Loving my results! 375 saline mod profile unders

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Hello, After thinking about breast implants on...

After thinking about breast implants on and off for about 10 years I finally decided to do it! I'm excited but at the same time really nervous about it. I just want to make sure I don't go to big or to small. I'm 44 yrs old a mom of three beautiful kids ages 23, 7, and 5 and breast feed all three and my breast are deflated, uneven and just not what they use to be. I am very uncomfortable taking my shirt off in front of my husband and just want to feel more womanly. I want to be able to wear a halter top or what ever I want to wear and feel like I don't have to wear push-up bras all the time. I had my consultation and my ps said I could do 375cc's but I'm still wondering if I want him to fill them to 400. And what do you ladies think as far as profile should I get mid plus or high profile? I am very active and a professional figure competitor so I do want them to look natural but noticeable to me! Can anybody tell me after looking at my before pics what size cup you'll think I'll end up with if I do go to 500 cc's? I know 25 cc's isn't a big difference.

400 cc's

In my previous post I made a mistake and said it was 500 cc's but I meant 400cc's.

March can't get here quick enough!

I have been so obsessed with looking at boobs! It's on my mind constantly. March 17th cannot get here quick enough. I'm still having a hard time deciding how many cc's will be right for me. I'm pretty sure I want 425 cc's now but just want to make sure it's not too much. I'm 44 yrs old 3 kids all breastfeed. 5'4" between 123-125lbs with a very muscular build (I'm a professional figure competitor) so I have wide shoulders and a wide chest. I'm currently a 36 b and would love to be a small d. I always wear padded bras and sports bras and am looking forward to getting rid of them, haha. I have my pre op appointment on March 3rd and I'm hoping I'll make up my mind as to how many cc's after that appointment. I'm a little nervous about how heavy the implants will feel on my chest and if I'll have a hard time breathing, but not really worried about the pain to much. I have two grade school girls and am hoping I heal up pretty quick so I can tend to all their needs. My husband works days and is only able to take one day off so it's gonna be a bit tricky, but my sister will be able to help me out if I need her so that's good. I'm going to try to post some more pre op pics seeing the ones I already posted are to dark. It's so nice having you other ladies to talk to on here. Anybody have any advice for me? How have some of your experiences been?

More pics

Boobs, boobs, boob and more boobs!!

I can't get boobs off my mind, haha! Just about one more month and I just can't wait!! Can't wait to go to my pre op appt. on March 4th. Hoping I finally decide on what profile and size I'm going to get by the time I leave the office on that day. Going to Florida on Sunday, sure do wish I had my additions before going but at least I'll have that to look forward to when I get back.

I've been looking at all you lovely ladies reviews and it's getting me so excited. I'm really not scared anymore just so excited!!!

Muscle mom

I just posted a profile pic of how muscular I get when dieting down for a competition. I'm hoping once I get my new additions I'll feel a bit more feminine. Plus it'll help my symmetry when competing in a show.

20 more days!!

So excited, my pre op was suppose to be march 4th but now it's February 28th. I'm really excited but I'm still feeling guilty for wanting to do this! I keep thinking can I really afford this? I could use the money on something else like home improvements and what not. And then the issue of feeling guilty because I have two girls and I don't want to set a bad example for them. I know all these feeling are normal but I wish I could just make these thoughts go away and just be completely excited about it. Also, my husband knows I'm just going to do it,but I wish he was 100% with it and more supportive. We barely even talk about it , like it's not going to happen. So I think it's making it harder on me. I kinda get a bit jealous reading all of you other beautiful ladies reviews and how your husbands are so supportive/helpful. Don't get me wrong my husband is a great husband and an unbelievable father but just not completely on board with me doing this and it sucks!
Anyway.....I just can't wait for march 17th to get here so I can get it done and move forward,lol!

Pre op appointment today!!!

Okay I have my pre op appointment today so I told myself I would make up my mind on the size at the appointment. And once it's done it's done no more thinking about sizes!!! I've been so obsessed with it,lol! Wish me luck ladies..

