29 Year Old Diabetic with Small Boobs - Macon, GA

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I have wanted big boobs all my life. Finally I...

I have wanted big boobs all my life. Finally I have saved enough money to get them done. I scheduled my surgery for Dec 1st. While I am excited I'm also nervous. I'm afraid I have an underlying condition that may not mix well with anesthesia. I have been a diabetic for 20 years, my A1c is 6.7 and all my labs have always come back normal. I hope the reason I have so many fears is because I work in healthcare. Hopefully surgery & recovery will be smooth.

Almost boob day

While I'm very nervous about the procedure I'm very ready to get it over with. I must say I'm a little sad I'll be getting rid of my extra padded VS bras because I've sort of become attached to them lol.

Surgery day

I'm home from surgery. I made it out alive! lol. I'm extremely sore. Not too much pain just sorenes. I can't lift my arms very much. I will be posting pics tomorrow. I went with 560 in my left and 480 on the right. I will post pics once I am to take the bandages off.

Days 2-4

By day's 2-4 , the pain had set in along with soreness. That's wasn't the bad part though it was the muscle spasms. I could barely contain myself. I felt like the spasms would not stop. I decided to recovery at a friend's place. She had her boobs done 5 years ago so I figured she was the perfect person to stay with. I made sure I kept an alarm on my phone for meds but I still had continuous muscle spasms. The medication prescribed for muscle spasms was orphenadrine ER 100MG. They only worked a couple of hours and then the spasms returned. I began walking hunched over which may have contributed to the spasms in my neck and back. The spasms in my breast and back were also killers! I was totally bombed about how bad I was feeling! I was questioning myself about why I even has this done.
I could not lift my arms to my face so showering and changing clothes was nearly impossible. My friend had to work after day 2 so I was basically on my own on the 3rd day.

Day 5-7

On day 5 I had one of my wonderful cousins bring me from friends house to my moms. I had been hiding my augmentation from my whole family (except 1 cousin). On night 4 I received a text from my mom talking about cosmetic surgery lol. I knew my cover was blown, even though my cousin stated she never told her mom. On day 5 my muscle relaxers were switched to flexeril and I stopped taking the pain pills .My spasms subsided. After taking all those meds for 5 days I was extremely bloated and constipated. My boobs also felt very tight. It was difficult to speak full sentences without becoming winded. But my boobs looked absolutely awesome. They even dropped a little. On day 6 I went in for my post op. She showed me massages and examined my boobs. She also noticed how tight they were. On day 6 I still was not able to lift both arms above my head, on my right. My walking was a lot slower than usually. Once I left the Dr I went an purchased smooth move laxative tea, day 6 was also the day I put on makeup since surgery. On day 7 I still was able to put both hands above my head but there is an improvement!. I'm excited to see how they look in month! Especially since they look pretty great now

Post op day 10

Today I have felt better than any other day. I drove around my neighborhood. It feels so good to get back to doing things I regularly did before surgery!

Pre surgery bra

Happy two week birthday. Still haven't dropped much


Unfortunately today was a bad day for me. I woke up with brown drainage coming my right incision. I had to go back to the dr office but I was unable to see him. A nurse evaluated me and told me it was a hematoma. She also stated I needed to take antibiotics so it would not become infected. She stated my skin was still tight. She has yet to send my preceiption to cvs. I also have to go in Monday to be evaluated by the md and possibly go back to surgery on Monday. I'm praying I don't have to go back to surgery on Monday.

Draining hematoma

Super nervous about Monday. Here's a pic

Back for round 2

So after a very painful drainage this am I am back to have my implant removed, pocket washed, and then implant reinserted 1hr 30 mins to go


It looks like it's on the left but it's a mirror image. It's in the right

Hematoma update s/p day 1

I went back around 7:45 pm. I was home by 9pm. The pain was a 2 on a scale of 1-10 with 10 behind to worst. I took my pain meds and slept the entire night. This am when I woke up my pain was a 22 (on the previous pain scale lol). It went to 5 after pain meds. The pain is only in the drainage site.

Day 2 since breast implant wash and reinsertion

I actually feel pretty good today! I'm shocked bc yesterday I was in sooo much pain! My right under boob looks so much better. No bruise and no hematoma. I have been putting bio oil on my left incision and it looks pretty good. I believe this time I am truly on the road to recovery.

