44 Yr Old Finally Getting Rid of This Gut! Extended Panniculectomy with Lipo to Abdomen, Waist & Buttocks - Lutherville Timonium

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Feeling a little scared and excited if that's...

Feeling a little scared and excited if that's possible!! I have 16 days before surgery!!!! I've been wanting to have this done for six years but my husband wasn't on board, finally he says yes!!!!! Had my first consultation with Dr Basner who was AWESOME AMAZING!!!! So let the countdown begin!!!!!!!

14 days to go!!!

Have my very last pre-op appointment on Friday. I had to have several appointments because during the pre op screening they put me on hypertension meds and wanted to make sure they monitored my blood pressure on meds and make sure they were working. Today my pressure was ok 133/84 when I first went it was 144/112 scary!!! So keep the PRAYERS coming that it continues to stay on track!!!

7 more days GUT BE GONE!!

7 more days before I enter the flat side!!! I can't wait I'm sooooooo excited. Can anyone offer any suggestions in reference to sleeping? I've been so afraid and so embarrassed to post pics but you guys have helped me tremendously by posting before and after pics soooooo here we go here are a few before pics

Final blood pressure check today and it's all green lights!!!! Yayyyyy!!!!

Finally it's really real!!! Got all clear to go ahead and proceed. I'm soooooo excited! Only 5 days left to go and it's on to the flat side!!

3 More Days!!

3 More days before the big day!! I'm all packed and ready to go!!! Hotel is booked we're leaving early Thursday morning so we can have a nice relaxing day in Baltimore. My daughters will be down on early Friday morning before surgery. I'm soooooo excited this has been a long time coming. Next set of pics will be the mark up!! I'll keep you guys updated!!

Tomorrow is the big day!!

Tomorrow is the big day!! My husband and I are on our way to Md where my procedure will be done by Dr Basner. For sme reason I feel really calm and peaceful today! Tomorrow I will be joining my sisters on the flat side!! Yayyyyyy

The last before pics befor the mark up

Made it to and through!!!!

I am now on the flat side!!!! Thanks for all he PRAYERS wishes and happy thoughts!!!!! MyBodyWish I made it!!!!!! To soar to post pics but I will update you all to tomorrow!!! Kisses and hugs

Soooo soar but sooo happy

OMG I am sooooooo soar but I'm happy that my gut is gone!!! My hubby is taking such good care of me!!!!!!!! I've been sleeping all day!!!

I tried to upload photos

I'll try to uoad again

This itching won't stop!!

Omg I can't take it l can't take this itching!!!!! I don't know if it's because of the pain pills or what but it's driving me crazy!! But I'm soooo happy with my results! Does anyone have any suggestions on getting the swelling down especially in my thighs, legs and feet?

Better everyday!

Hello today was indeed a better day!!! It seems as if it is getting easier ok wait it's getting LESS painful everyday. My itching has slowed down a lot, however that swelling is still alive and huge!!! Lol lol baby steps just wanted to uplift someone and let them know that it does get a little less stressful just hang in there and stay positive with lots of happy thoughts!!!!!!

1st pre op visit!

My 1st pre op visit went extremely well!!!! He took out all my drains!!! Yayyyyy he also removed some some staples from my belly button and back. It was a pretty good day!!! He also said I didn't have to wrap with gauze anymore let the healing begin with just the fresh new tape he put on!! On my way to healing ladies!!!! Yayyyyy thanks again for all the love and support from everyone!!! Xxxxoooo

2nd post op appt

This appointment wasn't as good as the first one :( Just a minor bump in the road. I have an infection which Doc and explain its possibility prior to procedure. PRAYING for a speedy recovery. This to shall pass!!! Ok back to happy and positive thoughts! The swelling is going down so that's a plus!!!!

Pulmonary embolism

Hello I've missed you guys terribly!!! I've been a little under the weather. I am in the hospital and have been in here since 9/23/25 with pulmonary embolism. GOD is sooooo good I went to the ER because my legs were swollen and hurting so bad and after spraying arnica on them they felt weird! We went to the ER because I'm thinking I have clots in my legs but once they ran all the test they found the clots in my lungs!!! See how good GOD is that I went for something else and they found something I didn't even have symptoms to!!!!!!! I am coming along I took my last shot of lovenox and they are going to start me on Eliquis and maybe I can even go home tomorrow!!!! Yayyyyyyy

No more horror stories!!

I refuse to put anymore horror stories on this site!!!! I'm going to stay PRAYED UP!!!! I'm only going to put the good stuff up like picks of my new body that I LOVE SOOOOO MUCH!!! :)
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

I originally went in for a lower body lift he asked me what did that mean to me what areas are important to me. I was impressed I did my research on several Dr's and he was the best choice!! He was very experienced and knowledgeable. He graduated with honors from the University of Penn (my home town) and has been doing this for 19 years he's even done work for ABC!! Dr Basner did a phenomenal job with my procedure!!! I couldn't have asked for a better PS if I designed him myself!! Thanks so much for making me EXTREMELY happy!!!

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