5'6 168 Lbs. Liposuction of the Upper Lower Abs and Flanks. Detailed Review. August 2016 - Lynnwood, WA

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I have been patiently waiting for this moment. I...

I have been patiently waiting for this moment. I have been reading the reviews on here for almost a year and have learned so much that I decided to pay back the favor to the next girl waiting. I will be providing a detailed review with pictures, prices of everything, and the overall experience of my liposuction procedure. I am scheduled for August 29 2016. My current stats is 168 lbs. 5'6. I am 36 years old.

Supplies have arrived !!

Ordered everything from Amazon.com

Sh*t just got REAL !!!!!!!!!

So yesterday I had my pre-op appointment at the Cosmetic Arts Surgical Center with Dr. Wortham and his staff. It's very professional there and the facilities is top of the line. I received my instructions and my prescriptions. There is a lot of information. My prescriptions include anti-nausea, anti-bruising, and pain meds (percocet/vicodin)... I also have things I need to buy that are not prescription. This list includes Metamucil, Colace, multi-vitamin, vitamin C, iron, baby powder to help with my garment pulling up. This is new I have never read about powder but I will do it. I am following the instructions exactly as they say. I have to start the Metamucil 1 week pre-op. No Advil/ aspirin.

I feel really safe doing my surgery here. The Doctor has decades of experience doing liposuction. The staff and the Doctor are very friendly and very nice!

Prescriptions and OTC

Here is the list of supplies to buy from store provided by my Doctor.

Also I attached the list of prescription medications that I need to fill soon!

Tomorrow is the DAY

I am so excited but nervous at the same time. This day cant seem to go by quick enough! ARGH! I have anxiety issues and this is making me freak out. I have been doing everything the doctor has instructed, the past 3 days I have been taking a stool softener and drinking Metamucil. Today I start my antibiotic and take two ambien at bedtime to ensure a good nights sleep. My arrival time is 7:30 am and surgery starts at 8:00 am.. I am spending the day cleaning, getting all of our laundry done, and grocery shopping for the week. I plan on buying a pack of meal replacement shakes, low calorie, low salt foods. Basically I want to try to eat salads for lunch and dinner. I am not going to blow this money away by eating crappy after surgery. Trust me on that. I am an expert on losing weight, but I am a bigger expert on gaining it back! LOL. My boyfriend has been great and really supports me doing this. We have been together for 6 years on August 10. He is supporting me through a career change right now also. I am a full time college student getting my IT/Computer Science degree I am two and a half years in. I am on break until the end of September so this is the perfect time to do this as it will allow plenty of time to heal. I will post my pre-op pictures tonight and my measurements. Now I must go back to running around like a chicken with my head cut off!!

Hanging my head in SHAME- Pre Op pics

Natural waist 36 inch
Belly button 40 inch

I'm here

About to check in see u on the other side!!

I made it

I made it but I'm in a lot of pain. I will update soon. Thank you everyone for their support and well wishes

This is no joke

This pain is no joke! Argh someone told me to stay up on the pain meds and that is great advice. I went 6 hours without taking any and I'm now struggling to get back to a good place. I will now set my alarm for every 4 hours. I will get a real update with how everything went down yesterday as soon as I can keep my eyes open and sit up. My eyes keep going to sleep I feel so exhausted it must be anesthesia hangover. Here are a couple pictures in the garment with foam and pads inside. I have not took it off yet but I can already tell there is a huge difference. I look down and I can see my feet! Woohoo


Forgot to say that Dr. Wortham called me personally last night to check up on me . Thank You Doc

Hello heartburn??

Omg I have heartburn so bad from the garment being really tight I think? I never ever get heartburn. Waiting for my boyfriend to get here so he can get me some Meds.


