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Hi guys! I wanted to write about my experience...

Hi guys! I wanted to write about my experience because I found other reviews to be helpful, but couldn't find anyone else who had the combo of procedures I had done. I am getting a breast augmentation, rhinoplasty and umbilical hernia repair.

When I was younger I really liked my small boobs-- I never had to wear a bra, could wear low cut tops without looking vulgar, and felt that they helped me look thinner. But as I grew I felt like they kept me from looking like a woman. I always felt like a little girl playing dress up and I never really felt sexy. When I got pregnant and started breast feeding my boobs got a lot bigger in the beginning-- about a full C cup-- and I was elated. However, the slowly started to get smaller and when I decided to stop breastfeeding all together (my son was 2) they looked so saggy and sad. I knew I wanted to get the surgery.

While I was thinking about getting my breast augmentation, rhinoplasty popped into my head. I haven't always HATED my nose but I have disliked it since I was about 9. That was when my sister told me it was too broad. I remember looking at pictures of myself and thinking that I looked like a troll-- broad nose and deep set eyes. My nose is broad and bulbous and has a slight hump. It doesn't bother me that much when my mouth is closed but I absolutely hate the way it looks when I smile and I feel like that has really affected me. I mean who wants to feel ugly when they smile, I feel like this has kept me from expressing and even feeling happiness at times. I don't know if that makes since, but I decided this would be a good time to fix my nose as well.

My final grievance is my belly button which has become an outie since pregnancy. I thought this was a normal occurance at first but when I started doing research I found out that it is actually called an umbilical hernia and is a medical issue that can become infected or strangulated if it is not taken care of. It requires surgery to fix so I thought I would include it with my other procedures and hopefully have less scarring since it is performed by a plastic surgeon rather than a general surgeon.

I started going to consultations when I was still breastfeeding, knowing that I would have to stop before I could have the surgery. It was a challenge to find a surgeon who does both facial and body surgery well but I think I have found the one. He has a lot of positive. Reviews, is board certified and has great before and after pictures.

Today is the first day after my surgery and the only place I a have a lot of pain is in my chest. I will post more about my consult and actual surgery later. Thanks for reading!

3 Days Post

Hey Guys hope you are doing well.
It is 3 days after my surgery and I am feeling a lot better. I can breathe through my nose a little more and the swelling and bruising on my face has reduced a little bit. My chest is still sore but not as intensely sore as it was right after surgery.

The surgery itself was not very eventful. I went into the doctors office, met with my doctor and my anesthesiologist took some pictures and then walked into the OR, lied down and I was out pretty quickly. I don't remember much about waking up but I vaguely remember getting into my husbands car and then getting into my bed at home. I spent most of the first day and night sleeping.

I stopped taking my pain meds yesterday. I didn't really feel like they were helping the pain and they made me feel sleepy, dizzy and a little nauseous. My doctor had also recommended arnica pills to help prevent swelling but I don't think it did much because my bruising is some of the worst I have seen. Yesterday my eyes were practically swollen shut and looking at anything for too long made me super tired. I ended up spending most of the day in bed with ice packs on my eyes.

Today was a lot better and I actually spent some time doing some work.

I am so anxious to see what my nose will look like since I still have the cast on. My boobs are still high and swollen. Although I have read a lot about boob greed, it has not hit me and I am starting to freak out that I went too big. I hope that as they settle they will look smaller and more natural. Anyone have an experience like that?

Will post pictures later ;)

4 Days Post

I can finally breathe a little more through my nose and feel a little better. My chest is not so sore-- just a lot of pressure and although the cast is annoying, there really was never much pain associated with my rhinoplasty.

I am starting to freak out a little bit about the results. It is really hard for me to visualize how my nose will look (I get the cast off on Thursday) and I am already looking at other surgeons pictures and revision rhinoplasty... why? Because I am scared I am not going to like my results. While I did a lot of research on doctors, I never really looked outside of my city since I live in a pretty large metropolitan city but now I am starting to wonder if I made the right choice.

