Rhinoplasty and Bump Nose Out - Mexico, ME

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Hello, well i decided to do my rhinoplasty cuz i...

Hello, well i decided to do my rhinoplasty cuz i didn't like my nose at all, my nose wasn't that bad but i did not like the little bump on it, my surgeon told me that i shoul fix nose base and tip. I've been thinking about it since almost 1 year ago and i finally did it.

Pre-op. Well i wasn't afraid not even excited, i had 1 month eating good avoiding stress and skiping parties (alcohol).

Day 1. Well surgery went fine, it didn't hurt, my surgeon did and open rhinoplasty, fixing my tip and my bump making osteotomy. I had no swelling at all, and just some nose bleeding. I had no trouble sleeping that day.

Day 2. Swelling began as bruses, i looked like someone punch me in the face. I ate just some ceral and soup that day. No pain at any hour, nose bleeding still going.

Day 3. The worst day of all, i freaked out cuz i had really bad swollen cheeks so i went to my Dr. and he said it was completely normal cuz he did 3 osteotomy. I had trouble sleeping that day. There was no pain and nose bleeding was getting over.

Day 4. Swelling on eyes began to disapear, swollen cheeks weren't getting any better, nose bleeding stop that day. No pain and no troubles sleeping that day, i began eating heavy meal.

Day 5. Swollen eyes almost gone, swollen cheeks not bad at all, still can't breath from my nose but both nostrils were bit open so i could taste meal, i was so happy for that hahaha.

Day 6. Swelling in almost all face was gone, still a bit on cheeks, nostrils every time little bit more open. I realized my tip was pretty good and was sure that i wasn't going to look piglike nose. I did sleep really good that night

Day 7. Swelling was gone, Both nostrils almost completly open (still can't breath through nose). Bruses are still visibles under my eyes. No pain, and i'm eating as normal as i used to eat.

Day 9

I went to Dr he said everything was going fine, he took off plaster, and just put new tape.

New Nose (16days post-op)

Well, today Dr. removed all the tape and i saw my new nose for very first time. These are the results. Im quite happy with tha results, still not sure about my swollen tip, im hoping that it looks better after swelling is gone.

Comments are welcome... please be honest about my new nose, I would like to know how people think it looks

Came back to school

Well, today i came back to school and everybody has seen my new nose, i thought they weren't know, but everybody realized. I am little bit dissapointed about it and trying to be positive. My college partners said that my new look was fine but they also said that i looked a bit funny, i'm hoping that swelling makes me look like that and it is not my new nose that makes me look like that :/

3weeks post op

Well, just here updating my review. I'm feeling much better about my new look.

Photo from 3rd week post-op

1month post-op

Hello, It's been 1month since my surgery, i'm still a little bit dissapointed about my New Nose, i've had a hard psycological month, physically i'm really fine.
It's been really hard yo get use to my New face... I'm hoping to feel better in a few week at least til i see my Dr again at may 26th

1month post photos

I feel that i have pinocchio's nose :(

1month 1week post op

Hi there, It's me here, just letting you know how i am, each time Its harder for me, i cannot get use to my New look :/, now i'm posting a video so you can see clearer my nose

1month 3week post op

Hey everybody, it's me... I'm feeling better about my new look, still weird sometimes. Yesterday a dealed for first time with camera's flashes in a party.... and i felt awful how i looked on pictures with flash, my nose look so fake and one of my best thing changed alot.. my smile :/. I let you some pictures here before and after with flash and some others

Update (10months post-op)

Full 360° nose view

Explicit - Click to view

Hello, It's been a while since my last update, and still 10months going on I'm not really confortable with my surgery, but i don't regret. I haven't gone with my surgeon for a while, but i don't think that he's gonna accept that my results aren't what i expected, anyways, they aren't that bad, i think i'm just a perfectionist
Most of the time i'm really glad that i did it, but some of the time i'm not.

If you're thinking going through a rhinoplasty, be sure to go with the best surgeon in your city, Don't try to save some money on a cheap one, cuz it's gonna be an invest for the rest of your life.

Well, here you have some pictures of me from these past months.
I know my nose it's not a big deal, but i hate that sometimes people ask me if i got a nose job done, and just because i got that operated nose look (i think). Slope nose and large-tiny tip.

1year 4months post op

Hello! I quick update about me, finally i'm totally happy with my results... No more regres, after 1 year , I'm glad i did it.

Here are some pics of me now and this past months

Almost 3years post op

Hey, it's been a while, i hope you're all doing well, just a quick update, 3 years has passed since i took one of the best decisions, doing my surgery. Now, im really happy with my results, i always get compliments about my nose that i found funny cuz they dont know i had a surgery done. Lol! After 3 years my breathing is completely fine, and my apparence feels like it's been like this since always. I think that's all i was gonna say, i Don't know if i Will make another update of it. If i don't, thanks for all your support trough this adventure of my life (i Will be still responding PM and questions) Have a good one!
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