50 Year Old Mother of two (One Deceased 2014) Long Overdue for BR - Macon, GA

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Long story short. At the age off 11 was when it...

Long story short. At the age off 11 was when it all started. I was teased and called names til the day I graduated high school . As and adukt, if they didn't remember my name or face "you know the one with the big boobs." I've dealt with them for 40 years, back and forth weight loss/gain. No complications until now, which is why I'm destined more than ever to get this done.

My BR journey

Went in for a consultation on June 3rd . I'm very familiar with Dr. Brown. He was happy to see that I'd finally decided to do this. I was afraid my insurance wouldn't cover the procedure, but he informed me that they would. He told me to give it 2-3 weeks. So I waited. On June 23rd , his office called to inform me that I was approved. As of now we're looking at the 2nd week of July unless there's a cancellation. I don't know if I'm more nervous or more excited. Now I can't wait to see what people have to say now. Those that I have told are more excited than I am.

Still I wait

It has only been 5 days since I was approved for my surgery, I am waiting to hear from my PS office for an exact date for surgery, 5 days and it seems like a life time. I guess I'm just overly excited to finally look normal. I have passed many women both large and small breasted, and say to myself I hope I can look like that or I'm glad I won't be looking like that anymore . Besides getting things ready for the big day, what else can I do to calm my nerves? I'm anxious to tell others about it , but at the same time I want it to be a surprise.. I've only told about 6 people, 3 of which have had this done before me, and I go to them enquiring about their experience .

Surgery date set

Ok, I'm back. Finally got a call from the doctor's office today. My surgery date has been set for the 13th . They're going to call in a few days for my prep-op date and I have to get paperwork done for my job (another $25) So now I really have to get the ball rolling because I stopped getting prepared too soon (which I know better lol). I have exactly 6 days left, any more or last minute suggestions anyone. I'll take all that I can take in. Thanks ladies.

Stepping out

I stepped out for a minute for the last time as the old me. This will probably be the last before pic before my surgery.

Almost there!!!

Well , I'm almost there. Two days and counting. I had a flutter in my chest yesterday just thinking about the orocedure (I've been looking at some surgery videos on YouTube ) Am I nervous?, heck yeah. Am I excited?,
#€&/ yeah.
Got a call from the PS office not only to confirm my prep tomorrow, but to let me know that the hospital was trying to cancel my procedure (how they do that at the last minute?) But GOD is good. They asked if I was ok with going to another hospital. Sure fine why put this off any longer. They already changed my surgery date by one day. This has been a rough last few days, nerves already on edge, allergy going crazy and trying to get an earache. Hopefully it's not developing into nothing bad but just nerves. Wish me luck ladies, and I will report one more time (maybe 2 or 3) before my big day. Until then, ya'll be good and GOD bless each of you.xoxo
Oh yeah, I got my hair done so I won't be looking like raggedy ann or some shaggy dog lol.

Upset to the most

Ok, I just updated my post maybe 15 minutes ago . Just got a call from the doctor's office AGAIN. This time, the other hospital is not in my insurance network or whatever. The first hospital cancelled because one of the staff had death in the family ( understandable something no one can control) So why cancel?, because they can only monitor 4 patients at a time and I made #5. But she said for me to still do prep tomorrow (13th ) and they will still have me down for the 14th as planned and go from there to see what hsppens. Ain't that but "a monkeys uncle?" Never knew and still don't know what that means . Fingers & toes crossed AND PRAYING

Frustrated today--PreOp

I'm sitting here at preop for the second time this morning. Got here on time, they take my info then tell me i need to go to my PS office to talk to them because surgery has been canceled. Ok, did that. PS cant do anything before the weekend because hes already booked. Monday morning he wont be in town. Mind you, ive already did my paper work for my job (to be off-because I'm part-time I won't get paid LOA,sucks).I take my car to my dad (been having car trouble) and I have to drive his truck (which I hate) just as I do that, I get a call from Sharon from PSoffice, telling me my PS, Dr. Brown has made something happen in my favor. She tells me to go back for preop because you will be having surgery tomorrow. Now I have to have an EKG done because I take bp medicine. Good luck with that. Hopefully this is it because I was about to say just forget it. I hate when I have to make other adjustments after I've gotten everything in order. So ladies I ask for your prayers. And I told by a friend of mine who works at the hospital that Dr. Brown is known to make things happen if he feels a procedure is promptly needed. And I will truly thank him for that on tomorrow.

It's over!!! 1st post op

Hey y'all . I can't tell you how many times I've did a post only to fall asleep and lost the post lol. But I'm doing fine. Very minimal pain, have had any pain meds today.
Got some bad news before and after surgery. My aunt passed then a coworker was killed in a car accident. My PS just came and said I was in a different world because my nurse said I hadn't asked for any pain meds. So I'm getting ready to go home. Going home with drains. Uuugh.

What a relief to be on the other side

It's only been two days and I feel amazingly new. I have no pain. I'm taking my antibiotics and I did take a pain pill when I washed up and changed my bandages just in case. I didn't have too much drainage other than what's in the tubes. I now ask myself what took me so long. Here are a few pics which I'm not good at taking selfies at all.

