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I've been through a lot in the past 2 years and...

I've been through a lot in the past 2 years and between the stress and menopause it has kicked my butt physically. Menopause especially. One day you are 50 something, doing great and proud you are holding your own: then sha-sham, you've turned old! I worked to hard and long to at keeping my appearance to look like that! I have thought about getting a face and neck lift and a breast lift for several years but this year I found myself obsessing on it. So here I go! After several different doctor consultations, I choose the one that I think best fits me. So the journey begins........
I am having a face and neck lift with rhinoplasty and a breast lift. Yes, it's quite a bit but I am confident both the doctor and I are up to it. I was extremely hesitant and nervous until I found this website and gained more confidence from the courageous women posting their stories and pictures AND, the doctors who graciously volunteer to answer a pleura of questions for us. I feel I am more prepared and actually getting a little excited!
I am 2 weeks out today and getting all physical exams and tests done. I will keep you posted along the way. I am glad you are here with me. Your support continues to be an invaluable part of this whole experience...cyber hugs to all!

Verdict still out. Feeling anxious and depressed.

Eleven days out and still many reservations if I chose the right doctor and procedure. Two things appear to be problems which my daughter noted as well: one side of my face is larger than the other and my eyes are smaller and slant now. The doctor says to give it more time. I still have every other stitch around my ears, staples throughout my temples and corner eye stitches that will be removed this week. I am hoping this will allow my eyes and left side of face to relax into shape. Procedure has turned up my lips slightly too. I will be very VERY happy if my eyes open wider once the stitches are removed and if my left side reduces to make sides more even. I will be more elated if the check apples reduce somewhat also. I hope I made the right choice. This is so stressful!
The new nose: it is very swollen and will take some time to know that it will actually look like. I think it will be okay but it appears to be shorter and a little turned up which are 2 things I distinctly said I did not want. My daughter thinks it will be cute so we will just have to wait and see. I think having a nose job at the same time as a facelift is too much change all at once. I feel that results will be good but wish I had a nose I could identify with right now. When I look in the mirror all I see is Barry Manilow! Please God let this change!! Prayers for a more natural result needed!
The neck is perfect and the breast lift came out very good. It made my breasts a little smaller which I expected, but they have a nice shape.

Neck View

Day 9

Took this Friday (9 days post op). My nose was less swollen then. I have been more active in the last 2 days which is not helping matters I guess. My eyes are more itchy and irritated very day. I can't scrub my hair yet with all the staples. I have such thin hair that it requires heat to style but not until the staples are out. Can not wait until all the stitches and staples are out!

I can't feel a thing

Burned the side of my face on a heating wrap that I had on the side of my face thinking it would help the swelling. I am going to drive myself crazy worrying about the unevenness of my face. Eyes bother me too but know there will be no improvement until I get those darn stitches out. I took pictures because I see something totally different when I look in the mirror. What is up with that?!

2 Weeks Post Op

Finally got all the stitches and staples out yesterday. The stitches holding my eyes up drove my Sjogren's insane! My itchy eyes and impaired vision have improved over night but now I have a lump of fluid under one eye. Lips and eyes improving daily. The face is going to take some time to relax. I hope it does! I feel to tight and pulled. Dr tells me to relax. He is going for the 3 month result so to give it time and trust him. And, I am trying to ignore the nose for now until it does it thing over the next 3 months at the very least.
I am off to the pharmacy. The burn on my face has a bluster and was told to put a burn cream on it. I am usually not this dumb, what an idiot!

4 Weeks

I went to the doctor's Thursday, a 4 week mark. Things are progressing nicely, as the doctor would say and I think so too. Am I camera ready, yes; think I was camera ready last week too though. Here's the hitch, how I look in the camera is one dimensional. I can take a good picture but I can also take a bad one. I can tell you I don't think I look as good in person. Much has to do with the swelling in my nose and more has to do with my hair loss. Neither most others will have. As for my face, yes it's camera ready and that is where it looks the best. In person there is a lack of movement in my jaw and neck. I think my jaw needs to drop a bit to look better. Cheeks still tight especially when I smile and mouth tight when try to open wide, i.e eating a sandwich. I can move the jaw where I want it but doctor says do nothing, the body is healing and he doesn't want me to force anything and ruin the ultimate result. He has been right so far so I trust and do want he says. He says 6 weeks is the magic number for facial swelling and at 3 months, 99% of his patients are happy with results and I expect to be there too.
I am comfortable around people that know me best. They are very supportive and think I look good. Other than that, I feel people are staring at me. At work, people will say there is something different: they do not say I look good. Hoping all that awkwardness goes away and "I" like the way I look and own it!

In a different light.


Menopause and stress kicked by butt. I'm kicking back!

5 weeks_3days

They say one more week for face swelling to be resolved. I feel my face is pretty much where it's going to be. My nose continues to improve. I have more good days then bad. Since I last posted, my daughter that took care of me the week after the facelift came over on Christmas day. As we were talking she asked, did you have a facial, your face is glowing and a bit red? I say "it's from the facelift and the red is the burn healing." She replied, OMG, I forgot you had a facelift." hehehe, really she is a bright girl! I also saw my sister this weekend. We haven't seen each other since the summer. I told her I had a facelift before she arrived. So sitting inches from me after dinner, she asked, "so what did he do, you look the same". I chuckled and said, you mean I spent all that money for nothing!! None of my family thinks I needed a facelift. That's very nice of them. The comments are not what I expected; I thought more people would say you look good or great but I get: something looks different or you look the same or like yourself. I think most people are amazed at the doctors work and the comments have started to give me confidence that I don't look strange or like I've had a facelift which is a good thing. The different comments I think are mostly because of my new nose. My nose seems to be improving regularly OR, I am just getting used to it. My prayers to the facelift gods to heal me well, are working. Now I just hope the hair fairy will let my hair grow back in! Happy New Year RS friends! -Poppy

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