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I am 14 days pre-surgery and so ready for this...

I am 14 days pre-surgery and so ready for this procedure. My babies were born by a vertical C-section. I have waited far longer than I wanted based on other's opinions. No more. It is my time. My doctor assures me that most if not all of my original scar will be gone. At this point I am not nervous at all. Pre-op labs on Monday.

Twelve days to go!

I am 55 years old, mother of two, grandmother of four. Still love to love my hubby and we still have so much fun. Planning on this little scheduled maintenance to make me feel sexy again.


Oh, and had a good friend try to talk me out of it last night. Don't feel me backing out. Sorry.

Pre-op test done!

Had all the pre-op test done yesterday. Ug, before pictures. That was fabulous. All tests good, everything on track, just ready for the day. My PS's staff members are incredibly sweet. Doc thinks most of my scar will be gone. If any is left it will probably be less than an inch. Wow, after 33 years of a 5-6 inch scar I won't know how to act. My husband is supportive, but I can tell he is a little worried. Ready to be on the other side of this. Thanks for all the kindness and support. It really does help keep me focused.

Drugs are our friend.

Also, filled my prescriptions today. One more step completed.

Six days to go!

I am six days out. Trying to get everything in order for my recovery and Christmas. Crazy to do it this time of year but I wanted results by the summer. A few more presents to wrap and I will be done.

Five days to go.

Working on Monday then off to Lubbock on Tuesday. Surgery is Wednesday 12/18. I think I have purchased enough comfort food and supplies so that hubby doesn't have to do too much. I am going to spend the weekend getting my house ready. Just a few more days until I get to tell my second butt goodbye. It will NOT be missed.

Two days pre-op.

Think I am ready,...groceries and meds purchased, Christmas gifts all wrapped. Just ready for Santa to get me over to the flat side.

Sleep. Ha,

Sleeping the night before.....easier said than done. Post again on the flat side. Prayers.

Evening of surgery

Actually not hurting much at all. In and out sleep. Drain tubes are a bother. My fabulous doc and staff sent flowers.

1st day post-op

Little more difficult today. Three hour drive home was not fun. My feet are swollen and I'm in more pain. Getting around pretty good though. These drains are a pain in the >,>€

I've got this.

Got up and made myself a scrambled egg this morning so I could take the lovely meds. Shower last night was a struggle. Feel much better today,

3 days post op

Feeling a little stronger every day. I will be extremely glad when the drain tubes are gone. I have been able to sleep in my bed with lots of pillows every night. Days are spent in the recliner. I have seen every Christmas movie made LOL. Thank you my sisters for all your support.


Day 4 post

Maybe too much yesterday? My lower back hurts. I slept in the recliner for the first time last night. Also the entrance site for the left drain tube is irritated and stings when I move. I've taped it down with a roll of gauze over it. Hoping that will help. I don't see my PS until the 27th. Seems like an eternity away right now. Thanks for all the support. It helps immensely.

More pics

Four days later. Still lots of swelling and bruising. Taking the compression garment off feels like my guts are going to fall out. And, yes, the ever so lovely drain tubes.

5 days post

Trying to get off the pain meds. Last one at 3,00 am today. Extra strength Tylenol is working pretty good. Walking straight, all bodily functions on track, ready to go dancing...... Yeah, right.

Christmas Eve

Well, got a week under my belt. Trying to decide what to wear to my daughter's house for our annual Christmas Eve dinner and one gift opening (always Christmas jammies purchased with much love from my husband and I). Goofy tradition, but we love it. I wish all my supportive sisters on this site a blessed Christmas and a bountiful New Year. May I just add, if you are considering this procedure you just have to get past the cost. I wish I had done this years ago. Yes, my husband has told me for years those famous words "you don't need it". I opted to drive my vehicle one more year to pacify him. This was probably the most selfish thing I have ever done, but I know this summer when I am sitting on our boat beside my two beautiful daughters I will not be grabbing a towel to cover up the big bulge under my swimsuit. Bless you all for your kind words and support. It has been instrumental in my decision to do this and my recovery.


Survived Christmas. My sweet daughters hosted this year for me. It was a big day and I was exhausted last night. Slept crazy good though. I think my drains will come out tomorrow????. Kind of dreading the 3 hour drive. Both of my daughters are taking me so that should help make it more enjoyable. Feeling rested this morning. My list of essentials: 1) recliner; 2) medical tape; 3) alcohol; 4) gauze and gauze pads; 5) granny panties about 2 sizes bigger than you normally wear; 6) bottled water, juice, yogurt. Jello cups, 7) if you like it .,,chicken broth (I lived on it for the first few days); 8) crackers or something dry and salty; 9) peroxide (your tubes will leak on your fabulous granny panties and this helps get the blood out); 10) pillows (I used 4 and if you are traveling to and from surgery city, take all 4 and a light throw); 11) extra strength Tylenol for after the pain meds; 12) stool softener and milk of magnesia. If I think of anything more I will include in next post.


