Mastectomy Reconstruction Revision, and Additional Tt Just for Me, After 5 Children. - Macon, Ga

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My original surgery was for a mastectomy revision...

My original surgery was for a mastectomy revision that was originally done in 2006. After my initial visit to the surgeon, I started toying with the idea of a tummy tuck. I'm small and in good shape ( for 60), at 5'2" and 110 lbs. I excercise regularly, trail run with my dogs, scuba dive, ride bikes and love to hike. I have 5 kids, and although I've managed to maintain my weight, I had loose skin that I would have to tuck into my jeans or let it hang over the top. If I was standing up, it wasn't too bad, just some loose- looking skin. I had developed a small pooch in my lower abd, and no amount of abdominal work would remedy it. So I called the doctor's office and set up another appt. He said he could do the tt at the same time, and tighten those lax muscles. I was offered a reduced price for having more than one procedure at the same time, (insurance paid for the mastectomy revision), and I would also have to pay less if I paid with cash. This was about all the money I had to my name, but figured this was a "now or never" moment, and after discussing it with my husband, committed to having the surgery done. My husband was very hesitant about it, "you don't need a tt, you look great". He has always been very happy with the way I look, but I see much room for improvement. I had the surgeries done, and, like everyone else, had extreme pain for the first three days, but things rapidly improved. Yes, I had my doubts after having it done, but today is post-op day 7, and the regrets (and the drains) are gone. My belly is flat, the loose skin is gone, and I will never have to worry that my shirt is accidentally rising up exposing my pre-surg belly. I have lots of healing to do, but I am so happy I decided to have it done. Every day gets easier and I feel more comforable about my decision to splurge on myself a little bit.

post op date 9

I continue to have less pain every day, and I am feeeling very "up". Since having my drains out on Pod 6, I am having more swelling in athe pubis area. But, today I went to see a movie (Monuments Men is awesome), but had to have popcorn, of course.... Then went to eat dinner afterward at Outback. I probably consumed too much salt, but I have been so good so far, with my usual "close to the earth" diet and I was feeling so good, I wanted to splurge a little. So now I am swollen "down under", no pun intended. So I am drinking plenty of water to offset the extra sodium, and I am doing some short time on my inversion table, hoping to "redirect" the extra fluid accumulation to the lymph channels just in case it is that and not me being bad. All the tape came off my sutures on my belly and breasts last night and I took my last abx yesterday, so I am using leftover Hibiclens in the shower and polysporin ointment on the incisions after the shower. Guess I will lay low tinight and try to behave. :) All in all, I am feeling awesome for where I am in the continuum.

post op day 9

Tape fell off in the shower last night ( with a little help)...

Sweet Nothings shapewear by Maidenform at WalMart (photos)

I figured out how to add these photos of the shapewear from WalMart that I have been talking about. The name is Sweet Nothings by Maidenform and the two pair I have posted cost $4.94 for the brief, and $6.94 for the boy cut. The may work fine for some of you all if you don't want to spend the $$ on the Spanx brand.

post op day 18 incision with scar-away strips in place

Feeling wonderful and excited about the new me!!

Post op day 18

I already updated once tonight, but it didnt "take", so I guess I did something wrong ;) So I am now post op day 18, and my first day back at work is this Friday. I am looking forward to seeing my coworkers again, but I must say I have enjoyed the time off. I have worked all my life, and it was good to stay home and just do what I wanted to do with my time. Si if anyone plans to use these silicone scar strips, let me give you a heads up. They are easy to clean...I wash them with a non-lotion soap and stick them right back on and dry the outer cloth-like side with a towel while they are on place on my belly. It took me a couple of days to get the hang of them, but I am a pro with them now. I leave them on 24 hours a day and just take them off to shower. I wear my famous Walmart compression panties to hold them in place, but even without the panties on (during "extracurricular activities") I haven't lost one yet. All in all, I am feeling good as new, back to running 3.2 miles 3 times a week, and I am looking forward to my first night back in aerobics class tomorrow night. Again, it gets better every day! Thanks wonderful ladies, for sharing all the ups and downs, tips and encouragements!!
Dr. Syribes

The doctor made me feel very confident about having this done, and also about his ability to perform both procedures. I have also seen his female PA and feel extremely comfortable with her. I was seen shortly after my arrival for my appointments, and the staff is very friendly. The staff member that worked with me on the paymentf of my part of the surgery was very helpful, and the payment process was easy and straightforward without any "surprises". Of course, the worst part of the pre-surg visit was stripping down totally naked and posing in 5 different directions in front of a camera on a tripod with those professional lights showing every ripple. God, so embarrasing!!!!!

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