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After my face refresher I was left with a very...

After my face refresher I was left with a very ugly mouth my original Dr. ,Drehsen in SP FL, told me the only way to fix it was to get a lip lift, so I got the lip lift with no improvements what so ever!!! He didn't lift enough and I was devasted !!! It made me feel very self conscious .I was determent to find a solution. That's when I fould Dr. Rodriguez on line he is in Baltimore,and I immedially knew he was the one.I had a phone consult,and schedule my surgery. He did my PO on sunday surgery on monday. I went thinking that if I got a lip implant and fat injections will resolve the problem.But Dr. Rodriguez was very pacient and explain over and over again I was trying to fix the problem the wrong way, but if thats is what I wanted he would do it.But I fanally realized he was right (.My original surgeon really scared me about corner lift.)and just a few minutes before surgery, because I really wanted a lip implant, but I wanted a normal looking lips more,as soon I'm recoverd I will get my lips implants.I was vey calm and certain that is it ! That I was finally in good hands. Dr. Rodriguez have a surgical center right at he's office wich by the way very beautiful ,very clean.The nurse that prep me is WONDERFUL so is the anesthesiologist and all the staff I had my procedure under ivy sedation it was the first time for me and I tell you I rather NEVER use regular anesthesia AGAIN !!! IT was like waking from a good night sleep no after effects what so ever ,that was wonderful. The surgery went very well wich by the way was july,20. I only took 4 pain killer after that I didn't need any more, the scar are healing beautifully, recovery has been a breeze, I already love my results .TOTALLY different story from my first lip lift, the surgeon is the key,Dr. Rodrigues is the best!!! I felt like I was talking to a friend that was helping me find a solution to a problem Dr. Rodriguez is a gem. He took the time to talk to me, no rush, very honest and he truly had my best interest at heart, I'm forever thankful for that. I will continue to travel to him for future needs and wants LOL.

Photos of before any work done first lip lift and final second lip and corner lift HAPPY CAMPER

When I was looking to get this dane it was so helpful when pictures was added so I want to do the same, I will post more as I recover GOOD LUCK to ALL I hope this helps

Picture before any lift

22 days post OP pictures

The swellen and redness has come down a lot. My mouth is almost closing all the way .The scars are healing nice, I 'm using a scar cream 2x a day and opening a vitamin E capsule and using that all so on in my scar. I find this very helpful . It 's very itchy but it's a normal part of healing but is annoying . I itchy with a clenex . For any one having this procedure dane I highly recommend Seneach start the night before surgery and arnica montana 30 x , 4 little pill under the tonge 4 x day, one week before surgery they are tiny and melts very fast , but check with your Dr first, I had plenty of plastic surgeries and always did this way, works great !!! you can find at amazon . LOTS of Q tips . FOR CONSTIPATION I highly recommend the lower bowel its all natural all herbs it doesnt give cramps or any thing like that, I use this normally every day ,as part of my diet amazon has it all so inf about it. I'm happy with my results, can't wait to final result.

Requested front pictures

Never mind how my nose and nostril look like, I naturally have two different sizes nostril ,Don't want any one thinking is Dr. Rodrigues fault

before second lip lift photos

I only had my first lip lift for 3 months so I don't have lots of pictures before my second lip lift. For you Bostonian I love Boston

6 weeks

Dr. Rodriguez did a miracle on my lip lift and corner lift. I'm very happy with my results it's healed very nice. I honestly think he's the best out there especially when it comes to lips. Thanks Dr.Rodriguez

2 months post op

Every thing is good, my up lip still a bit swollen very annoying especially after having salt 3 days in the row. I wanted to post some pictures of the scars without make up and some with mineral make up. I still using my scar cream 2 x a day .I really looooove my lip lift.

