Its finally gonna happen!!!!!!- Macon, GA

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Hey Ladies, I'm so excited an nervous about...

Hey Ladies, I'm so excited an nervous about getting this breast reduction surgery. I'm getting so antsy waiting on bcbs to approve me. I'm a 40HH and they hurt my back, neck, shoulders, and I have rashes under my breast. Don't get me started on the chronic and constant pain. So do any of you ladies know how long it takes for them to approve this procedure? I submitted pictures but that's it. Is that enough? If you have any advice please don't hesitate to let me know.

Still Waiting in PAIN!!

Hey Ladies just wanted to update you all. Today was a stressful day. It started well but then my hubby started having severe abdominal pains an I had to rush him to the ER they thought it was his appendix but its not so that's a huge relief. Any while I was there I was standing next to his bed the whole time and my back and neck hurt so bad I want to cry. Then come home and feed, and bath 3 kids. Uggh its exhausting!!! Sorry I'm rambling anyway, I been calling my insurance and they say that they don't have anything from my PS on file and I'm really starting to worry because every week when I call me PS about approval they say its Pending. AM I MISSING SOMETHING?? Both reassured me that when I get approved I will get a call and a letter. I had a dream last night that I was approved though and I woke up and checked online and nothing. Hopefully that was a dream of what's to come so I'm waiting in pain. It seems like my back is getting worse. But I'll keep praying for relief. Happy healing to all those on the other side!!!!!

Waiting, waiting, and more waiting....

Hi ladies, I have been trying to keep busy and my mind off being so anxious but this pain is no joke!! Been searching for a new place to live and my husband just got a motorcycle so trying not to worry about him to much ( he's feeling better by the way. Thanks for asking) so I have tons on my plate. I called my IC and they the pre authorization it's just waiting to be reviewed by the nurse fo r approval and that could be around the 12th. Ladies please join me in praying, sending positive energy and thoughts on my behalf that the insurance, breast reduction Gods, and sweet baby Jesus allow this to be approved for 100%.

Oh and I'm 27 yrs young lol. Married for 6 years and we have 3 children 8,6, and 2 yrs old. I have lost weight doing cycling classes but now I can't cycle anymore because when I lean over to really get my workout on I'm hitting my breast with my thighs and that hurts. So ready to be on the smaller side!!! No pics tonight but will post more when I get approved. Good luck everyone trying to get him and happy healing to everyone on the other side!!


Hey lovely ladies!!! I checked on line and it said my claim has been processed does that mean I'm approved or what? I don't want to get excited for nothing ya know. My next question is is it okay to get your nipples pierced after a BR? I really want mine pierced but will wait as long as I have to to make sure that I'm fully healed. Please tell me what you think? Happy healing and good luck to everyone who has surgery this week.

Denial and Frustration!!!!!

Hey ladies, So I called bcbs today to check the status of my claim and they denied me can you believe that. Me, the lady with chronic back, shoulder, and the 40 HH on my chest. Ugh, I'm so frustrated it doesn't make any sense. I told to the nurse and she is going to appeal it for me and send in more info so hopefully they will overturn their decision. I have also been frustrated with everyone lately. I just want to be left alone with my thoughts and a Mango-rita lol. Hope everyone is healing well and congrats to those who are approved already and on the way to surgery in the coming weeks.

What a difference a day makes. Finally approved!!!!!!

So I was all upset yesterday and really mad that they denied my claim. But got a call today from my surgery center and she said the decision was overturned and I was approved and can schedule a survey for next week. I'm ready to do it tomorrow!!!! Lol so the count down will begin when I get a definite date do excited!!!!! Thanks for all the positive thoughts and prayers.

Buying supplies

Hi ladies, I'm still very excited about my upcoming surgery. I need the button up shirts, a zip up sports bra, is there anything I'm missing? Please let me know

Busy weekend ahead

Afternoon ladies, I have my pre op appt Tuesday at 1 and my surgery is Wednesday and they will call me the day before with the time. We are in the process of moving so I'll be a busy bee this weekend getting everything done and everything I need for the coming weeks. Happy healing everyone!!!!

Pre Op Appt Today. Nervous Umm Maybe?

SOO, I have my pre op today and I am so excited and the nurse told me he will do my marking today and I am not to shower or wear a bra for the rest of the day!! That's a relief and also stressing on my back, but this is my Official last day with Giant boobs!!!!! I still haven't found out what time I need to be at the hospital in the morning. So I hope everyone is healing well, I will post tonight about my pre op and show pics of my markings. I plan to show him the boobs I want as well as the ones I don't. This should be fun!!


Hi ladies, so glad to be on the other side. Surprisingly im not in pain. I feel tons of pressure on my chest. I had to stay over and I'm on my phone. I will post more details later.
Macon Plastic Surgeon

Thinking of going to Dr.Oladiran Afolabi-Brown, MD Have anyone been to him? If so can you please post some updated pics and let me know more about the insurance Approval process.

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