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I have found this sight extremely helpful in this...

I have found this sight extremely helpful in this nerve wracking process of elective surgery. Therefore even though I am a very private person I am putting this out there so it may serve other women and their comparisons.

To start; I have three incredible children ages 10, 8, and 2. They were all delivered by c-section. I gained 80 lbs for the 1st one, 60 for the 2nd and 40 for the last one. I nursed them all averaging a year and half for each. They are beautiful, happy, healthy and thank God they are cute because they ravaged my body. Nursing is wonderful and I highly recommend it but it dropped me from a healthy B cup to a floppy A cup. Also with their substantial size and the weight I gained I lost the connection of muscle tissue down the center of my abdomen. This has lead to a weakness that becomes more evident the more I work out. In fact I was urged by my doctor to decrease my workouts to prevent the presentation of a hernia. After my last child was born I lost all the weight and then some as I did after the previous pregnancies. However this time I developed a very defined pot belly look that I had not had before. I love running, yoga and crosstraining. But the more I worked out the more prego like I looked. Lets face it my body never looked the same after my 1st child but now I was being forced out of fitness at which point I determined this was the time to seek help.

After much consideration I found Dr. Basner who is great, straightforward, and understanding. Reviewing his work has me confident that my results will be wonderful. Though as all of you can relate there is a level of trepidation through this whole process not matter how confident you are in your surgeon and your decisions. So here are some comparable stats: I am 5'4" 135 lbs I am going to have a mommy makeover with a full tummy tuck, lipo of the flanks and 405ccs (silicone moderate plus profile) subpectoral breast augmentation. I am certain I am going to be ecstatic with the tummy tuck but I must admit I am scared I am going overboard with the size of the breast implant. I do have a broad build so I hope I will carry it well. I know my husband will be the incredibly happy. I just hope it will not interfere with my fitness routine. Any reassurance in this regard would be welcome to hear. I look forward to carrying on with this review and post the recovery process. In which case I will be in touch soon.

Just a few more days...

...before my surgery!!! The excitement and trepidation is getting to me. I am trying to put on such a easy going appearance for everyone but my mind is constantly processing what is in store for me on Friday. Am I choosing the right size for the BA? How is my body going to handle this recovery? How are my children and husband going to handle themselves during my recovery?

I have been away from home on one last vacation with my family before I am out of commission. We return thursday night. When I left home most things were in order. My meds, extra bandaging, scar cream, borrowed a recliner and have a wardrobe full of my sweatpants and zip front tops ready to go. I think I'm ready : / any diet recommendations would be great. I'll need to make a grocery list for the hubbie while I'm in surgery. I have low sodium soups and jello but that's it.

I am trying not to vent my obsession with this surgery with anyone but my husband who at this point has said he will be happy to get a break from seeing breasts for a long long time. I did call my PS office and his assistant was very reassuring that I am going with the right size and helped ease my concerns. Everyone at his office is very nice they have been a pleasure to work with. Well the next time I post here will probably be post op. Wish me luck.

Surgery Day

It has been done! I could barely sleep last night I was way too excited. I must have checked and rechecked my mental to do list over a hundred times. When the 6:00 rolled around I took a nice shower knowing it will be my last for a while. I picked up and squeezed on my little one, one last time and was out the door.

Once at the surgery center I was greeted by Dr. Basners lovely soothing reassuring staff. They went over some details with me. Dr. Basner answered all of my concerns and marked me up. When he was done I had thought to myself I could have gone for the extra cheesecake every day I was on vacation last month he intended to lipo all of my trouble spots : ) The experience as a whole was very pleasant. By comparison to my previous c-section surgeries were the staff was really cold and a little condescending. I went to "sleep" peacefully; but then I awoke not knowing where I was with a bad case of shakes and feeling like I did a thousand crunches. That has been the worst the pain I felt so far from this procedure. I'm at home now with on a pain scale of one to ten I'm at a 3.

First shot of the girls

Day 2

So the back pain has settled in. I am hunched over a lot due to the tummy tuck and my back is bruised due to the lipo. The pain index has jumped up to a 6-7 in the last 12 hours. My chest is tight and swollen and my incision sites take turns burning. I'm trying to stay ahead of it with the pain killers. I get a bit nauseous when I walk around but I try to get around anyway. This is no picnic but it is only temporary. Good luck to the rest of you in recovery.


Started off today thinking I will never stand straight again. The pain was excruciating this first lap I took around the house. After lunch I felt a bit better; more energy less pain. I actually was feeling so good I took my first PO shower. It took almost two hours from CG off to new CG on. Just a warning ladies the first shower is a lot of work and a two man job ( the husband has been an incredible help.)With the help of the warm water I am able to stand a little bit taller which is great I feel more like a human again. It was my first look at my new body. It is a little scary with all the bruising and the swelling and the boobs riding way high into my armpits. But I'm patient and know not to make any judgments until the healing process has some time to work. Haven't had a BM yet so that discomfort is now setting in. I can't wait to be looking back on this experience rather than living it.