My boobs are still very high and hard and I am very worried that I went too large. My stats: 5'7", 120lbs 405cc implants. Started with an A cup and looking to be full C small D.

I know I need to be patient to get my final results but I can't help but worry now. Thanks for letting me vent!

5 Day Post - Cast is off tomorrow!

I cannot wait to see my new nose tomorrow. Part of me is still freaking out about what it will look like, but I spent a long time looking at it yesterday and trying to visualize what is behind the case and from what I can see, I think I will be happy. I just hope that it will not be a big let down.

My eyes are still dark purple but some of the bruising is turning green and there isn't anymore swelling. I can breathe ok through my nose but it is still easier to breathe through my mouth. I haven't had any pain in my throat through my entire recovery and I have read that some people have but I feel lucky in that respect. I also haven't really used the cough drops I bought, which I have read are a "MUST" guess everyone's recovery and needs are different.

I haven't mentioned much about my hernia repair because it hasn't really bothered me much. And to think-- that was one of my main concerns when I first started this process. I really wanted to write this review because I felt like there was barely any information about umbilical hernia repairs. Although it is a medical procedure I feel that it is still quite cosmetic in a way.

I thought and had read that the pain would be pretty bad. I had a c-section with my son so I know what abdominal surgery is like and the recovery SUCKS! But this hernia repair has been completely different. I have had almost no pain at all-- only when the incision is touched. As far as how it looks-- I can't really say because it is covered by a bandage and waterproof tape, but I will keep you updated.

I am also posting so before pics today.

Computer Morph-- what I am hoping for

This is a computer morph I did for myself. I hope that my nose has a nice slope now. Can't really tell with the cast on.

Recovery Progress

Took a photo every morning since surgery. Because I blacked out my eyes you can't see that PO day 2 my eyes are almost swollen shut. Things improved after day 2.

Cast off today!!!

Cannot wait! Time feels like it is inching by. I put on make up and for the first time in 5 days don't feel hideous.


My worst fears were realized- the cast was taken off and I hated it! Then quickly abated-- apparently the cast left dets on my nose when my nose was out of the cast for a few minutes I started to like it. It looks like me. Will post pics later.


Really wanted to post photos tonight but I got very sick. I went to the office today (my husband and I own a company so it's hard to spend too much time off) and had a lot to do so I kept working even though my nose was swelling and throbbing and then it turned into a headache. I started to get really thirsty but didn't have water with me so I grew nauseous.

I made it home and chugged water but I still felt sick, so I crawled in bed. An hour later I threw up and felt a little better. I fell asleep and woke up now feeling a lot better.

I think I just over did it today. Did this happen to anyone else?


I am excited and nervous to post these pics but I am happy so that is all that really matters, right?

I know my nose is still swollen and it is not super small like I envisioned, but it is cute to me. I had a chicken pox scar removed on my bridge so that is why that area looks a little weird. I also suck at cover-up makeup and have been walking around with a pancake face to hide the bruises under my nose. Let me know what you guys think!


Hi guys! It's been over a week and my eyes are still bruised. I am happy with my nose, though. I think it will be very cute when the swelling goes down. Right now it is still very bulbous but even so it is less bulbous than my old nose so I am happy.

I am starting to see more definition on one side than the other and I hope it is due to swelling not due to the fact that my nose is uneven. I am hopeful, though and even if it remains as it is the difference is small and it is still better than my old nose.

Boobs are still high and hard. I am still worried that I went too big but I am trying to be patient since they haven't dropped yet. They look good from the front in a sports bra but from the side they make it look like my butt is flat :(. I do competitive bodybuilding so it is important to have full glutes and my butt was one of my best features before surgery (sorry if tmi lol)

Belly button is now an innie! The top is swollen though, (I think/hope) so it still looks a little weird. The incision hasn't completely closed and it hurts whenever my son touches it which feels like all the time :(. I put neosporin on it and cover with a bandaid to protect it.