Post op hematoma visit

So today I went in for my post op hematoma repair visit. The nurse said everything looked good and symmetrical! Immediately after my appt I went the semi annual sale at Victoria's Secret! I bought to sports bras and 2 regular ones bc I am unsure of whether I will be a D or DD. I feel 85% back to my old self and I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Victoria's Secret Semi annual sale

Drop and fluff

I'm still waiting for my drop and fluff phenomena! I know I'm like 6 weeks PO but I'm impatient !! I'll post new pics soon! Everything is gong good so far!


I think they look pretty nice and natural in my onsie. Even though the right is dropping faster lol.

Such B.S

So I received a bill even though I had the boob insurance. I will NEVER use this PS again!!

A little over 7 weeks (I think lol)

So I feel pretty good. I've been able to sleep on my stomach for about 1.5 weeks.
No pain. My under boob is still numb. I am really liking my results.

8 weeks today

So today makes 8 weeks. Unfortunately I think I'm experiencing boob greed lol. They look pretty nice in a revealing shirt but in a tight T-shirt they look average.
They have dropped some. To help with dropping I have only been wearing a bra when I have to work. I am so ready for them fluff more. They are a lot more squishy. They giggle if I walk fast or hard.
My left scar is almost unnoticeable. You can still see my right scar but I think that's bc I had hematoma repair on that side. I'm going to upload a couple of pics so I can go back and look at my progress.



Omg my plastic surgeons office is a complete cluster fuck. Apparently they converted to a new computer system. The office is super crowded and the staff seems confused which scares me! Can't believe they went live with a new computer charting system that no one seems to understand! I want to figure out when my last post op appt is so I can "get the hell out of Dodge" lol.


So I rescheduled my appt and will be back on feb 26! I am in shock but laughing at the same. I had to laugh to stop from so mad.

Scars and round 2

So I finally was able to go to my follow up and everything looked good. He said there is still some swelling but that will eventually go down. I also asked about a revision bc I want to go larger. He said to give the implants time to see if when they settle they appear bigger. Overall I love my implants. Best decision ever!! I'm officially (and have been) 100% for a while now! My scars are looking good and I cannot wait to show these boobies off!!

Happy birthday boobs

December 1sr started my journey. It was rough and tough but I have beautiful boobs. Not trying to brag lol


Decided to buy some bikini tops since target has them but one her on 1/2 off. I ordered 4 and received one today. I hope the rest come packaged together. I absolutely love bikinis now lol

I love target bikini tops lol

The rest of my bikini tops came and I absolutely love them. My boobs are so squishy now. I know they are going to look even more fab by the time summer comes.

New boobs....Old dress lol

I could really tell the difference when I put this sundress on today. Before I used to have to adjust the scraps because I was so flat lol. I'm so happy spring came early where I live! My boobs are getting softer each day and I increased one cup size to a 36 DDD.

Regular clothes

I'm so inlove with my boobs

Another bikini top

I'm addicted to buying bikini tops. Can't believe in 12 days I'll be 4 months post op!

Boobie Greed

So I'm still experiencing boob greed plus other envy. I've decided that I am getting a revision BUT not before my lipo. I think I want smart lipo of my upper and lower abdomin. I also want laser hair removal. I've been working overtime every week so I can save up! Now back to the boobs. I do love them I just wish I would of went with a larger size. In pics they look pretty good but when I look down at them they look average. They are very soft and giggle when I excerise. I'm hoping to be a 36 DDD but I think they will remain size 36 DD. I have no pains and they feel so incredibly real.

Almost at the 5 month mark

I can't believe it's almost been 5 months since my BA. These are just a couple of pics.

Almost 6 months post op

Can't believe it's almost been 6 months. I think they have dropped and fluffed to capacity and I truly love them. I have no pains and my scars are almost gone!


So excited to take my boobs out of the country!! Leaving for Bahamad tomorrow!

Bikini pics

Just s couple of pics from my vacation

Happy Birthday to my boobs

Can't believe a year ago today I got boobs. Finally results 36DD/36DDD

New swimwear

Some days I love them, some say I hate them. Still happy I have bigger boobs though.
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