I am feeling a little bit better every day. I am still hunched over, but I have gone from a 4'5" hunchback to a 5' hunchback. My drains had been leaking at their sites initially; that has now stopped almost entirely. I am still draining into the tubes though; good sign, bad sign I don't know I just can not wait to get these drains out! I finally had the notorious 1st post op BM that everyone talks about. I did need the assistance of a suppository unfortunately, but at least there was no cramping or discomfort that effected my stomach.

I walked around a lot yesterday. I felt energetic and useful, I helped the kids get ready to go to their soccer practice. I ate dinner with everyone. Compared to the previous days I felt like a rock star. My kids were so happy to see me looking better.

My worst fears in terms of my kids and my husband falling apart without me running the show could not have been further from the truth. They have all stepped up helping each other and helping me. They are eager to make me comfortable and they're listening to their father and getting things done. It's really beautiful to see this side of them giving back when their mother is somewhat helpless. It's actually been really nice to let go of the control and see how they flourish. Mind you, I am not a narcissist in real life but pre op I had all these ridiculous "worst case scenario" fears. For those of you going through that now, take a deep breath this whole recovery period may be a good thing for you and your family. As a mom it may be hard to let go and be taken care of; but your family may surprise you.

In a situation filled with aches and pains I have been pleasantly delighted to sit back and witness how wonderful family is.

PO 6

I went to my post op appt this morning. My stitches under the breasts, around the belly button, and the tummy tuck incision were all removed today. The right side drain was removed but the left side is still draining so Dr. Basner wants to keep it in for another week. Ugh what a nuisance but I can't disagree. My left side is still extremely swollen and bruised, the drain is still necessary at this point. Between carting around this gross drain and being hunched over I don't know when I will be able to join society again. I'd like to think next week will be a different story, that once I pass the 10-14 PO I will be almost back to normal. Ahhh a girl can dream, right? For now the only comfortable place for me to be for more than 20 minutes is on my recliner. I guess I'm getting to the point of frustration we all reach during recovery. The body has its limits though and I have to respect that.

PO6 Pics

PO 7

PO 12

I haven't had much to report, recovery has been slow and steady. I still have really bad bruising on my left side as well as hard bulbous spots that I suspect are seromas. I will see my PS tomorrow and will let you all know what the drainage process is like for those. I expect my second drain from surgery will be taken out tomorrow as well. I am so excited for it to come out so I can wear regular clothes and stop scaring my kids with this tube hanging out of me. However, I am not looking forward to feeling it come out for I suspect since it has been in longer it will be harder to whip out. The first time was no picnic any suggestions on how to prepare for the second drain out are welcome. As for the bruising there has been a marked improvement since I started taking an additional vitamin c supplement and eating a cup of pineapple which has bromelian extract to help with inflammation. I am still taking one pain killer at night it helps with all the days exertions (I have one spot on my left side that's like a searing pain after I've been moving around a lot)and to combat the back pain while I sleep. Aside from that with an occasional Tylenol during the day my pain level is usually at a 2. Oh and most importantly I am standing upright alleluia! I may not have the best posture but as of PO 11 I am no longer a hunchback. Well hopefully all goes well tomorrow I hope to report that getting all this drain stuff done is painless, but in all I will be happy when it's done.

Have to admit it's getting better : )

So last Thursday I had my last drain pulled out which surprisingly didn't hurt at all on my left side. I guess this is due to the fact I feel more numb on that side than the right half of my body. Bruising continues to go down but the swelling remains an issue, especially at the end of the day. My PS did not drain any seromas but has me schedule for Wednesday this week because he expects he will have to then. Life has returned to pretty much normal. I have been sleeping in my bed as of PO 13 and my energy level has been pretty good. I am back to being productive doing the shopping, cleaning, cooking, and all my other mommy duties aside from picking the 30 lb toddler up. I'm confident this week I will be in good shape to start my classes. I have to continue wearing CGs but that includes spanx. I have lost 7 lbs since the surgery but the swelling and the TT incision prevent me from wearing my regular sized jeans, which is a bummer. Good thing I can get away with sun dresses for another month or so. For future mommy makeover patients I have to say about two weeks is the marker for when you will really feel better. Question for those on the post op side: any recommendations of scar creams or sheets? My PS doesn't really promote the use since there is "no scientific proof that they do anything" but I'd still like to apply something especially if any of you have had good results from it. Thanks.

It's been a while

Hey ladies sorry once I was running back at full speed I kept putting off my posts. Since I last left off. Dr. Basner did recommend a silicone strip for my navel, just because it is the will be the most notable scar when I'm in a bikini. I am so impressed with the scars in general. Through out my life almost anytime my skin has been so much as broken I get really puffy scars aka keloids. The scars from this surgery look flat and thin, honestly they look better than scars I got when I was a kid. I've gone back to working out since Sept 18th, running and P90X. I am definitely taking it slow with core exercise but cardio and strength training feels pretty good. There is still bloating that mainly comes with exercising and eating salty foods. I wear spanx when I know I'll be most active. In terms of the BA I was so afraid of going too big with 405ccs but I've been measured a couple of times at Victoria Secret as a C cup which is exactly what I wanted, though I did spill over into a D cup in the Pink bras but was told that they tend to run smaller. Overall I couldn't be happier with the results. I highly recommend Dr. Basner he has been great and his work is stellar.
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