Journey to the New Me Through Gastric Sleeve Surgery - Macon, GA

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I have never been small. My weight has been like...

I have never been small. My weight has been like a yoyo constantly going up and down. I will lose weight then I'll gain it back. My breaking point was when I gained 15 pounds after being switched from one blood pressure med to another. I think I felt disappointed in myself for even allowing myself to gain the weight. It was more like a wake up call with me knowing that I need to do something to improve my quality of life. Well I'm nervous about this whole process so I haven't really had time to be excited because my nerves are in high gear. I just need positive feedback and this site has help me to see the positive in several different post.

Yesterday I was a busy bee

All in one day, I did a Psych Evaluation, Exercise Counseling and Signed Patient Advisory. I'm just waitin on Sleep Study, PCP recommendation and Medical cleareance. Lastly, the most important one is Insurance approval. Please pray for me because yes I'm nervous.

Just down right frustrated!

The other day I get a call from the reception from my doctor office telling me that they want me to get a cardiac clearance due to my cpap results. I was really pissed because I haven't even gotten my results. The doctor that did my result was backward. How are your going to call another company for me to setup an appointment to purchase a CPAP machine when you haven't even discussed my results with me? I did my sleep apnea at home test on July 2nd and I know that we had a major holiday that could affect business but I figure if this Sleep company could call me to schedule an appointment to purchase a CPAP machine then they could have schedule my appointment earlier to get my results. I was upset because I thought they did it a*s backward. So I took it upon myself to call my insurance company to see can I get a 2nd opinion due to this home machine kept falling off my head waking me up and beside it wasn't comfortable sleeping with a heavy band on my head. Beside that night I did not sleep well due to the strap on this machine kept coming off of my head about 4 or 5 times. So I verified through my insurance company that I could go through consultation as long as it's precertified. I decided to go to the facility to take the test instead of doing it on my own. Then I notified my doctor reception to let her know I was getting a 2nd opinion on this sleep apnea issue. I also talked with my brother who has had a sleep study done and suggested that I go sleep in at the center then also compare results with this other doctor. So we will see if I have Sleep Apnea because right now I don't believe it until this other doctor tells me. Now I got to get some Cardiac Clearance which is more money out of the pocket but I'm going to handle it like a PRO and pray that whatever Cardiac test turns out okay. So next week I have several appoints: Sleep study consultation & Cardiac clearance then lastly will be PCP recommendation and Medical Clearance then the ball will be in the Insurance court. Hopefully I will be approved!!!1

Clearance Clearance!!

Yesterday was kind of stressful due to whatever results that was sent concerning my sleep apnea I had to get a Cardiac clearance. I was stressed just thinking about it. I did an EKG which they told me was a little abnormal. So then they follow that up with an Echo which came out normal. So my Heart is healthy. I asked about the abnormal result and the doctor said it could be stressed or the way my heart is position in my chest. He asked me about my physical activities. I walk and do zumba 5 days a week. I was so happy after the result especially my Echo turned out okay. It made me want to continue on exercise and pull the HEALTHY ME out.

Sleep....sleep...sleep Apnea

I had my follow up with the doctor concerning my Sleep apnea results. I think I was more on guard due to me having to get a Cardiac clearance. Actually my results was not as bad as I thought it would be. He told me that I have mild sleep apnea and I stop breathing about 11 times during the night. I talked with him about me refluxing during the night and told him that sometimes it feels like a lump is in my throat and unbeknownst to me I sometimes swallow to see if I can get rid of the lump. He said my reflux could also contribute to my sleep apnea and he's not going to treat it since I'm loosing weight. You know what that means.....NO CPAP machine. woo hoo!!!!! So I was happy with his results then decided I no longer wanted a 2nd opinion especially since in my heart I know my insurance probably going to end up charging me a lot for that 2nd opinion. Lesson patient!

Feeling like a BEAST

I forgot to tell you guys that I'm so committed to this that I decided to go through the steps for the weight loss surgery...liquid, soft food, etc. I'm back to regular food and I have been monitoring what I get through This is a great app. I have been exercising like a BEAST. My goal is to lose a dress size before my surgery. I'm down 18lbs and counting!!!! So wish me well!

Dragging this morning

I'm dragging this morning. I know it is because I didn't get enough sleep last night and I really hate feeling tired. But the good news today is that I’m down 19.4 lbs. I have my final appointment for my requirements today. It's my Medical Clearance. So wish me well!!! The Financial Advisor told me that I can set my date in September or October. I'm leaning toward October due to my nephew having a major surgery and I want to be there for him. Yes, this Auntie loves her nephew to the moon and back. Happy Friday!!!

Feeling Really Sick today

I'm not going to let the sickness rule me but my body needed the rest today and tomorrow I'm easing back into my exercise routine.

Mixed Emotion

Today is suppose to be a happy day for me. I finally got my date for my Surgery. Oct 20th but I have mixed emotion. I guess I'm sad because I couldn't lose the weight on my own. I'm excited, nervous and sad at the same time. Today I need a little bit of encouragement.

Approval for Insurance

I didn't have time to update Friday, Sept 5th, but I got approve by my insurance so I was pretty happy about that.

About to be on the loser bench

My surgery date is almost here. Oct 20th to be exact, I'm on my liquid diet now and whew the first day is the hardest and you can guest my first day is today. I feel so hungry and feeling like I can eat a exactly a horse!!! Please pray for me because I will soon be on the loser bench.

The effects after surgery

I had my surgery Oct 20, 2014 and the first two days I was in and out due to the Anest and pain killer. I got out of the hospital Oct 22,2014. The first couple of days I was nausea trying to get use to my new stomach. It would be an under statement to say that I haven't question myself whether I did the right thing. I'm pretty sure I will see it in the next couple of months. At this moment my appetite is gone. I am pratically making myself drink and eat liquid broth, protein shakes, water, jello, etc. I'm hoping my appetite will come back over time where I can enjoy smaller portion of a meal. My stomach is still swollen and even though I have lost a total of 30 lbs all together I don't see it in my clothes due to swelling in my stomach. I will be totally glad when the stomach heal because I'm not enjoying the cramping feeling my stomach get when I eat or drink liquids. I take my time eating because I hate that feeling but it still comes and goes but it's not extremely bad. So I'm praying that the stomach will heal up nice and the cramping pain will go away in due time.
Dr. Vaughn

I have not yet had my surgery. I'm in the process of meeting all of requirements. I have meet with the nutrition, UGI and sleep study (which I didn't sleep to good with the home study and now they claim I have sleep apnea. I don't believe it because i didn't even go into REM sleep). Now I have to buy a CPAP machine which is a waste of money but to qualify for this surgery. It's something that has to be done. I have attended both support & Seminar group. I only have four things left to do this darn CPAP machine, Psych evaluation, exercise counseling and PCP recommendation then I'll see will my insurance approve this surgery.

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