Tubes out. Feel like a new woman.

10 days post

My 6 hr round trip yesterday drained me. I've been tired today and haven't accomplished much. With the return of feeling to my tummy so has come the irritating it itchiness of the compression garment. I have started wearing a cotton cami under the garment and it helps tremendously. So, another "must have" added to the list. I am not really hurting much now, but do get wiped out quickly. I hope my posts don't seem "doom and gloom" because I wouldn't want to scare anyone considering this surgery. It's not a breeze, but it is not that bad,

Day 11 post.

Thinking I will be able to drive myself to my nail appointment tomorrow. I'm off of pain meds and only using Extra Strength Tylenol for pain. Has anyone else experienced restless legs at night? I don't know if it is inactivity or a side effect, but it drives me crazy trying to go to sleep at night,

12 days -post

Today's pictures. Still a lot of swelling, but starting to see some shape.

12 days

12 days

19 Days on the flat side

Started back to work this morning. We will see how that effects the swelling. At my two week check up on January 2 my P.S. said that the swelling is to be expected and should be better in a couple of weeks. He gave me permission to leave my compression garment off at night. I find I am good with that for about 3-4 hours and then I am grabbing that garment and putting it back on. Good news, my favorite jeans no longer fit. I can pull them down without unbuttoning them. :-)

26 days post

I may be just a tad over zealous but yesterday I ordered a two piece swimsuit. Nothing daring, pretty boring actually, but a two piece. It may not make the cut, but how exciting to even consider it after 33 years. My husband has booked a trip to the Caribbean for this summer to celebrate our 32 anniversary and my new flatness. Loving it. My advice, do not wait as long as I did. If you can swing it, DO IT! I still have a good bit of swelling by late afternoon, but I can tell it is getting to be less and less every day. Have an appointment on Thursday with my great P.S.

Last year's swimsuit, this year's body

One month out.

Had my one month appointment with my PS on the 16th. Got good marks for everything. I can now lose the compression garment. He suggested spanks if I felt like I needed the support. Thank goodness because that garment was getting pretty ratty and I didn't really want to invest in a new one. I have to wait two more weeks to start exercising. I cannot do anything that involves stress on my core for another two weeks. (Darn because I sure am missing that vacuuming. LOL) It's a little odd because I used to dread any form of exercise. I would do it, but I didn't want to. My new tummy has given me an incentive to get fit. I'm ready to see what I can do with these new tummy muscles.


New two piece swimsuit is a keeper. Yay!

Treadmill here I come!

It's been nearly 7 weeks since my TT. This is the day I'm getting back on my treadmill. Wish me luck!


Treadmill wasn't too bad. I didn't try my normal pace, but managed a mile. Wow, you can sure feel the improved muscles. That's a great thing to feel again. Hasn't been that way since pre-baby days. For all my fellow TT women, YAY US! Wish I had done this years ago.

8 week post

Tomorrow will be 8 weeks post. I see my PS on Monday for the after pictures. And, the best thing daughter is going with me for a TT consultation.

Nine weeks

Had my after pics taken yesterday. My surgeon gave me an A++ and said I was his star patient. Yay! Asked if he could use my before/after photos to show his patients what they could expect. My beautiful daughter booked her TT surgery for late March. I am proud for her and will absolutely take the opportunity to keep my grandbabies. Hang in their my fellow TT girls. I feel great!

Latest Pics

Here is my latest comparison pictures. There is still a good bit of swelling along my incision.

Back for more

Couldn't be more pleased with the tummy tuck. Going back for more. I am now 58 years old with a great tummy, but I just look tired. Met with my wonderful doctor yesterday for a facelift and upper lid blepharoplasty. Going to put the surgery off until January 2016 so that I can enjoy the holidays with our children and grandchildren. Surgery date is set for January 11th. So excited and much more at ease since meeting with wonder doc. I will post pics in January just before the surgery. Thanks to all who posted their experiences. It gave me the courage to jump in and do this. My husband is so supportive and that makes the decision even better.
Last day of my c-section scar.

Eric Minns, MD, PA.......super

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