Mommy Makeover Part 2 - Perkier Boobs and Flatter Tummy Coming Next Week! - Lubbock, TX

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*Treatment results may vary

Grand Total for everything is $11,443 (I paid...

Grand Total for everything is $11,443 (I paid $12,500 in May 2012)
This is really getting expensive.

I told my husband I'm so sorry I didn't do all this the first time, May 2012. He was really sweet and said he understood. So, here I go again.

Anesthesia: $1000 Surgical facility: $2750

Breast Implant Extraction: No charge.

Mastoplexy with silicone implant exchange: $3780 for procedure and $2163 for the Natrelle style 20 - 350 cc silicone implants. Wish I could have donated my one year old ones to someone who needs them. So sad.

I am going to go from 450cc silicone to 350cc silicone with a lift. He said the left will only be cut around the areole, but the right might have to have a lollipop incision. The strattice has already incorporated itself into my breast tissue so it should help keep them perky in the future.

In May of last year I had my 30 year old 425cc silicone implants removed and replaced with Natrelle style 20 450cc silicone implants. I was undecided on whether to make them smaller at the time which might require a lollipop cut, or to just go larger and combine it with the strattice (internal bra) . You can read my review on this journey.

Bottom line is I changed my mind. Plus one of them is droopier than the other. Don't know what happened. It's like the strattice wasn't pulled as tight on that side. So since I have to go under and fix it I decided I would go smaller and do the lift. These puppies are too heavy and I play alot of golf and just want them to be perkier and small. Plus I'm 53 years old and don't care if I have big boobs any more. As I get older I'm having more back pain and I think smaller ones will be better for me as I finish out the 50's and 60's etc. My husband is a butt man not a boob man so I'm good there. He's happy I'm going smaller. Maybe thats why he's not bitching about the price! He prefers medium size and perky.

I don't wear a bra. Never have unless I absolutely had to. I wear nipple silicone gel covers that cover up the nipples when I where tops and dresses where the nipple might show. I've always hated the constriction of wearing a bra. My mom never did either. My sister does though. Anyway, I'm going smaller, about 100 cc's. I think they will look fine and since he's doing a lift and they wont be as heavy I'm probably good for the rest of my life. Plus I still have the strattice (internal bra) and he said he would tighten the right one up. I had my others for over 30 years without problems.

Underarm pit area: No charge
I'm one of those unlucky girls who has extra fat under her arm pit (extra upper breast tissue/fat). To me it looks like vagaina lips. Yukky! It makes me self conscious when I wear spagetti straps and tanks that show that area. My ba done in 1981 was done under my arm pits. So hes gonna make a small incision, such out the fat, cut out any loose skin and draw it up so I'm smooth there again. Yea! No more vagina lips under my arms!

Abdomen: (mini tt or full tt with aggresive liposuction) $1750
Last May 2012 I had a mini tummy tuck without muscle repair and lipo of my flanks only. I wish I had gone ahead and done a full tummy tuck then, but I didn't want as big a scar and new belly button. I really liked the one I had. He said I would need to lipo the upper and lower later. Which I don't understand. I know he could have done the lipoabdominoplasty at that time and I wouldn't be going through this. But he did a traditional mini tummy tuck that required the blood vessels and nerves to heal. This time he says he's doing the lipo-abdominoplasty and my blood vessels won't be affected so I will heal faster too. But still seems weird that he couldn't have done that the first time. Anyway $1750 is a good price.

So I need the excess fat that was never sucked out gone and he needs to remove a little more skin. So he said it's a mini tt revision. But, I'm gonna make him swear that he will do the full tummy tuck if I'm not completely flat. I will not go thru this again. I want to be done with surgeries. Really!

I'm gonna push him to do a full tummy tuck or at least get aggressive with the lipo and skin removal.

So thats it girls. That's whats happening next thursday.

I will post pictures after I exercise my little dog.

PreOp Pics

Here are the preop pictures.

More pics

More preop pictures.

Here are some pics in swimsuit Preop

Swimsuit pics preop

Here's some pics of me dressed

I'm really into the hi-low dresses right now!

Another hi-low dress

I bought this dress at dillards for $15. Love, love 75% off sales!

Last office visit on Tuesday before Surgery On Thursday

I made another appt. with my ps to double make sure and be reassured that a modified mini tt is all I will need to get the look everyone else on this site is ending up with. I am going to extract a promise that after paying out a total of $24,000 I just cant go through this again and if a full tt is what should have been done he's gonna no charge me. As it is I don't think he did the latest and most recommended method of lipoabdominoplasty. Cuz, if he had I wouldn't have all this blubber above my incision site. So If he's not doing the latest method I'm going to cancel and find a doc who does. I never thought about looking into what is the best method of doing a tt and should have done my research last time. To make sure my doc was doing the latest most preferred method that is easier and with a quicker recovery time. I'll let you know. But, I'm worried!

Did preop mammo on thursday. Inconclusive report today.

