36 No Kids 170lbs after 80+ lb weight loss/Much Needed Mommy Makeover- Old Lyme, CT

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After losing over 80 pounds, I have a saggy lower...

After losing over 80 pounds, I have a saggy lower belly and a pouch on the top. As well as my breast have become saggy and deflated. I am looking to finally be happy with the body I worked so hard for over the last year. I would love to be able to wear a bikini for the first time in my life and be able to look at my self naked in the mirror and just be happy. So far my experiance with the Dr and staff have been awesome.

My before pictures

Well here are my before pictures. July can't get here fast enough, I am nervous and excited all at the same time. Although I am very proud of myself for coming this far with my weight loss, I am ready to start the next phase of my journey.

My journey to getting my body back and myself

I wanted to share my journey with all of you wonderful people

In March of 2015 my husband and I went away to see friends for my birthday. When I got home and saw pictures of myself and was mortified, I was huge! I had hit rock bottom, I had hit 250 pounds. After spending the last 14 years having knee surgery after knee surgery, not being able to get out and exercise the weight just kept piling on. It was so bad that I was not able to walk upstairs and my husband and I were considering selling our house to get into a 1 level home so that I didn’t have to worry about stairs anymore. Then I woke up one morning and decided that I was going to take control of my life.

So after talking with my friend who had lost a good amount of weight. Between her and her husband they lost 160 pounds, I decided to start the program that changed my life. On March 28th my 11-month weight loss journey began. During the first 4 months I was thrown every curve ball possible. My brother went missing and was not found, I was hospitalized with liver issues, and was then laid up for 2 weeks after a car accident. But through it all I kept on my new way of life and continued to lose weight. I spent all of 2015 working on the biggest goal I had ever set forth for myself and on my 36th birthday in February 2016 I weighted in at my goal weight of 170 pounds an 80 pound weight loss. I had never been so proud of myself.

Things are coming together!

My personal time from work has been approved for the 2 weeks and I now have the funds to pay cash for my surgery. To top it off my hubby surprised me by taking the first week of surgery off from work to take care of me. With all my past surgeries, he has been there for the day of surgery. But my parents or his parents would take care of me the first week. Next get through my 2 pre-op appointments at the end of the month.

Count down beings

Today marks 28 days until my surgery. Tomorrow is my first of 2 pre op appointments. I am meeting with my cardiologist as I need to be cleared by him due to an arrhythmia. Next Tuesday is with my plastic surgeon. Nerves are starting to kick in, I am trying not to over think things but it easier said then done.

Lose another 10 pounds

I have decided to try and get down another 10 pounds before surgery. I lost the first 80 pounds on Isagenix. So here I am doing another 28 days system after I have been done with Isagenix since February. Hopefully lose 10 or more pounds, I am so scared to put weight back on while I am laid up.

15 days

Well today is 15 days until surgery. After 3 pre op appointments 2 with my cardiologist (EKG, and stress test) and 1 with my surgeons PA. I have been cleared for surgery. I am just waiting on my blood work results. I have lost another 3 lbs and want to try and get down another 3-5 before surgery. I have purchased all my prescriptions and surgical supplies. Now it is just waiting and getting my house ready! AS each day passes I get more excited about having this done and finally seeing in myself what everyone else sees after losing all this weight.


Everyone is paid in full, I am all ready to go. Now my nerves are getting the best of me, I am afraid I am making a bad decision and just feeling emotional and alone. This is going to be a long 10 days.

2 days...

Monday is the big day. I have to be at the hospital at 9 am! Nervous and excited!! Can't wait

Made it!!

Surgery went awesome. I got registered quickly, walked into my room for the day, iv, meds and then headed to to OR. I was out quickly and surgery was about 4 hours. 1.5 hours less than the Dr. thought. Got to see some results right away. So happy!!

PO day 1

Things are way better than I expected! Minimal pain, no nausea. I am planning on taking my pain and anti nausea meds for another day. I rest and only getting up to use the bathroom. Minimal draining, cant wait to get out drain tubes, those are the most uncomfortable .

PO day 2

Still doing well, my hubby has been going above and beyond. I am only allowed to get up to go to the bathroom. Haven't gotten hungry, so he makes sure I at least get protein shakes. He has become a pro with taking care of my drain tubes. My boobs feel huge and are high and tight. I have never had perky boobs so it is kind of nice.

PO day 3

Had my follow up visit with my PS this afternoon. He says all looks great and got 2 out of 4 of my drain tubes taken out. My belly is swollen and bloated but looks good. Pictures to follow soon!

PO day 4

I have to say how surprised at how great I feel! No regrets or depression about my decision! I am completely off pain killers and anti nausea meds, only taking Tylenol and antibiotics now. I still get up every few hours to walk around and make sure that I am doing calf pumps every hour to prevent clotting. My breasts are starting to soften up, my stomach is still rock hard, swollen and bloated. But it is all a process and will look amazing when I am through it. My hubby is still doing amazing, he washed my hair for me today which was amazing and made me feel great. My next appointment with my PS is next Friday, my last 2 drains should come out then!!