Anyway that is where I am. Here are some updated photos

Thank you

Just wanted to say how helpful this community has been to me. Thank you guys for your kind comments. Thank you for everyone who posts a review. It is so helpful and useful to see other people's experiences.

Ironically I was so worried about my hernia and nose surgery before surgery but it has been my BA that has given me the most grief post surgery. I am freaking out that I went too big. After browsing the community for a few hours last night looking at others' experiences I have calmed down and decided not to worry about it until I am further along in recovery. But seriously, it has been so reassuring to read other people's stories.

Just wanted to say thank you!!

2 week post op

Hi guys I am 2 weeks post op and feeling better everyday. My nose is still swollen but overall I am happy with it!

Here are some updated pics. I also still have bruising, but it is easier to conceal with make-up now.

I returned to working out yesterday and man do I feel sore. I can believe how out of shape I have gotten after just one week :(
My upper body is also very weak now which is frustrating.

Chest and belly button are still sore and swollen. It is hard to tell if I will like the final result since I still feel my boobs are too big, but I am getting more and more used to them.

Saw my mom

I didn't tell anyone except my husband about my nose job. I saw my mom today and she didn't say anything about me looking different. Although some people want others to notice a change I am happy that my nose looks natural and no one seems to have noticed. Did any of you all experience that? Did people notice a difference? Here are a few more pics.

Recovery tips and a recipe

Hi guys.

Today wasn't a great day for me. My skin has been really bad lately which just makes me feel really ugly sometimes. Overall, I am happy with my new nose but there are some things I still don't like about it: it is still a little uneven (maybe that will improve as swelling goes dow)n, the tip is overly round (maybe swelling?), I got a chicken pox scar removed and right now the scar from that is still very visible, my nose isn't a cute perfect nose it is just a better version of the nose I had before.

I guess the reason I am writing this is just to let you all know that rhinoplasty doesn't have to give you "the perfect nose" to be worth it or even just to make you happy.

I have read through a lot of these reviews and some of the after pics make a formerly cute girl into a model-gorgeous girl. Those pictures make me envious but overall I am happy with what I got and I am glad to still look like myself.

I also wanted to give you all preparing for surgery a few tips. Here are some things I would recommend for rhinoplasty recovery:

1. Some type of ice pack you can put on your eyes. Make sure it is wrapped in fabric.

2. Drinks- something sweet and regular water. Avoid sports drinks that add salt, which can make you bloat.

3. Soft food- for the first three days it's nice to eat something soft. I liked cottage cheese, smoothies (see recipe below), & microwave soft pretzels.

4. Stool softener- ducolax. Pain meds can be constipating. I took one with each pain med after surgery.

5. Neck pillow- for keeping your head elevated.

6. Bendy straws- make it easier to drink since you can't really breathe through your nose.

7. Q-tips, hydrogen peroxide and neosporin- for cleaning nose

8. Arnica pills/creAms- supposedly help with bruising. Not sure how well it worked since my bruising was very bad.

9. Audio books/podcasts- the first few days my eyes were so swollen it was hard to keep them open to read or watch tv. Podcasts were a great way to stay entertained.

Hope this helps :)

Recovery smoothie recipe

Whoops... Forgot the recipe. This recipe has been great because it is cold, soft and easy to make. It also has bromelain (sp?) from the pineapple which helps reduce bruising and vitamins A & C which are antioxidants and promote healing

1/2 cup frozen pineapple
1/2 cup frozen mango
1 cup unsweetened almond milk (or regular milk)
Sweetener to taste ( I use two packets of trivia)

1. Put everything in blender
2. Enjoy

Hope you like it as much as I do :)

3 week nose-iversary

It's been three weeks! Wow time has flown by. I am still happy with my nose and trying to be patient for it to heal. In pictures from the front it is pretty clear to me that one side is a little more swollen than the other. Also while I like the slope of my profile I feel the tip looks a little too round. I hope that as swelling goes down it will be less round. I can feel that the tip is still numb and swollen so I am hopeful. Here are some new pics.