My husband just called me and told me he got back my mammo report he had ordered for my surgery on thursday. They said I had some anomilies on the upper right side breast above the implant. I think it may be the strattice or some left over silicone that my surgeon wasn't able to get out last may. So now I have to drive to Andrews which is an hour away and pick up the cd to take to my ps on tues. He's going to use it as a guide when he removes and replaces the implants I have in now. So he can make sure I don't have any more calcified silicone left in the breast tissue. Calcified silicone is not dangerous it just makes your mammos difficult to read. So you keep getting false positives for cancer. So its a good thing a want to go a bit smaller and he's going to go in there anyway. His wife just had both her breasts removed from cancer last month so he's paranoid about this kinda stuff. I'm not worried its cancer. I know it's the ruptured silicone that I had for over 30 years. Not a big deal. I never had any aches or pains or symptoms ever in the 30 years I had them. But, these false positives on mammos needs to be remedied. My husband whose a doc is not concerned either. But he wants me totally cleaned out so he called my ps and told him what's going on and my ps told him to have me bring him the films on cd and he would use that as a guide to finish cleaning me out before he puts the new implants in. GOSH! Drama.

Oh crap! I thought my surgery was thurs. Its Wednesday.

Oh god, I'm brain farting. All week I've been thinking and preparing for my sx to be on thursday. I decided to look through my packet and the surgery date said wednesday. OMG what if I had showed up on thursday instead of wednesday. Crap!

Lubbock is an hour away and I was planning on going up wed. night, now I need to change that to tomorrow. Tomorrow! OMG. I still have to go to Andrews and pick up copy of mammo xrays.

I'll ask for a brain tplant while I'm there!

Ok just got the mammogram cd from the radiologist

I drove an hour and picked up the dang cd. The report says "On the right MLO view, their is focal mass and/or distortion in the superior breast and axilla. This is likely due to free silicone and fibrosis, but additional evaluation is required to exclude carcinoma. The new silicone implants are unremarkable."

Don't you just hate to ever see that word in a report about yourself?

Leave house in 45 minutes for surgery!

My daughter is taking me to the surgery center. It's scheduled for noon, which sucks. I'd rather have had it first thing and it would be over. I know I'll be in pain later so don't know if I can be like some of these superwomen who post right away. See you on the flat side.

Flat stomach and Perky boobs. Post Op Day 1 with pictures.

I am definitely flat and my boobs are perky. I am so thrilled to be done. Not much pain at all. I'm really surprised. Only slight pain when getting up in the lower abdomen but once up it goes away. Dang it. I do have one drain cuz he said he cut more skin than he thought he would. Draining pretty good so I'm glad he put one in. Dont want a seroma. This drain doesn't hurt the stiches holding them in are loose so theres no pulling. I didn't have my surgery until 2pm yesterday. He finished at 6pm. I didn't wake up till 8pm.

My boobs and underarm are slightly tender but thats all.

My tummy doesn't hurt but for a moment when I get out of bed.

I am able to sleep on either side. Amazing!

I can stand totally straight. Not bent over at all.

He lipod 700cc which is only .7 liters, but I didn't have much fat to lipo. All that was mainly lower belly.

He cut 2" more of skin to tighten me up.

I am so thrilled because I look completely flat in the mirror and thats with swelling.

This recovery is gonna be such a breeze this time versus last time!

Only one bruise with all that lipo.

I can't believe I only have one bruise with all that lipo and you can barely see that one. Maybe the bruising will show up later but I don't think so.

Thank you everyone who thought about me. I'll keep you posted

Post Op Day 2 - Paying the Piper

Well, I was a bad girl and smoked up to the day before my surgery. It was only 2. But I haven't had one since. So I'm 3 days smoke free. Only problem is that when you quit your lungs want to cough. OMG! Hurt! But that's what I get for smoking and some time or later you have to pay the piper. So I'm coughing up this glub crap and wincing as I do it. But my lungs are clearing and this is a good thing. I do not want to pick up a cig again. Ever. Pray for me.

Post Op day 3 - I pooped!

I am normally a very regular person, but thought so many here were having constipation problems that I took some Milk of Mag. Well it worked, and worked and worked and worked. I'm still going the next day. I lost 2 lbs of .... Still not in much pain. Drains are hardly draining. I'm stiff If I stay still for awhile. Boobs are tender and hot and swollen, but don't hurt. Just feel super swollen. I had no muscle repair. Only lipo and he cut out 2 more inches of skin.


Yea! I finally took a shower. I sure was glad to get that over with. My hair is long and it just felt awful. I feel great still. I think I am going to bounce back pretty quick. I've had no trouble sleeping. I did start to itch last night but took 2 benydryl and fell back asleep. My incision looks good. It is very flat with no wrinkles. Underarm pits sutures are tender and sore. Vagina lips under my arms look worse, but hoping this is just swelling. If not, he'll have to fix them in his office. Boobs are tender, swollen and sore. I think I'm really happy with the size.

Yea! Hubby said he would remove drain tonight or tomorrow.

My drain is hardly draining so my husband said he would remove it this evening or tomorrow. It's draining less than 25cc in a 24 hour period so it's ok. I won't miss it, that's for sure. I'm lucky he's a doc and can do this for me.