PO day 5

I couldn't be more happy with my results! My incisions look amazing, my belly swelling is improving and my breast look perfect. My PS is an artist. I do highly recommend a tank top under your GC, makes your incisions much happier..

PO Day 6

I am feeling awesome, I was able to sleep in my bed last night and woke up this morning feeling like a new person! I got up washed my own hair, cleaned up and was able to even do my hair. I am going to leave the house for a while later today to go to dinner and see a friend who is bartending tonight, I need to get out! I feel like I am going insane

Holy cow PO week 1!!

I can't believe it has been a week since my surgery already!! Each day I feel better and better and my results just keep looking more and more awesome! My drain tube are less then 6ml in 24 hours on 1 side and the other is less then 10 ml on the other. My belly swelling is going down and incisions are looking good! I can't wait to stand up straight, back is killing me. Again I never had the mood swings and depression people talk about, but everyone is different as to how they heal and recover. Here are my 1 week pics!

PO day 8 Whooo hoooo

Last 2 of my drain tubes are gone, i have been given clearance to drive and stand straight!! I am one happy chick!! I can start wearing my new CG in Monday.

PO day 9

Swelling has improved!! I love my belly button (words I never thought I would say)! It is early but I had to share a side by side because holy improvement already!! So happy

PO Day 10

All is still well, had a small hiccup last night and the incision under my right breast started bleeding. I covered it and when I woke this AM and it was still bleeding. I called my PS and his answering service had paged him and he called me back within 5 minutes before he went into surgery. He saw me this afternoon right after we was done with all his surgeries and said everything looked and I just needed put bacitracin and keep it covered for a few days. YAY!

First shower

I woke up and my skin was crawling and I felt so gross. I was finally able to take a shower, now just sitting letting all my incisions air dry before binding back up. I was able to transition from surgical bra to a sports bra yesterday. Belly is still swollen but my results look pretty good????

PO day 13 Phantom itching

So prior to my MMO, when I would sit my belly would be on my thigh. Tonight when I sat on the toilet, I had an itch like I still had my big belly. Such a weird feeling! Anyways, back to work tomorrow. I can't believe it has been 2 weeks since my surgery already.

PO day 17

Almost done with my first work week! Feeling great, belly is still swollen but looking better each day. I don't feel like I even had surgery, except that I no longer feel like a blob. I am still in my GC full time, and sleeping on my back but all in all so happy!!


Hubby took me shopping today! He got me my first bikini, well actually 2. This is the first of 3 shopping days this month, time for a new whole new closet of clothes!! Don't mind the swelling, long day of shopping.

PO Week 3

Hi All,
Well today is 3 weeks since my surgery. Things are going well, I have had a couple set backs. The area under my right breast is healing nice but slow. I had an emergency visit to see my surgeon today, as I had a hard red painful area on the left side of my tummy tuck incision. He stated that I have developed fat necrosis area, but caught it early and he started me back on antibiotics and I have to keep the area clean and covered. I am still in my CG for 24 hours a day and have to sleep on my back until I see him again in 2 weeks.

PO day 26

Hi all, I am just a few days shy of 4 weeks since my surgery. All is going ok, i have had a few hiccups but they are all healing well. My incisions look great, thin and clean. I am happy with my belly, but I can't wait to get back to the gym! I am getting flabby all over. Here are a few pics with my healing, and my small fat necrosis area on mu belly.

PO Week 5

Hey all!! Well yesterday was week 5 and I had my follow up with the PA today. She was very happy with my progress. I have been transitioned from CG to a regular bra and Spanx. I have also been cleared to go back to the gym and work with my trainer as of Monday!! As far as the small fat necrosis area on my belly she says it looks good and is healing well, I have to continue to change the packing 2x a day. The areas under my breasts are also healing great. Here are some progress pics.

PO week 7

Had my follow up today. Dic says everything looks great and I can start working abs and chest. I have to continue to wear CG while ramping back up into my workout routine. Next follow up in 2 weeks.

Week 8

I haven't posted a pic in a while, so hear is how I look so far. I still have swelling but each day gets better!! So happy and healing great

PO Week 10

Big progress for my 10 week check up. All of my incision issues have been healed! No more garments unless I am exercising, I can wear what I want for bras and I don't have to go back until January. Scar treatment starts today.

PO Month 3

Hi everyone! Hope all is doing well. I am still elated with my results. My swelling and scars look better and better each morning. I am still bloated and swollen at the end if the day, but that is part of the healing process. I continue to eat clean and work out as much as possible. My next follow up with the surgeon isn't until January so all is well! Here are my most recent pictures.

PO Month 4

Hi all!! Well today is 4 months since my MM and I am still as happy as ever. Just got back from my vacation to the FL Keys and was able to walk around in my bikinis at the beach and pool and be comfortable in mu skin!! Scars are healing nice and the rest is just status quo.

Month 7

Hi all!! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile, been super busy and ended up really sick over the holidays with chronic migraines, just stating to starting to get better now. I also started back to school full time. Anyways, I am healing amazing! I am still so happy, still doing scar treatment as my stomach scar is still red. There is a small dimple above my right breast, not sure what my dr is going to do about that, i have to call and make my next follow up. I also ended up losing another 10lbs since the surgery for a total of 90lbs.

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