35 Yr Old Middle Eastern Female, Bulbous Nose, Wanting a More Feminine Profile with Decreased Projection of my Nose. Macomb, MI

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I've never liked my profile. Up until 3 years ago,...

I've never liked my profile. Up until 3 years ago, I blamed my 'short' chin. After consultations with a few plastic surgeons, over the last 3 years, it turns out that my nose was causing me to have a more masculine profile. It projected outward on profile. And, had a significant bulbous tip in frontal view.
I am post op day 1. To Avoid a post-surgical slump, I'm going to post follow up pics and chart my recovery.

PRE-OP photos



My upper face is even more swollen on post op day 2. I couldn't even open my eyes wide enough to put in my contacts, hahaha.
I have less aching pain of my nose today, but will take Norco if the pain increases. I will continue taking Amoxicillin until I finish the 7 day course ( which I started the day before surgery).
I have applied Arnicare Gel under my eyes, but I don't think it has helped the swelling yet.
I'm using daily saline Nasal spray to keep my nasal mucosa moist and to clean out dried blood.
I continue to apply Neosporin on my columella incision.


on POD 4, I woke up with pain at my bridge and tip. Swelling of my upper face remains. No overall change in the past 24 hrs.
I'm avoiding my contacts as it is hard to insert them in my puffy eyes.


My cast came off POD 6. The DR described parts of the surgery: he broke bones at the bridge, he removed some bone and cartilage to minimize a dorsal hump, he removed some alar cartilage and sutured it to rifle the bulbous tip, and, finally, he thinned the overlying skin.
Most of my swelling is in my nose, both at the bridge and tip.
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