My boobs are still riding high. While I am getting used to the size, I still hope they appear smaller as they drop.

My belly button looks a lot better than my old outie. It still has some healing to do too and there are still some stitches in it. It no longer hurts as much as before.

I am just playing the waiting game now. I am happy with the results I just can't wait to see what the final results will be :)

I am also battling acne right now which I think is a combo of using too much argan oil on my face and not being able to wash my face with the cast on. It is slowly going away but I would love any clear skin tips if you have any!!

It's been a month

One month since I had my nose done and I really thought swelling would be mostly gone by now but it seems like my nose tip is still significantly swollen. I can also breathe pretty well now and most of the crusties are gone.

I am posting some new pics.

Happy Mother's Day! Hope you all are doing well!


Forgot to add these

5 week update

Time is flying by! I can sort of see that the swelling in my nose tip is slowly going down. It is still sort of numb, though.

I am starting to be really happy with the results of all my procedures. My main concern now is that the incision for my breast implants is kind of raised. I hope it goes down over time-- but that is minor since it is not really visible in clothes or in bathing suits.

Here are some new pics :)

Still Up and Down

I have lost track of how many weeks post-op I am (maybe 7-ish?) I still have moments of up and down-- I think I kind of wish my nose was a little sharper if that makes since? My tip and columnella still feel a little swollen but I don't think that the reduction in swelling will make THAT big of a difference.

Sometimes I feel great and love my new nose, sometimes I feel like it looks just as bad as my old one and sometimes I wish I had just not had the surgery.

After I had the surgery I fell in love with the results of a different surgeon and now I can't help but wonder how my nose would have looked if I had gone to that surgeon. Don't get me wrong, I think my surgeon did a great job, but there are a few things I think could be improved upon-- namely that from the side the tip still looks very bulbous in my opinion.

One other factor that is getting in the way of me loving my new nose is the fact that my skin is still breaking out. It is getting a little better but it is hard to love how my face looks right now with lots of spots all over the place.

These feelings about my nose pretty much sum up how I am feeling about my other procedures. Breast Augmentation: I love the shape but feel like they are just a little to big for my frame. I think I should have gone with a 300cc instead.

Bellybutton: I know my hernia is fixed, which has also helped how my stomach feels (it doesn't feel like my organs are spilling out anymore). However, I guess the skin was stretched out from being like that for two and a half years so there is still a little extra skin there which makes it look like a partial outie. Not a huge deal, but I just wish that I could have my old belly button again (from before I got pregnant).

I don't mean to sound full of complaints. I think that overall I am happy with the results, but it is nice to have a place to air my grievances. Maybe this is just part of the healing process?

It was my skin

Hi guys. It's been a few more weeks and I can finally say I am really happy with my nose. I think what was making me feel so down before was the fact that my skin was breaking out REALLY badly. I guess analyzing things I felt like I spent all this money on surgery to feel better about myself and I still felt ugly because of my skin.

I feel like most of the swelling and bulbous-ness has gone down so that has made me feel better too. Here are a few pics.

Almost a Year Later!

Hi guys just a quick little update.

I guess overall I am happy with my surgeries. I almost feel like it wasn't worth it though. After I got the surgeries done I went through a bit of depression because it didn't fix things or make me look like I imagined it would. I think I really needed to work on myself inside rather than outside.

Here are are pics I took about a week ago. I love the overall shape of my new nose, but some of my chicken pock scar is still there and I may go back to see if it can be made to look smaller. I can also feel a ridge of uneven-ness on the bridge of my nose. It is only noticeable in certain lighting and I haven't talked to my surgeon about it.

After looking back on my pics, I can see that my nose tip swelling went down a lot and I am happy with it, except that my nose droops a bit when I smile.

Anyway hope you all are doing well! Hugs to those of you in recovery :)
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