Fat Transfer is Major Surgery--this Needs to Be Emphasized. And It is the Worst Facial Filler I Have Ever Had

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Do NOT ever ever agree to this. I can't even...

Do NOT ever ever agree to this. I can't even think of an "Unless..." Dermal fillers are predictable, and that is what you do NOT get with fat transfer. I regret this so much. And the follow-up visits--where the doc doesn't "see" what you see...it's insulting and you have little recourse.

I want--predictable and tried and tested again and again. I cannot believe the damage to the area the fat was taken from--the abdomen--it is permanent, and horrifying.

Don't agree to Fat Transfer. Unless you are a risk seeker.

7 months later to the day update

I sought a filler for cheeks, naso-labial areas and a bit for the lips. Fat transfer was suggested, as natural and longest lasting. I chose this route, and will regret this forever.

My "results" incude have a fair amount of asymmetry, and permanent damage to the abdomen area. I have 3 dents around the navel, and s 3-4" upside down "Y" discoloration there as well. Bruising could have explained this 2 months afterward, but at seven months, no.
I can never, ever wear a two-piece bathing suit again. Or, frankly--look good naked.
Disfigured is the word that applies.

As for the face, that is lopsided as well. For the right side of my face (naso-labial and cheek filler), he more or less hit the mark. The left side is another story. In photos of my once pretty face, the thing you now notice is the hollows around the eye, and sad appearance. The fat was either injected or settled above the cheekbone, and even worse, inside the orbital bone around my eye. If i touch my face on the right side, i can feel the definition between the cheek bone and orbital bone. Not so on the left. It is more like one crescent, visually sinking the eye. There is a ripple--of fat, I guess.
Now for the stitching (yes, there is stitching for this "filler"). I still have slightly raised scars next to the eyes. But worse is the way the stitching (yes, more stitching) done around the mouth. He went in this way to reach the naso-labials-- God knows- I am not a PS. The edges of my lips, esp. on right side, are downturned, and the scars are deep. One doctor passed on filling them.

I was not fit to be seen for a full month. I wore a surgical mask over my mouth when I went out -it was that bruised, swollen and raw. And lied about what was wrong--who would admit this? I abhor lying, and this bothers me greatly.

I have had dozens of fillers in my life. Results are immediate and predictable, and downtime is very minimal.
Did any of the fat end up in the right place? - yes, the right naso-labial (he missed the line on the left) was somewhat filled. And the bottom left lip had a slight fill. So I cannot say there were no positive results. But is it a positive result if one side of your lips had some fill and the other didn't?
But the detrimental effects truly obscured the benefits. And I would predict the damage is here to stay.
1. Fat transfer is SURGERY. Make sure you know exactly what you are undertaking, and ask a lot of questions about risk factors and potential long-term detriments.
2. Fillers are artificial substances, yes --but that is not troubling, when the results are immediate and substantial, and the downtime and risk of harm is almost zero.

Would you have chosen fat transfer to the face from the abdomen if you knew your midriff would be distorted, for at least seven months? I say that because a miracle may occur, and maybe it won't be permanent.
Give me Juvederm, Voluma XC, restylane. They are safe choices. Procedure, and a follow-up for a touch up, or not.
Do not give me follow-up visits, months apart, to hear that it is "coming along nicely". That is not what you expect to hear after getting a filler.
Ultimate "result"? Great regret.

Fat transfer--bad to worse, if possible

this is an update to my previous two postings. I have gone to a PC to see if i could have a filler put in the indentations at the edges of my mouth from poor stitching from the fat transfer to the naso-labial area (yes, stitching). The only thing he can suggest is better stitching... the nightmare continues...

Photos of harm done 7.5 months post-fat transfer to face.

I have been reticent about posting pictures, but since dents and discoloration of abdomen mean can never wear a two piece bathing suit again, and a pretty face is now distorted, I feel compelled to share with members just how horrendously this procedure can go. Thank you, Kevin Maguire, MD.

photos taken today, March 25, 2016

1- discoloration and dents in abdomen
2- raised scars next to eyes
3-hollow formed under outside corner of eye from fat being injected near orbital bone
4- deep scar from stitching around the mouth. This pic also show asymmetry of lip augmentation, if you can call it that- right side didn't "take".

The name of Dr. Incompetent

Kevin Maguire, MD
Fairhaven, MA
Dr. Incompetent

Kevin Maguire is the doctor referenced above.

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