Descision Made! Breast Aug and Implants Scheduled 9/5/13!!! - Macon, GA

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Het everyone! I am 29 years old with two boys (4...

Het everyone! I am 29 years old with two boys (4 and 2 years old). I have always joked with my husband since I first was pregnant- that since he got me pregnant in my 20's then he was going to have to pay for breast lift afterwards! Well, 5 years later- we seriously discussed it- and I made the decision to make an appointment. My first appointment was several months ago. I had not don't much research so I wasn't prepared for an educated conversation. I did the typical "what size bra will I be". Now- I kind of giggle because of how much more I understand- so thank you Real Self!!! (and YouTube) Really made me feel confident in understanding what will happen.

My weight was 173 at my first appointment- which is the highest I have been in a long time. The doctor asked me was I planning on losing weight. I am not going to lie- I was thinking...OMG! But I said...I am always planning on losing weight doc. He wasn't criticizing my weight- he was explaining to me if I was in fact planning on losing weight...not to wait until after surgery. Basically, you spend all this money for him to reposition your breast- then you go losing weight which if you lose breast tissue can really change your outcome of your surgery. He said he sees it time and time again- women get a surgery and gain some confidence so they start losing weight. I know I am totally that person. So I decided to push my surgery out at least 3 months to give me time to lose some of the weight. So today I am down 15 pounds! Which is great- and the surgery is great motivation! I would love to be 150 day of surgery. Fingers crossed and calories counted.

But currently I am 160ish and 5'5. I pour into a Dcup bra currently. :) I was just in my best friends wedding...she had strapless bridemaids dresses, and my check was so flat up top...I just kept thinking- ahhh I can wait!

After my consultation- the doctor did agree I needed a lift and implants. Like I said I wasn't very education at my first apoointment. So he talked about the CC size but I didn't pay any attention. I had to call the nurse back to get the size. He said 450CC low profile.

My one concern is the "low profile". I cant find many women with images that have low profiles. And I really like the look on most women that have moderate plus profile. I don't want to have so much projection I can no longer button my shirts...and I think I said tht in my consultation. But after asking the nurse- she said when you have a lift (lollipop) the low profiles don't put as much pressure on the incisions so healing goes better? Anyone dealt of heard about that?

So- So happy I found this site and can read about everyones experiences...definitely gives you a good expectation of how it will go. So happy to know everyone now and look forward to logging my story her for the next person :)

recovery concerns

I am on the roller coaster of excitement..nervousness...fear...I'm exhausted and still a month to go!! Really my number 1. Fear is recovery. With two small children..taking it easy just seems like a huge challenge. I've asked my mom to come for a week afterwards. I have a desk job so I planned on being back by Monday...but I also take both my boys to school every morning. Just worried. But I have good support. I hope I'm over analyzing!!!

oh on a positive note!!!

I am now 156 pounds!!!! I don't own a scale on purpose. Husband had doctor appt so I jumped on...156!!! So 6 more to go with 4 weeks...I can do this! So I decided to add some before pics too!

Been On Booby watch

I am embarrassed to say how obsessed I am with photo shopping BOOBS! Geez...I would die is someone logged into my phone or computer- they would think I have lost it. :) But I wanted to keep all my likes here...less than a month- cant wait to meet for another meeting with my doctor on Monday. Really think I want to go Moderate vs Low Profile. Kind of anxious to see what he says.

final consultation

So happy with second consultation. My doctor is conservative. But he put me with a 420cc low profile. We spoke about the low profile deal. Basically he said doing a lift and aug is really conflicting surgeries. Meaning a lift is to tighten aug is to stretch and make bigger. So when you use large big projection puts pressure on the incisions. He is all for a healthy recovery and he personally feels the looks is natural and he mentioned my results will last much longer. I felt very excited about this visit and he really impressed me more! Another interesting discussion...I am very nervous about recovery with two young children. My doctor said the picking up part is due to the under the muscle implant. He said that he tells women to move like they are under water. Slow movements. It is the quick heavy moves that can cause that muscle to tear. He thinks I can slowly pick up my two year old in two weeks. Which sounded much more than reasonable than 6 weeks. 2 weeks!!!

pre op done!!!

Went to pre op...signed my life away! I met with the doctors primary nurse and she told me I would see her after on post op as well. That the doctor would see me again until 4 weeks or one month. She was very impressed with my knowledge! Great stuff. I have read some stories and fill very comfortable with the size and profile. So one week. Try just focus on work...yay!

two days...really?

I apologize about my grammar and typos. I for some reason always update with my cell phone.

