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Met with Dr. Rodriguez for my pre-op consult. I...

Met with Dr. Rodriguez for my pre-op consult. I feel secure going forward with the procedure with him as my surgeon. He listened to my concerns and addressed each one specifically. I got a peek at my "before" pics in the folder he had taken at my first consult. Let's just say I threw up in my mouth a little. They have to be the most unflattering images of me in history lol. He assured me we will fix it ??. Surgery is set for Sept 30. Can. Not. Wait!!

All done!!

Had the surgery yesterday morning and I feel surprisingly good! Dr. Rodriguez is meticulous in his care. I need to change my stars from "I don't know" but can't figure it out lol. I'll update soon.

Day 4. is now four days post surgery and I'm waiting for the excruciating pain to hit, however I'm shocked I can basically stand almost straight and walk around the house fairly well. Of course I smell like a barnyard animal and am counting the days in minutes until I see my ps on Thursday morning. The drain seems to be drying up and I haven't experienced fevers or chills or really any other symptoms I was terrified of. Dr. R is REALLY good!!!!!!

Day 5.....

Yeah today is not fun. Not excruciating pain but like an ache to the back and torso that can't be stopped. But I did just have 11 lbs of fat and skin sucked out of me, so if this is the zenith of my recovery issues, I'm still ahead of the game. I think the #2 problem is the #1 problem to be honest. I've sworn off the pain meds for the rest of recovery. Still in good spirits and getting to see the PS tomorrow.

Day 5 update

So I just got my confirmation call to go to see Dr. R in the morning and completely forgot that I ever complained this morning. Once I got the whine out on RS, I picked up some pillows and took myself outside where I have been having like the best day since surgery. I can't even smell meals out here. Glorious.

Drain is out

Drain is out! Boobs are freaking adorable! Gotta wait til Sunday to see my tummy but I feel incredible. Loving Dr R!!!!!

Waaaaaay beyond my wildest dreams!!!!!!! Who am I?????

O.M.G.....there are no words. Simply perfect. I'm just.......WOW! Quickly wanted to write my first response directly here as no one other than myself and my mother have seen the final results. It feels like a dream and I am a princess. Best day of my life......OMGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!

In love with my body

So tomorrow will be one month post op and every day is just better and better. I have full sensation in my breasts but not my stomach quite yet. There is still some numbness down by the scar but I can feel most of my tummy. The scars are perfect. Honestly, I waited 20 years to have this procedure and I couldn't have asked for an easier recovery and a more beautiful result. So happy!
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