Post op appt. done

Post op appointment done. Super excited!! Got my scripts. My PS was really leaning toward 375 cc's I just don't think they'll be big enough for what I want. I showed him my wish pic and he said he'd try to get me there, so we'll see but I'm really hoping I can at least go up to 400-425 cc's. I ased my PS how many cc's he thought my wish pic was and he thought it was 375 but it looks much bigger than that do me. What do you ladies think? Anyway.....10:15am march 17 and I'll have my new girls,yay!!!!

Wish pic

2 weeks from today ladies!!

I cannot believe in two weeks from today I'll have my new girls! I have bouts of being exciting and then bouts of being really nervous. Completely normal I know. I just pray that I'm about to get my 7 and 6 year olds ready for school, make their lunches and drive them to school by the third day. I know some of you are thinking no way, but I really don't have a choice in the matter. Even if I'm still in pain by then I'll just have to not take any pain meds (maybe just some Tylenol) before I drive them to school and then take some when I get home? That's basically the thing I'm worried about the most. And hoping I'll be as big as I want to be. My PS said 375 cc's (saline) but I'm hoping I can get him to go up to 400 and maybe 425 on surgery day. I mean I'm paying for it? Right?! I understand if he can't he can't but I honestly think he can. Especially after searching and viewing this site for the last three months,lol. Anyway.....can't wait to get my new additions ladies!! Hope your all healing up well :)

Getting closer!!!!!

6 more days until I get my new girls!!!!!

It's time!!

About one hour and I'll be getting my new girls!!!

I have boobies ladies!!!

Not sure how many cc's. Doctor will tell me at post op. But, I love love love them!!!!



Day of surgery

Hi all you wonderful ladies!! Yesterday was my surgery day. My wonderful sister picked me up at my house at 9:30 on my way to the clinic I put a nausea patch behind my ear and took 1 antibiotic pill. The day of surgery I was nervous because I was worried that I would t be able to breath after surgery due to my chest being so heavy. We arrive at the clinic at 10. I was greeted by the receptionist Nicole (a sweetheart) she had me go into the bathroom and take a pregnancy test. After I did that I sat in the waiting room with my sister until about 10:30 and at that time a very nice nurse (Shari) came out to get me. She took me into a room asked me some question about my health and then had me change into a gown and I got to keep my sweatpants and socks on which made me really happy because I didn't want to be to cold. Once Shari left the anestigiologist came in and set me up with the drop by putting the needle in my hand, which I didn't feel at all. After she did that she left the room and about 10 minutes later Dr.Fater came in and marked up my chest and we talked about the size and profile. We decide 375 cc on right and I think 350 cc I think and he only did the moderate profile. Next thing I know I followed the nurse into the surgery room. They had me lay down on a table, took my gown off and gently strapped my arms down. Next thing I know is the anestigiologist said she was going to put some great medicine in my drip and il fall asleep. Right in that instant I feel asleep and I swear a second later I was in the recovery room with the nurse with a blanket on. I didn't even think about whether my chest was to heavy to breath or not and didn't even think about my boobs at all which was weird. But I remember I could move my arms pretty easy and I was feeling great. I even went to the bathroom with little assistance and didn't need any help pulling my pants down or anything. And that's the last thing I remember. I don't remember going to the car or getting to my sisters house. My sister said I pretty much walked out to her car without much assistance at all. So after about an hour of sleeping at my sisters house I started to vomit, only a couple of time and I felt a lot of pain. Like a 6 out of 10. I ended up taking a bother dose of pain meds and when I woke up about 6 pm I felt amazing. I could get up from bed by myself go to the bathroom by myself and felt pretty self sufficient. Or yeah, I went into surgery at 11:30 and think my sister said we left around 2. After the 2nd set if pain meds I took my pain level went down to a bout a 2 and it was really just because of discomfort like being extremely sore after a chest workout. My breast really don't feel to swollen and considering it was the day of surgery they felt pretty soft actually. But, I am lOVING them!! Dr fater did an absolute amazing job.

