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I have wanted breast all my life. I've always...

I have wanted breast all my life. I've always been a small B, now post breastfeeding I'm a soggy B. I'm Not sure where to start. I have wanted boobs for ever! I'm 5'3" 142 lbs and I need breast that fit my frame. I initially wanted to go to FL to the CG cosmetic center but they honestly never responded. In addition after thinking about follow up care, hotel and flight it didn't make sense so I chose to have my surgery in my home town, for follow up and after care as needed. Also for family support. I haven't completely decided on size but after consultation I am tossing back and forth between 450 cc silicone HP vs 500. Don't want boob envy. Plus it took me 20 years to get the courage to do this can't see any revisions for just size.

No boobs in High school

Preop pictures

Help 450cc of 500cc

Have very little time left, torn between 450 and 500cc will post picks to show you guys the difference

Pain Pain Pain

Prepare for the rant. So I never considered myself a wuss. But maybe I am. I've had a few surgeries, (2 C-sections, abdominal myomectomy, hysterctomy, cervical disc fusion) so I am not a surgical virgin, however maybe my expectations were inappropriately set, or maybe to feel less pain I have to wake up from surgery with a baby? Who knows! Any way let's recap. Friday May 13, 2016 (coincidence) was day of surgery (DOS), pain not too bad, got the pain pump, allowed my Dr. to prescribe percocet (which I know just makes me loopy, nauseous, and has a very short half-life for me) Should have been more forthright regarding this however didn't want to seem drug seeking. Never the less DOS was a good day. Now day one early Saturday, not too bad. Attempting to start weaning from the percocet, managing the pain so so, taking it easy. Now the end of day one into midnight .... holy toledo Batman! I typically am successful weaning off narcotics (because I hate them) with NSAIDs (ibuprofen, naproxen, toradol) but the boobs were not having it!. Pain pump ran out! Now my Surgeon, is old school so no NSAIDs, and the special forces bullet proof vest aka surgical bra is impenetrable, so it is difficult to ice the girls, which I feel would be extremely therapeutic. I need to poop (TMI), I'm not eating because all of the medicine makes me nauseous. Let's just say day 1 into 2 was a rough day. Calling the surgeon today to hopefully get the drains out and the now empty pain pump which is just a unwanted necklace at this time OFF. And scene.

Day 2

Feels like someone hit me in the chest with cinder blocks this morning! REPEATEDLY

More preop and Sizer fun

Didn't get to add, a few preop pics and picks with sizers. Don't know why my phone will not allow me to upload pics to RealSelf??? Annoying

Still trying to add photos

Sizer Fun 450cc L 500 CC R

Made it to the other side!!! Barely

I'm a wuss. Day 3 is better but still way more pain and discomfort than I was expecting. So far still a lot of swelling but I guess I'm coming along ok. Still have to wait for a while for the final outcome but so far so good.

There is Light!!!

So for all of you ladies that didn't have the textbook seamless recovery, I'm here to let you know there is light. 11 days post op and not in excruciating pain. However my nerves are waking up and they are very upset with me! Wearing a sports bra today and starting to enjoy the new curves. Also

3 weeks post op still having mild discomfort

Still having mild discomfort, mostly nerve type pain. Nothing that requires pain medication, but annoying. Hoping by the time of my next post op 20 June 2016 I will have no pain. Most of the pain is inframmary left breast and I am relatively certain that it is because my inframammary line was lowered. Nevertheless I am enjoying the new curves

New Curves

You must appreciate the before and after

Always Go Bigger

So word to the wise, if you are straddling the fence between 2 sizes, always go bigger. Don't get me wrong I love my boobs, but I was having a time deciding between 450 and 500, I should have gone 550. My boobs are not very noticable in clothing. I paid good money and I did want to notice a big difference in and out of clothing. Maybe it's not that noticable because I always wear supper padded bras, anyway if your stuck between 2 sizes go big or go home. Of course within reason.

Feeling Normal Loving the girls wish I had gone bigger

Almost 3 months post op. Feeling normal, like they're a part of me now. Good sensation in the right nipple, no sensation on the left, hopeful but doubtful. Still wish I'd have gone bigger!!!!

More fun photos

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

My overall experience was excellent. I had a breast lift with implants, and he was the ONLY doctor to say he could do just a doughnut lift and did. His staff is exceptional, from the front desk to the nurses. Everyone was very patient with me, and my thousand questions and phone calls. The anesthesiologist rocked! I was very nervous about the IV sedation versus being put out, but I didn't feel a thing during the procedure. Love my new curves, only wish I had gone bigger.

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