Post op Day 3

Post op Day 3, but going on day 4 (1:02 am) I have been running a low grade fever for the past hour or so. Parts of my body is a little warm and my head is trying to hurt a little. I've taken my antibiotics as directed and cleaning and changing bandages at least once a day. Could I still have developed an infection? I pray not. That's the last thing I wish for. Right breast drainage is darker than the left side. I was hoping nothing goes wrong before my scheduled post op appointment . Answers please?!?!

Post op Day 4

I woke up feeling much better than last night. Low grade fever subsided after only reaching 99.0. I will call PS office to ask about difference in drainage color (one being darker than the other). I'm assuming because he had to take off more on that side. Everything still look the same so I'll post more pics in a few days.xoxo

Post op Day 5

Yesterday I slept a lil more than normal since my surgery, then couldn't go to sleep last night(sort of a night owl ). Today I'm going to try to visit my aunt for about 30 minutes. Of course she only stays 2 blocks from me. I just want to make sure there's not a crowd there when I go. My nieces and nephews came to visit me yesterday and they all like to greet with a hug or hardy handshake (for the men). I had to tell them sorry but Auntie can't do no hugging or handshake. My niece forgot that I told her about the surgery and asked what I had done, before I could answer, my nephew responded by saying "you can't tell the difference?" Remember I said I had to take care of my mom,well she's trying to take care of me. My dad was fusing about who was being hard-headed and washed dishes. Of course it was my mom. He's such a great father, grandfather and husband. He's dealing with the death of his sister and taking care of me,my mom and my 13 year old son (he's trying too, bless his heart) the two of them spent all day Sunday together. Ok, I got off track,sorry. My post was to be about my drains. I did call my PS he said it's nothing to worry about. And I do have a follow-up appointment on this Friday. Here are some pics of the drains. Not posting pics of the girls yet, don't feel like doing bandages at this time.


Does anyone know of anything I can use to get rid of this ugliness on my shoulders . I have deep and dark indentions in my shoulder from those years of overly enlarged breasts (no more yaaaaay )lol. I know there's probably nothing I can do about the indentions , but what (if anything) can I use to get rid of or at least lighten the darker bra marks? I want to be able to wear strapless tops ( now that I can) at least by next summer) .

Post op Day 8

Went to see my PA for 1st week post op appointment . Everything was good except the right drain. He said by me being right handed I probably overused it and caused something to bleed. He said I was probably being stubborn and won't be still. (He half right). So the left drain is out, I didn't know he had taken it out until he was putting it in the trash. No pain at all. So I still have to deal with this one drain and he said to keep an eye on ii. I had tape on to hold pads in plwce, he said he wants no tape on my skin. But it's hard to hold the pads and close the bra at the same time. Forgot to ask about the bread size . We erected in the waiting area before I wes called to the back, then went to the back for45- 60 minutes. He did apologize.

GOTTA get used to my new girls

I tickle myself sometimes. I'm sitting here watching television and just all of a sudden decided to cross my arms across my chest for the first time since the BR. This is something I've always done, I guess it's a habit. Anyway I found myself fumbling like it didn't feel right. I told my mom, "damn, I don't know how to cross my arms." Mom: "what you mean?" Me: "I'm used to my arms being up on my chest (I'll post a pic) and now I don't know how!"

15 days post op

Went out my 2 week post op appointment only to be disappointed again. Right drain is still in. Dr.said it's not draining like it should. He told me I was still a bit more swollen in my right breast and to massage it and hopefully next week it can come off. Ugggggh . As I did my sponge bathe 5 his morning I noticed a small opening under both breast about the size of the tip a toddler's thumb. Not to bad. Look more like fading skin to me because when I washed the soap didn't burn nor when dr. wiped area with alcohol pads. He just redressed it and told me to leave them on. I also had some tape coming off which I left in place and he took it off and redid everything and gave me a prescription for another type of antibiotics. Was so looking forward to being drainless. Well maybe next week (fingers crossed).

Bored to the max

Ok, I've been school shopping for the last 2 days. Had to cut the 1st day short because I felt myself starting to hurt a bit. Finished up today for the biggest part, now I'm bored. I have tried on over half my wardrobe that I was about to do away with because I thought I'll never get to wear again. But hold up, I can wear them all, even the spaghetti and strapless tops and dresses. I even went out and bought a strapless bra, which I haven't done in over 30+ years. Didn't know what size to get so I decided on the 2XL, and with a few bandages it fits perfect. So I went and bought some cocoa butter and vitamin E oil to use on my shoulders. So with this and a few arm exercises , I hope to be able to wear my strapless tops by next summer and I can't wait for this and a new swimsuit. Gotta get my "sexy" back, lol. Waiting for the stitches to come out and everything to heal so I can work on this stomach which everybody use to say, "you ain't got no stomach." Yeah right, it was hidden under the big girls, hahaha

4 weeks post op

Went to see my PS today for my 4th week post op appointment . I finally got the drain out. Yaaaaa!!! Everything looks pretty good. Still treating the 2 small wounds under both breast. No drains, no antibiotics. He did dress both breasts real nice and told me not to shower for a week, Ugggggh, only do sponge baths. I have to leave these bandages on until next Friday, wow. I was feeling a little sore last couple of days which I blame on the weather. It's been kind of cloudy and rain here and there the last 3 days. I still don't have much sensation at bottom of breast and nipples.