Anyway. How do you feel two days before surgery? I personally don't have excitement at the moment. Im am really nervous and scared. Funny thing is after two pregnancies and two c sections...this should be a breeze. But I guess the difference is there is not a promise of immediate satisfaction like there was with having my boys...instead I am more scared of knowing I most likely be somewhat afraid of what they look like. I really feel 100% that given the correct time to heal that my results will be amazing. Its just the pain and patience part is what I am struggling with today.

Im going to drop off all my prescriptions today. Doctor called in three...something for nausea, the antibiotic to fight infection. They also gave me written prescription for some that they couldnt call in. Xantax, pain pills and muscle relaxers. She told me to take a xantax the night before so I could relax and get a good nights rest if I felt I needed it. And she told me take one right before I left the house to go up there for surgery. So hopefully it will loosen my nerves up quite a bit.

They will be putting me in a surgical bra that she wants me wearing till she sees me post op. I have bought two sportsbras already. But she told me to hold off buying until its done.

She also told me NO ice. Which is weird because in following stories on seems to be normal procedure. But they explain that with a lift...they dont want me to ice because cold will slow down blood flow. And we need as much blood flow going to those nipples as we can to encourage healing. Which makes sense. But bothers me how things change from doctor to doctor...guess that's why they call it a practice. I asked her about how they felt about scar creams and tapes. She said she thinks they are fine. She told me the cream is preferred because again rubbing the scar increases blood flow to that area which encourages healing. The thought of rubbing those after looking at pictures makes my poor nipples hurt now!!!

I am going grocery shopping today. Going to try to make some casseroles so my hubby can just throw them in for my boys and hopefully be one less concern for him.

Grabbing some saltines and soup...gatorade. lots of pineapple. I also wanted to start a stool softener the day before. I am irregular already so don't want to make it even worse!

so two days left. I cannot believe it. I will definitely try and be good about writing after surgery. I love reading that part of everyone's stories so u can get a good idea of what it will be like. Of and pics in clothes before and after. Those are always cool.

Happy healing to everyone! Any advice for a rookie will be appreciated!

before photos

Ok. I have two young boys and have a career in sales so all my clothes dont show anything! So had to dig in the lingerie drawer to even find something that would show cleavage. I wonder if I will buy more boob shirts after im actually proud of them? Remind me if I do that I am a mother and to keep it classy Christy!!! Lol

Night Before

Received a call this afternoon. Looks like I am scheduled for 11:45 in the morning! I don't mean to be dramatic...but I am freaking out a bit!!! They prescribed me some Xanax so I just took one to calm my nerves...and I am not one to take medicine...AH!

I kinda feel a bit unorganized. I really don't have much? I have two front zip bras. They are sending me home in one. I have a comfy button up shirt. Socks. I am going to wash with the cleanser they provided me with tonight. And I am supposed to wash with it in the morning as well. No lotion. Thank God they oked Deodorant.

Does anyone have ANY last minute advice??? I have some time in the morning if I need to go buy anything? I am sure I will be cleaning ect.

Please say a prayer for me- definitely very nervous...I hope I made the right decision to have this done. EK!

driving home now

What a blur. Really tired. Promise to check back in soon but it was easy and I feel ok.

First pics

Going to lay down . Bit here is some pics!

4 am post

Sleeping in lazyboy currently. Slept pretty good. Just woke up and was pretty stiff and sore. When I got up I tried to open pain pills and when I tried....whoa. didnt know I used that much chest muscles to open pills!!! Had to wake hubby up. So pretty sore!!

Here was my experience yesterday. I was suppose to call at 11:45am not come but obviously wasnt listening. But the called me back to change into gown and robe. Kept on socks and undies. Then took me to the pre op room. Hubby came back with me. She said it would be an hour that the surgery before me is running over. Good thing I took xanax...she brought me a warm blanket so I took a nap. When I woke up the sleep man came in...asked me more of the same type questions the office had. He was very nice. Doctor came in to mark me up. Gave hubby sugars. They told him it would be 3 hours. I went to surgery room and sleepy man put an IV in and gave me something that made me drunk..then gas masked me and bye bye world. Everyone is right! Woke up what felt like 10 minutes later. Went to recovery room and nurse gave me some pain medicine and water crackers. We left around 5:45pm. Yesterday was so easy. No much pain at all. I can tell today will be a doozy. Just get through it and ill be happy!

I honesty dont have the urge to examine them. Made myself take a picture to have record...but really just want to chill out and take it easy. Probably wait to shower on Saturday.

No stress surgery day!

Thank you all for checking in!!! I appreciate it!!!


feeling great!

