5'6", 110 lbs, AA to DD, breastfed 3 kids- Cleveland, OH

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I'm 5'6", 110 lbs, and so far am going with 500cc...

I'm 5'6", 110 lbs, and so far am going with 500cc Mentor HP silicone implants. I'm REALLY hoping to appear natural, and just to return to the size I was while breastfeeding (32D). I was a small C prior to having kids, but am now a 32AA (nothing). I'm seeing Dr. Rodney Green in Lyndhurst, Ohio, as he has perfected the Keller Funnel technique and can place these implants through a 1-inch incision in my armpits, leaving no scars on my breasts.

Had my pre-op appt yesterday, now only 6 days away!!!!

I had my pre-op appt with Dr. Green yesterday and he was so wonderful with me. He spent over 2 hours going over everything from pre-operative and post-operative care, to a full detailed look into my medical history (which included him prescribing Percocet 10s instead of 5s because I have been on them frequently for headache conditions). They also have me a tour of the facility where everything will take place. I also tried in 500 cc saline sizers this time instead of stacking 2 silicone implants on top of each other ( they don't have anything over 375 cc silicone in office). I'm considering posting a picc but of course the only pic I have shows my huge tattoo on that side. I'm trying to find an app that has an edit that will cover it up, haha.

When you're flat as a board, 500 cc's isn't tooo bad...

So I see so many girls on here getting between 300-375 cc's and their outcome is AMAZING!! But when you've lost seriously ALL breast tissue and are down to just skin and the muscle wall, it's going to take more than that to get those results. Sucks, but I've come to accept it. I just hope that since my skin was stretched to a D for 2.5 years while breast feeding, that my breasts won't be hard or fake-looking. So here's me in a 32DD bra (so full D) with 500 cc sizers.

3.5 Days and Counting...

I can't believe that The Day is finally so close! I hope I am ready for it! I have like 6 surgical bras, 6 different types of sports bras (many front-closing), and an entire dresser drawer of new 32DD bras and small and medium lacey/sexy bras ( I know this is a no-no but 34 bands are too wide for me and if he were to be off by an entire cup-size, then at least I saved my receipts!). I have healthy, nutritious power foods stocked at my bedside next to my meds that I've filled, along with a bottle of Biosil that I'm hoping will help prevent stretch marks (although I'm not prone to them, felt my breasts could use a little tlc). I've been juicing and drinking Good Belly everyday, as well as drinking Kombucha- so expensive, but so worth it! Does anyone else have any other suggestions for me?

Ahhh! DD Day is tomorrow morning!!

So tomorrow is the big day! I have my Biosil, comfy VS sweats and hoodies (zip in front), Peas ice packs (and others), a big fluffy reading pillow to prop myself up with, a billion of the best rated bras, my prescriptions filled, everything typed out for my caretaker, a huge pack of straws, and a fridge full of every fruit and vegetable in season so my hubby can juice for me. I did my hair and nails so I won't have to worry about those. I put a freeze on my tanning account so I won't be charged for the month that I can't tan. Anything that I'm missing here? Oh, and my PS office called this morning to ask if they can record the procedure for YouTube- apparently 500 cc silicone using the Keller Funnel technique though the armpit is a rare operation. Yikes!

Got My DDs!!

Had my surgery yesterday, and was pretty out of it the most of the day due to the anesthesia. The procedure was supposed to take 2 hours, but took 3 most likely because they were filming it. I didn't speak to the dr afterward, so I'm unsure. I woke up in a regular recovery bra like the ones I had already purchased, and was not taped up or wearing a strap. Although it was an hour ride home, I never got sick. I was just constantly in and out of it. I stayed in bed the first day, but have been a little mobile today. So happy to have my coffee this morning!! Keeping up on pain meds helps too. The most pain I have is in my armpits (where my incision was). But I'm very happy with the size and shape, since I know that they will "drop and fluff" in a few weeks. So glad I did this!

4 Days Post-Op

Now that it's been 4 days and I've been strapping the top of these puppies down, I'm really beginning to see them take the shape I was hoping they would! I've been going about my basic activities except for lifting my children or anything heavier than a coffee pot. If I keep up on my pain pills, life is pretty good! I took a quick peek down inside my sports bra and this was my view:

Lost my pain pills!

I somehow managed to lose the second bottle of pain pills I called in for, but I'm hanging in there. My left breast has settled before my right breast. They are starting to feel squishy. I'm in love.

2.5 Weeks Post-Op!

So I'm approaching 3 weeks post-op and my breasts have softened and dropped quite a bit since the last time I posted. I do have one complication though- a very rare conditions called Mundor's Disease. I have thrombosis in my left breast that goes from my armpit all the way across my breast, and over to my nipple. It can be very painful, but my dr reassured me that it should go away on its own. And my right breast feels fantastic! I love the size I got (just got measured at Victoria's Secret on the way home today- 32DD). I have been juicing everyday and doing yoga, and overall feel great about this decision!

Thrombosis has improved!

So after giving myself an injection of Lovenox everyday for a week, the pain had begun to decrease. I still have more pain on my left side, especially in my armpit (around the incision site and down my arm a few inches), but it's much better in the breast itself. My breasts are not high or tight- in fact, my PS is having me tape my left breast up so it does not drop any further. They feel very soft and pliable, too. I'm definitely happy I didn't size down to the 375 cc that my dr first recommended- I love my DDs!!
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon

He has been terrific so far! He spent 2.5 hours with me at my initial consultation.

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