Shooting pains

I've read that even 5-10 years post op you can still have reactions from a BR. Well let me tell you about today. I'm sitting in church, which was almost over, and all of a sudden this SHARP pain hit me in my left breast for about 15 seconds. I immediately bent over behind the pew in front of me and grabbed it for comfort. My mom were sitting next to me about to burst because she said afterwards that I made a horrible face. Lol now but not then. I hope this don't happen too often especially if I'm out in the open, bad feeling to overlook.

4 weeks post op

Just left my 4 weeks post op appointment and ps said everything looks good. Still working with the open wounds which he said isn't too bad. Glad to hear that, because this was one thing I was hoping didn't happen,but knowing it's not too bad made me feel a little better. Just praying that it doesn't get any worse. He told me to be sure to wear my pads directly under where the wounds are because when I sit down it can cause more breakdown on the wounds with it rubbing against my stomach (which I MUST lose). The bloating is about gone in the top half of my stomach, guess I have to get rid of the rest and bottom half. Said I still have a little bit of swelling in both breasts. I can tell that they have gone down some because when I put on the surgical bra that I came home in, it's a little looser than last week. I told him about the tape breaking me out and asked why I didn't call him. He said it was the same tape as before. Maybe it's the heat because it is hot as crap here and I'm having hot flashes. Plus my air stopped working all of a sudden. So I try not to go out early in the day if I don't really have to . Any suggestions on stomach exercises? I'm about to start on this exercise bike the beginning of next week. Thinking about doing a daily detox while I'm home. I weighed at 197, I believe their scale is a little off, lol. Anyway, gotta get at it real soon.

4 weeks post op

Forgot a pic

6 weeks post op

Hey ladies, haven't posted in a while because there haven't been much changes. Hope you guys are enjoying the new you. And for those about to join us on the other side, congratulations and much success and a speedy recovery.

7 weeks post op

Saw psychological for my 7 weeks post op on Friday. He said everything looked good so he didn't have to use the iodine and redress. I didn't wear my surgical bra that I came home in (that I normally wear for my appointments ) I wore one of the bras from Walmart (a black one). I thought he was going to say something about it being black because of the dye getting in the wounds, which I have dressings on them. He asked where did I get it from and I told him. He said all his other patients claim they can't find them. So I told him to tell them to ask an associate in that area. They were only $7.94 and they are so comfortable. I'm sure a lot of you have seen them or have purchased one or two or more. I have the black one and a white one, they had they gray but they were too big. I can say that now, lol. Hope you ladies had a wonderful Labor Day. Tomorrow days and I'll be back to work. Hurray!!! (I think) XOXO

No regrets.(9 weeks post op )

Hello everyone ! Hope all is having a blessed Sunday. Really haven't had too much to report. Wounds are healed (left side compltely) just waiting for the color to come back. I'm really not too concerned about the incision scars, they're not a big deal to me. Still not feelings in my nipples (no problem). My biggest concern right now is losing my belly fat. About to start walking in the morning and using my exercise bike again. Happy recovery to those who are already on this journey and best wishes to the beginners.XOXO

Need your prayers

Sorry ladies, but I have to detour from the subjects of this site. My dearest mother is in critical condition right now. On Friday she went code blue 6xs, not good. But I figure GOD had a reason to allow the doctors/nurses to revive her that many times. They say they've never known anyone to go out that many times. Right now it's a matter of hoping , praying and waiting for a miracle or waiting to see what GOD has in plan for her. I AM praying for a miracle. Praying for my father, they've been together for 54years and have a strong bond. Pray that GOD comfort and strength him, my son because he's seeing his brother, my son with all those tubes laying in the hospital bed. I'm asking for prayer for my strength to be able to be strong for these two who is very dear to her. Asking for prayers for the entire family. Thanks to all in advance.

I'll be back on shortly . Gotta take care of this matter right now.

No more pain and suffering

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns. The battle is over. My dearest mother got her wings and took flight on Monday morning. May be a while before I'm back on this site, got a load on my shoulder. Much love to you all

I'm back.

I know it's been a while since my last visit here. Been going through some tough times, but it's all good now.
Doctor has cleared me totally. Still haven't done before/after pictures for his album. Still experiencing some tenderness at times and not sensation in my nipples (which I really don't mind).
So how are the oldies doing? And much luck to the newcomers.
May post some pictures at another time. Really not much to share. Still trying to lose this weight off my stomach. Looks like I may have to seek medical help on that.
Macon Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Brown is an excellent doctor. I met him when he did my son's skin draft. Excellent work. So I'm very confident in having him as my PS. And he believes in being truthful with you.

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