So this morning when I wrote the above...I was hurting. Couldnt even open pill bottle by myself! It is 11 am now and im feeling pretty good. Just sore like I worked out and engorged tight feeling like need to milk em!!! I youtubed some exercises for after augs. Been doing them...shoulder rolls arm stretches. The nurse called to check in and she said that they gave some sort of numbing shots in the muscle during surgery that probably wore off in 8 hrs which was when I woke up in pain.

just drinking tons of water...staying on schedule with pain pills...doing my little exercises when I have to go to bathroom...but other than that...being very lazy!!!

day 2

Slept well last night. Took a xanax and I only woke up at 5am to go to bathroom. Went ahead and took pain medicine. So it wasnt so bad. Again..not a lot of pain. They swelled a lot over night so it is more of a pressure. Im doing my exercises. Really helps losen up so I recommend doing it. I also showered today. I put hair dryer on cool to dry my tapes. I didnt attempt to do my hair. I did get lightheaded while my husband was putting my bra back on. So since I am going back to work monday...I plan on getting up and moving around tomorrow. My husband took my boys to our friends house to watch game. I am struggling with not picking them up. Makes me sad. My 4 year old is so caring. My 2 year old keeps asking if my boo boos are ok. So I am good but I am so happy my mom is coming to help with them this week. Give me some time to take recovery slow. Happy healing to everyone!!!

Great day so far!

Today is day 3...feeling GREAT! I am staying on top of my medications. But today the heaviness and pain has gone down a ton! My left breast is doing some funny things...I can feel the spasms in it- sort of rolls from top to bottom? I also have a stabbing pain deep in my breast from time to time today. From the research I have done- I think it is pretty normal...all those little nerves are beginning the process of healing and those little electric type feelings will continue. I am sleeping pretty great considering I am NOT a back sleeper. This LazyBoy has been my BEST friend. I actually got up and did some laundry today and cleaned the kitchen up. But taking it slow. My mom called and she is on the way! So happy she is coming to help. I got her some flowers and a small gift. It just means so much for her to drive all the way here to help me out. Ill take another picture. Not seeing much difference - but just to keep record.

day 2 and day three pics

post op appt today

Met with the pa today. She asked me how I felt about size. I told her I was extremely excited at this point. She was going out of town the end of this week so she explained that this appt is normally later. But she went ahead and showed me how they wanted me to massage but wanted me to wait until the weekend to start doing it daily. I was kinda shocked when I pushed the towards the middle...this burning sensation was intense. I guess my face said it...she said to push through the burning sensation and hold for 5 seconds and release it slowly and let it go slowly. So obviously the burning sensation is normal...of course I asked. She said that if from the area when the doctor had to cut my muscle. She also said the more I do it the less and less it will hurt. And they recommend continuing massaging 3 times a day till death us due part. Lol
but honestly love love love them. Today was the first day pain free. I have muscle spasms...remind me of the fake contractions I had in my belly when I was 8 months. Still feel foriegn. Still sleeping in lazyboy. But getting better and better! Ill post pictures soon...getting hair done tonight. Happy healing!

in boobie heaven

Really heavy tight feeling no pain!

more pics

Having fun!

one week and a half.

Doctor told me to leave tapes as long as they will stay. So still no idea about scar! But at this point it is exactly what I wanted when I described my wants to my doctor. A lot of upper pole fullness...but not much projection. It is crazy cause in my clothes no on would ever know! Than it is like BAM! Lol. Not any swelling. Been massaging...husband loves to do it for me lol. Look back on last recovery wasnt horrible. Day 2 and 3 were the hardest. But mentally I wasnt myself. Blamed it on not feeling well ect. But I was blue. Took it easy and got out of house this weekend. Did me good. Been great so far this week. Here some pictures afyer shower. Happy healing!!!

coming up on 4 week mark!

This thursday makes 4 weeks since surgery! Time flew after week one. I have been picking up babies and back to my old self. I take it easy as I can bit life it pretty much back to normal. I notice they become a little sensitive during the day when I use those muscles too much. I still wear sports bras...waiting for my 6 weeks appt with doctor before I got get any. My husband told me last night that they felt so much more softer and "real" now. That made me super happy! They still have the upper pole fullness I wanted but they have settled as swelling went down.
I have left tape said to leave it as long as it would stay...well the tape around my nipple came loose this weekend. And I was overwhelmed with happiness and relief! They had enough time to get over the frankienstien I am so happy I never saw them like that. Just focused on healing. Nipples are smaller and I like that too. Tape on lollipop scare is still good so im leaving them alone. Still over the moon happy with everything. I would 100% recommend this procedure and my doctor.

one side by side

Before and now

6 weeks

Update on scars. Super happy with them this far.

Checking in

It has been awhile and wanted to touch base. I feel great...and the girls feel like they have always been there. Best decision ever. Scars are light...ill take pic soon. No nipple sensitivity.


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