30 Years Old. 1 Child. Much Needed Muscle Repair and Self Esteem Boost. - Cleveland, OH

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I am schedule for my TT on March 30th. I am very...

I am schedule for my TT on March 30th. I am very anxious, scared, and excited at the same time! I feel the results are worth the pain and every emotion that I am experiencing right now. I have a 4 year old son and don't plan on having anymore children. I have a diastasis recti which causes my stomach to protrude at the top and makes me look pregnant. I cannot wait for my confidence to shoot through the roof.

Today is the day!

I'm headed to the hospital now! My surgery is scheduled for 11am. Please pray. I have posted my dreadful before pics.

20 days Post Op

Here are some pics of my new tummy! I am pleased with my results. Each day gets better. I promise. I'm standing up 100% erect now and healing nicely. The swelling definitely comes when I'm moving around too much and at the end of the day.

24 days post op and healing well

More pics! Almost 30 days post op. I took these at the end of the day so I was very swollen. I can't remember my stomach ever being this flat.

3 month post-op update

My stomach is flat in the morning, but by afternoon I'm swollen and bloated. I had my 3 month check up a few weeks ago and I'm sad to report that I have a dog ear on my right side. I will have this corrected on the fall. I just started doing light ab exercises to my workout regimen. Lately my incision has been hurting when I sneeze or cough. Overall I am pleased and glad I got the procedure
Dr. Rowe

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