I'm sleeping/early mornings. Dr said its very normal. So meh :/ went to the Doc yesterday...weighed in, 15 pounds down since my surgery & draining accordingly. Still another week before my tubes will be removed because I'm still draining a lot. Happy weekend ladies! More pics to come!

Draining tubes/Compression Garment


Hey ladies! Feeling great today! Here are a few pics! More to come as the swelling goes down! XoXoXo

MEH :/

Hey ladies! I'm a little over a month post op and feeling great! SWELL HELL!!!!!!!!!! still haven't worn any jeans...maxi dresses & yoga pants have been my best friends. Just started wearing my new compression garment because the old one in above picture no longer fit (too big, yay!) I have mild seroma :( Still swollen and my right side is slightly larger than my left. I've been sleeping on back to try to eliminate this. Massages been helping with the lipo on my back flanks (courtesy of my wonderful hubby) and I'm no longer sore (but still swollen back there)...I've been seeing my doctor every week since my surgery. He cleared me to return to work October 1st. Le sigh! I've started very light exercise (walking) but tend to swell after a period of time (ugh!) I've lost weight since the arms are smaller but my hips/thighs are really showcasing now that my stomach is flat (hubby's not complaining at all about that) Speaking of, when is it safe to do a little "bonding" with the hubs? i cant keep him off of me! ha! Will post some pics shortly!


Hey ladies! Sorry it's been a while...I've been busy getting back to my normal routines from work to starting back teaching Zumba again. I'm taking it one day at a time...still a bit swollen even after 4 months, but so far I'm pleased with the results. Here are some new pics! I have some pre and post TT side by side so you can see my results!

My new shape in dresses...

Even though my surgeon only did a TT and Lipo on my back flanks, my body contour is flawless. I have never been stable to wear form fitting dress until now...


Hi dolls! I'm officially 6 months PO and I'm feeling great...I've lost about 13 more pounds since surgery! Going for consultation of smart lipo on my arms and upper back next week. Will post pics XOXO
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