Just a Few More Weeks to Go Until my Reduction! - Macon, GA

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My surgery is scheduled for Dec 20, 2012 and I am...

My surgery is scheduled for Dec 20, 2012 and I am getting VERY nervous, yet still very excited! I have read alot of reviews on here about the surgery and it seems everyone is different in their experience, healing, etc. I am hoping to have a smooth recovery and be back to school (becoming an RN in May 2014) on Jan 7, 2013 studying and working with smaller breasts!! :)

Thanks to all the ladies that have shared your experience and pics with the internet community. The pics help to ease my mind, as all the post pics look great!

Well 48 hours and counting till the big day! My...

Well 48 hours and counting till the big day! My surgery is scheduled for Monday 12/17 @ 11:30am! I am still super excited...the nerves haven't kicked in yet! Got all of my prescriptions filled and will be taking a Xanax (prescribed) the night before and the morning of surgery, I am sure that will help with any anxiety! Bought bags of frozen peas to help with swelling, button front pajamas, crackers and ginger ale for the ride home for nausea and making sure to bring my body pillow in the car for the ride home also. My doctor suggested to buy maxi pads instead of gauze to put into my bra after surgery, as they stay in place better and absorption is much better also, so I got some cheap Kroger brand pads. I am ready!! :)

2 days Post op! Surgery went really well..was in...

2 days Post op! Surgery went really well..was in and out in less than 8 hours! Slept the whole first night..got up to pee a few times...yesterday just lounged around. The pain is not bad since I am keeping up with my Loritab every 6 hours or so for pain, Taking an antibiotic as well. 2 drains in (BUMMER)- wont be getting those removed for 8 more days! They are a pain, as you have to empty them and record the drainage every 5 hours or so..the drainage is minimal though. Have not seen my boobs yet...hubby is going to help me take a shower today (was instructed to wait 48 hours before taking one)- I am feeling quite disgusting as I haven't been able to shower since Monday! PU! LOL ...well my back is hurting, time to lay down! Not regretting this YET! :)

I am now 12 days post op. Feeling so much better...

I am now 12 days post op. Feeling so much better than last week! Had my post op appt 2 days ago and PS said to start rubbing Aquaphor on stitches around nipples (there is no tape on my nips) and on the tape covering my anchor incisions..I guess that is supposed to make the tape start peeling and come off the incisions. All of my stitches are dissoluble, thank god! My range of motion is good- although still having quite a time with putting a ponytail or clip in the back of my head...so most days my hair is a mess. LOL! Don't really care though- small price to pay for new smaller perky boobs! Incisions are still really thick on the sides...my incisions go pretty far back on each side and that area is numb..kinda worrisome, but I will deal with it. Next post op is Jan 10. I have to start RN school back up for spring semester on Jan 7th, so I am hoping I am much more healed by then! Oh BTW...found the best bras ever at Belk..they are made by Bali, they are seamless, no underwire or adjusters on the straps, just a nice soft bra...comes in small, med or large sizes depending on measurement around your middle. So comfy!

7 weeks post op and feeling great! The new girls...

7 weeks post op and feeling great! The new girls have healed wonderfully and I seriously couldn't be happier with them! I used to avoid the mirror and now my husband jokes and says I am in love with the mirror! This life changing decision was seriously the best one I have ever made! :)
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I was referred to my surgeon by my insurance company. He is the top breast reduction/reconstruction surgeon in middle Georgia!

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