1st day after surgery

I am loving them!! I slept really good last night waking up every 4 hours for pain meds and my antibiotic. This morning when I woke up I was pretty sore under my breasts, on the sides and my sternum. But once I got up and moved around it lessened. I can open car doors, the microwave, pill bottles go the the bathroom myself etc. I have to admit I'm feeling really really good! So far anyway,lol. I go for my post op on Friday, can't wait!! I hope all you ladies that are in waiting to get boobs don't stress over it at all. Everything will be perfectly fine and it's over the blink of an eye, literally,lol. And all you ladies that have or just got boobs I hope you healing up great and congrats to you all. Thank you all for all your comments and support over these last 3 months. We are all so very lucky to have each other and this website :)

More pics

Day after surgery :)

3 days post

Good morning ladies. It's 3 days post surgery for me. I decided not to take anymore pain meds and I'm only taking extra strength Tylenol. I'm just a bit sore not in any pain at all. I move around easily and I got the kids ready for school no problem. And I'll be picking them up from school this afternoon. So far I've had a pretty easy recovery and I hope it lasts. I do recommend drinking plenty of water the week before surgery. I was drinking 3/4 of a gallon each day leading up to surgery and I think it really helped. After surgery I didn't have dry mouth and wasn't to thirsty as well. I also recommend a neck pillow like you'd use on an airplane. It helps so much and I've been sleeping like a baby. Hope all is well with everyone and good luck to those going into surgery soon :)


4 days post surgery

I am so happy so far!!! I've been off pain meds since 2 days post surgery. I don't really feel any pain at all just a tad bit of discomfort when getting out of bed in the morning. My PS Dr. Fater did an incredible job I would highly recommend him to anybody!!

5days post

Hi ladies. Hope everyone is healing up well! I'm feeling good. And I have my post op appt. today so can't wait to see what my PS has to say. I'll keep you informed :)

9 days post op

Hi ladies! It's 9 days post op for me and I really have no complaints. Overall I'm very happy with my new girls. I love the size so far but I know they are still swollen. I don't have any pain at all just a bit of numbness and discomfort at time on my inner boob and sternum. I do find myself worrying about things such as cc and bottoming out, just normal post surgery worries. Can't wait to get back to the gym! I've been back to doing everything around the house with no problems at all. I cannot wait for the tape on my scars to fall off so I can check out the scars to see how they're healing up. How is everybody else feeling? I love reading you posts and following your journeys! Here are some 9 day post op pics, let me know what you ladies think. Do you think my right is too low too soon?


Look like my wish pic

2 weeks post op

Hi ladies, I'm 2 wks post op and feeling pretty good. I feel like they look really natural. Of course I'm starting to have boob greed,lol but I think it's because I'm getting use to them and keep looking at them all the time. I don't have any pain still have feeling in my nipples. I am still tender in between my breast but I think it's the nerves healing up. Overall I'm pretty happy. I do wish they were a bit rounder and a tad bigger. I'd love your opinions such as how much more do you think I'll drop and will they look a bit bigger when they completely drop and fluff? Seriously can't wait to get back to the gym and to wear a regular bra again!!

2 1/2 weeks

They're dropping

New bralette

I got measured

Hello ladies!! Monday will be 4 weeks post op. I got measured at VS yesterday. I'm a 34 D!! Yay!

4weeks post op

Feeling great, 4 weeks post op.

6 weeks post

Hyannis Plastic Surgeon

Doctor Fater and all his staff are very professional and made me feel safe and comfortable. Dr. Fater did an amazing job with my breast augmentation and gave me exactly what I was looking for. Although he does seem to want to go on the conservative side so as his patients get more natural looking results. I glad he went with 375 cc's instead of the 400 cc's (what I wanted) because my results are exactly what I was looking for. He has a great bedside manner and made me feel very comfortable. I highly recommend him!

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