Lumpy Injections in the Wrong Places - I Look Like a Cat.

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I recently had restylane injection to fill out the...

I recently had restylane injection to fill out the nasal folds or laugh lines.  I got the work done by a registered nurse and not a plastic surgeon or a doctor.  That was a major mistake.  Instead of filling my laugh lines, the fold became even more noticable and the area to the outer of the laugh lines (cheek area) got plumped up and lumpy and i look like a cat.  The nurse bruised my face really bad and I still have a green patch of bruise on the lower side of my right cheek.  The result was so bad and I was completely stressed out so I went to a doctor to have all my injection dissolved.  It has been almost 4 days since i went to the doctor.  The big lumpy area (about the size of two big thumbs) on my right cheek is subsiding but you can still see the shape of a round lump next to my nose.  I got my left side injection dissolved by the same doctor this morning and hopefully all will be gone and back to normal by next week.  My major concern is the greenish bruise on my right lower cheek.  I hope it is not permanent since it hasn't been improving and it has been over two weeks now.

Anyway, the overall experience is aweful simply becasue I trusted my face to the wrong hands.  I had injections before by my doctor a year ago and the results were great.  I don't know what got into me to go to a spa salon type of place to have my face done by a nurse.  It is definitely a hard lesson learned.  If anyone wants to do the injections, please make sure you go to an experienced doctor.  No offense to the nurses but based on this experience, it is obvious, in my opinion, that they just simply do not have the expertise as the trained doctors or surgeons do even though i was told that the nurse who did my injections had over 14 years of experience in this area.  I ended up wasting $1,000 and suffered emotionally from the "damage" that was done to my face all because of a bad choice.  I still think injectables can do wonder if you go to a good doctor.  I just hope the lumpiness can be completely dissolved becasue it is painful to look in the mirror and see a lumpy face.  My face was much better before this is done!  Too bad we can't go back in time. 

Marion at Ou Beauty med day spa

Please go to an experience doctor or plastic surgeon for injections. I went to a nurse at a spa place and my face got totally messed up even though i was told the nurse has over 14 years of experience. My doctor examined my face and explained to me what was done wrong (mainly where the injection was placed was wrong and too much injection also).

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