Day of treatment-
Woke up at 5:30 am. Took shower and shaved everything! Scrubbed up and down with the Hibiclense soap even washed my hair with it! Took off all jewelry removed nail polish per instructions. Took the Emend and other pre surgery meds right before I walked out the door at 6:30am. Arrived to clinic at 7:15 was greeted by a nurse and asked to take pregnancy test. Got that done and by this time my boyfriend had parked the car and was in waiting room. We were brought back into a room and nurse asked me what and when my last meal was. It was a Smart Ones TV dinner at 9 pm the previous day so we were good to go. She went over my boyfriend’s info like his cell number and how far away he would be, etc. they told him to call at 10:30am sharp. We then bid farewell and the next person that came in was the anesthesiologist. She went over everything the risks the benefits of the I.V. anesthesia. I had thought I was having the whole general anesthesia but that was not the case. She told me I would be asleep the whole time and would not remember anything but that I would not be intubated. I was like Okay as long as I am asleep! I am not one of those that wants to be awake at all! Hell no! So now its about 8:00 am and the man the one and only Dr. Wortham comes in and talks to me about how he is going to mark me up and take some more pictures and measurements. (so embarrassing) After that the nurse came and got me and brought me into surgery room. It was bright and clean with a couple ladies dressed in scrubs and medical masks. I took off the robe that was given me and the little disposable underwear and the nurse scrubbed me down head to toe with medical antibacterial pre surgery wash, then without touching anything with my hands on my head they instructed me to carefully sit on the table and how to maneuver my legs one at a time and my arms one at a time. The bed was warmed so that was nice I was cold from the solution. I was then covered on my bottom half with a warmed blanket or towel. I was hooked up to machines and heard the beeps starting. The Doctor stuck his head in and asked if they were ready for him and they said almost. I looked at the digital clock it said 8:32am. Then the anesthesiologist first numbed my right hand before she started the IV! Very nice and smooth felt nothing it was perfection. She told me I had earned a cocktail! I said “Alright”!!! she asked me if I had any kids, I told her I had one Son………… ……Next thing I know I am being put into garment and notice the clock says 11:37am. I have a burning sensation and pain in my abdomen. It is hurting bad and I start to wake up more I say oww, oww, and start telling them it hurts it hurts. My chest feels tight, and oww, oww it hurts it hurts bad holy shit it hurts. The nurse helps me with deep breaths in and out holds my hand and I am given a shot of I don’t know what in my right shoulder and within about 60 seconds I can breathe and they help cover with robe and help me walk into recovery room. It still hurt bad about a 9 out of a 10 on the pain scale. I ask for my boyfriend and they say yes he is waiting in the waiting room and they will bring him back. I am happy about this! He comes back and I am crying and I ask about picture of fat and the nurse tells me I already asked and she had showed me the picture and the amount of fat removed was 5 liters. I don’t remember this so she showed me again! Bless her little heart. Then about 2 minutes later I asked again to see it and she told me she already did and I laughed and my boyfriend was laughing too. You really do not remember. I guess I asked my boyfriend three times where he went for breakfast while I was in surgery and he told me 3 times he went to the driving range! I don’t remember how long I was in the recovery room it’s all a blur. I remember getting home and helped into recliner chair. I took 3 more Percocet’s I was hurting bad. It was no laughing matter. I was just drifting in and out of sleep couldn’t keep my eyes opened felt like I was floating.
The first time I got up my boyfriend helps me to restroom. I pee on my own. FYI I never had to use the PEZ. It was a waste of money I just handled it even thought it was painful and awkward. Then I noticed the bleeding through the garment. I had to have my boyfriend help me change out pads about every hour. It was manageable I had towels on the reclining chair and a chuck pad. The Doctor called us that evening himself to make sure everything was good and to answer any questions. It was at this point that he told my boyfriend I needed to be not in a chair, but on my back flat! So we fixed that quickly and the night went on. Up and down every couple hours for the leakage. Pain was bad that first night. About a 7 out of 10 at all times. By the next morning I had pain only when I moved. If I was lying flat and still, I was good. I kept up on my pain meds every 3 and a half hours I took two Percocet. I was a little better the morning after surgery, I was even better the next day, and now the next day I am still a little better. Today is day three post op and I can now sit up and type this review. I can keep my eyes open. The first 48 hours I could not stay awake. I am not leaking anymore. I have stitches in 6 spots. I had 5 liters of fat removed. I cannot take a shower until 4 days post op. I have not looked at my stomach yet I am following instructions exactly.