Corner touch up

I'm on the process on setting my surgery with Dr. Rodriguez, to touch up my corners. I'm excited but this time I 'm considering doing under local anesthesia or I can have the ivy sedation , but trying to save $$$. Any one out there have experienced local anesthesia on the corners of the mouth, please let me know how it was. If its not too terrible painful will be nice just doing a local. Thanks

Corner lip lift

I just booked surgery 6/24 for my corner lip lift touch up with Dr. R ,my corners are soooo much better than used to be but it needs a little more. I'm all so getting Perma lip implants 4 top and 5 bottom. I'm excited and just wanted to share with you ladies here on Realsef.


I did the FT to my lips just because I was having FT to some areas of my face it was convenient , but I know FT in lips don't last , I done it before Dr R did because I ask him , we both knew it doesn't last. My lips now is back to normal size ,with the implants I should look like on the pictures above. One corner still droopy.


Here they are


I forgot to mention, excuse my appearance I just woke up and took the pictures. My up lip still swollen it's going to be one year in july , especially after eating salt, lip lift is the worst recovery ever, it takes forever!!!!! I'm glad I had the muscle lifted , by the way Dr R don't do that, I had it done by another Dr. the combination of the two procedures give me the result I was looking for. Good luck ladies


I had my corner lip lift and lip implants with Dr R last friday June 24 my birthday gift .I flew out there by my self, I got there and got pick up by the car service complimentary from Dr. R wich it's really nice. I went strait to my PO appointment It was nice to see Dr R again he's so nice. He answered all the questions I had and addressed my concerns. If you ever go to Dr R choose to stay at the Gramercy Mansion bed and breakfast very nice and helpful staff this was my second stay and I was luck to be able to try they breakfast this time so delicious fresh. On friday surgery day ! I was excited ! I love the fact that Dr. R has he's own surgical center on he's office . He did my markings . Then the anesthesiologist and the nurse are very caring and they prepared me for surgery , I choose ivy sedation again I love it , no wonder Michael Jackson was addict to it. It's like a nice nap. When I woke up I was totally ware and conscious first thing I did is drink 2 cups of water I was so thirsty and I asked the nurse for my phone and took a self and texted my husband LOL I couldn't wait to see what I look like. I had no pain feeling great ! Off I went with my nurse. They called to check on me that night. I was just so surprised that I could eat and drink with no problem because I read some many reviews here RS about not being able to eat , any ways I didn't experience much pain at all I took only one pain killer on the fly back home the next day because it was hurting a bit but the funny thing is only my lower lip.And I used some Ibuprofen after that it was more annoying then pain really. I slapped all the way to Fl. It was nice to be back home I slapped a lot for 2 days. Today I'm feeling back to normal it's day 5.My lips are swollen and dry no bruising I think they look cute by the way we used permalip 4 on the top and 5 on the bottom. The corner lip is looking very good I can't wait for the stitches to fall off and the results. If you're looking for lip work Dr R is awesome and has great staff.

Pictures of corner lift and lip implants

stiches come out

This been a very easy recovery .I think tomorrow I'm able to put lipstick to hide the redness for the scar and I will be fine to go out . I will start my scar treatment today.

Stay away

My lip lift turn out horrible ,very visible scar uneven lift. He all so mess up my corner lift no difference what so ever and I did a lip implant disastrous results it was away too short for my lips and he cut the implant, I had an another Dr remove 2 weeks latter ( all procedures done the same time ) the price of he's anesthesia is sooo high I had to re do my lip implants it only cost $ 300 for anesthesia he is charging $1200 for the same exact anesthesia why ??? He doesn't honor he's work even when it's he's fault like on my lip implants they order the wrong size and on top of all he cut the ends off giving me a square weird lips he wanted me to pay him again to fix it, Yeah right . SO STAY AWAY. So now I have to get a scar revision for my lip lift and corner lift need to be done again I found a experience Dr that will be helping me in January .

This is how it's done Dr R

I got the lip implants re done in November I love them. I'm anxious to get my corner lip lift done at first one side looked fine but they both need to be re done.


It's hard to post this but be AWARE of Dr R

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