Lord please!!

Lord please forgive me for eating a low calorie sub!! I should have known there was too much salt and that onions cause even worse heartburn... Please take away my swelling it hurts so bad right now! OMG never never never never will I make this mistake again. This hurts so bad I almost cannot take it. Sorry ladies but I need to vent I am in over my head

Day 4 post op

First peek at my tummy and I am very happy! I can feel water squishing around and am very swollen like a stuffed sausage feel. That being said I am only day 4 and I have read thousands of reviews and seen hundreds of photos and I KNOW already that I am going to have results that have exceed my expectations. I am blessed truly blessed. Thank you Dr Wortham! Even though I am supper swollen I have already lost inches!
Today natural waist 35 inches
Today waist over belly button 38 inches!!!!
Lost 3 inches so far!

1 week post op update

So one week and half a day has gone by and I feel that day 3 and day 8 are the two days that I felt a breakthrough of sorts. I am swollen and have pockets of hard fluid especially on my left flank (note the photo) I will start massages after I get my stitches out tomorrow. Updated measurements
Natural waist: 34 1/2 inches
Over belly button 37 1/2 inches

1 week post op appointment

Due to it being a holiday weekend, I did not get into the Dr for my 1 week post op until today at 9 days post op. It felt so good to get my stitches out. Dr. Wortham likes the progress I am making and we are both happy with my skin retraction at this point. He said the first three weeks are the most important and to do these three things: 1. kneed the skin gently where there are those hard lumps and bumps but do not rub the skin horizontally back and forth because the skin is reattaching and this will hamper my progress and right now skin retraction is my priority. 2. Lay down when putting on my compression garment and LIFT any lose skin Upwards before the garment gets closed. 3. Keep some tissue in the belly button opening to keep it from closing in on itself as the skin has to go somewhere. Remember my waist was 40 inches before this procedure and ideally I would have gotten a tummy tuck but chose not to because I plan on having one more baby in a couple years. I am very happy with my results so far they are exceeding my expectations. I asked for a small refill of pain meds (hydrocodone) because I am still having significant pain after sitting for long periods of time and I have a burning sensation in my flanks that is very annoying and painful. Not out of this world unbearable pain by any means but its nice to know that I have a pain pill for backup after a long day if needed! Very nice! :)
Dr. Donald Wortham

I went to multiple consultations before I decided to go with Dr Wortham. It was the best decision I made. Going into this I had realistic and moderate expectations about what my results would be. I chose to go with just liposuction and not a tummy tuck because I plan on having another baby in the next couple of years. Wow is all I can say! My results have far exceeded my expectations. I am so happy with my results, just thrilled! I can wear a t-shirt without looking 7 months pregnant. I inherited an apple shape body with skinny legs and arms and huge stomach. Extra Large shirts and they had loose sleeves but tight on the mid section. Now I finally look height weight proportionate and I can look in the mirror and smile and feel a renewed sense of confidence. All of the staff at Cosmetic Arts and Surgical Center are warm, knowledgeable, and very compassionate. Especially Margo who took such great care of me before and after surgery when I was acting like a big baby. Her assistant Kristen is also great. The anesthesiologist Doctor has been working with Dr Wortham and the rest of the staff for years and you can tell. They seem to be a great team. All of the details and instructions from 1 week pre-op until 1 week post were printed out in a clear and easy to follow format. No detail was left out and the Doctor is a perfectionist and will stay late and take his time to get it right. He is there from the consultation until the last checkup post op. Thank you for the great experience Dr Wortham!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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