Weight went up, now going down.

I weighed 149 going into surgery. Weighed 154.5 afther surgery. Today I'm 152. I know when all this healing is done I'll need to get some workouts in. I don't want all my fat to land on my butt and thighs. I didn't need my thighs or butt done. But I hear if you gain weight you gain it where you still have fat cells left. Don't want that. I'm still wearing the drain since a little is still coming out. But it absolutely doesn't bother me one bit, since I took the sutures out tacking it to my skin. Ouch ouch ouch. Everytime I moved it pulled and I noticed the site getting redder too. So I knew the stitches had to come out. Thank god, the tube has stayed exactly where its at. All is good and most of all for me, no drain pain!

woohoo another 2 lbs.

Just peed a whole lot. Weighed myself again and dropped another 2 lbs. Didn't know I could pee that much! Now I'm 150. When all is said and done I hope to weigh around 130-135. I've been wearing 8-10, but hope to be in 6-8. It will also be nice to buy tops and dresses that aren't a large to fit my new boobs. I'm tired of taking in the sides of tops and dresses to fit my boobs. I'm hoping for off the rack now. I enjoyed the big ta tas throughout my 20's, 30's and 40's. But now I'm gonna be 54 and my priorities have changed. I just want them to be normal sized and perky and not get in the way of my damn golf swing!

Flat! I'm really flat!

While I was taking everything off to get a good view of all the work I had done, I told myself to really be critical in assessing my happiness with this latest bout of surgeries. Boobs.... check! Underarm pit fat.... maybe check (still swollen, appears better, but not quite sure if its swelling or still some fat) Tummy.....check! I can't believe how flat and totally smooth my skin is all over my tummy. No lumps, wrinkles, bulges, bruises. No nothing but flatness. It really really looks good. The incision is also so completely flat. I think I'm finally going to be happy with myself. My ps told my daughter that he worked really really hard on my tummy because he knew how stressed out I was about the results I wanted. I really really stressed to him i had better be flat when he's done. It looks like he did a great job and that i really didn't need a full tt and no muscle repair. So my recovery should be really fast compared to the full tt.

Well, still stuck with the drain.

Hubby said until I am less than 25cc I have to keep it in. So here I am on day 5 still have drain. It's not bothering me much, but I just want the freedom of not dealing with the tube every time I go to the bathroom. Just seems unsanitary. Ugh! I know its best to leave it in until most of the fluids are drained. I know it decreases chances of seroma. I certainly don't want a seroma at this point. I've seen some people develop them even after 3 to 4 weeks postop. So I'll be a good girl and leave them in and not bitch so much about them to myself. I am having a fruit fly problem here at home. Geez! I hate fruitflies. I don't even have garbage or fruit out. They just appear once a year around sept. I've got cider vinegar and soap out. it helps but there's just so many. I'm freaked out that they will get in my wounds.

Mini TT and Breast Lift with Implant

Yea! My drain came out last night. It felt so good, it was starting to get sore there. I'm glad I only had one. My weight continues to drop. Its now 149 which is the same as it was when I went in. I woke up with a real bad headache, hopefully it will go away soon. I hope all you out there are healing well. My stomach is still flat. Very little swelling at all. Wearing a binder. My boobs are still tender, not wearing anything still. I'm supposed to, but its not comfortable so I don't. I'm not a very good patient. I wear the binder because it feels better with it on when walking. But when I put the bra on it makes my boobs ache deeply. Can't tolerate it, so I figure I better listen to my body. I know docs aren't always right.

1 week followup visit - tapes removed.

I had my one week fu and the ps and nurse took off the tapes and removed some of the nylon stitches. He said I also have dissolvable ones as well. He said everything looked good. He said he cut out a lot of breast tissue and put in Natrelle style 20 350cc silicone implants in both breasts. He said to wear a bra to keep the sutures from stretching out and ruining his good work. So I'm wearing a a bra now.

He said tummy looked good. He said he moved my incision down towards my pubic area by 1 inch and cut 1 inch above that as well. My incision is very very low. Any lower and we'd get into my vagina! haha! It's looking good. Very little swelling. He said to exactly what I did last time to my incision because he said it was one of the best healed thin incisisions he'd seen. I told him I waited till the scabs have all fallen off at about 2-3 weeks and then use gel strips for 3-4 hours twice a day. Sometimes more or less. But I didn't sleep in them. I think they help alot with making the scar very thin and very flat. I'll see him again in 6 weeks. He said if I had any problems my hubby couldn't handle to give him a call. My hubby went with me and neither of us foresee any problems. I'm a great healer. I will post some pics tomorrow. I'm very tired after the 2 hour trip plus some shopping!

Post Op Pics Day 9

Here are some postop pics with the tape removed. Not much change in looks. Difference in before and after are subtle, but i know how much flatter I really am. I'm very happy with results. Still hoping boobs will get smaller.

Appt Wed. to zap cellulite on thighs! Free

Hey girls, called bella derme and made an appt. for wed. for free venus freeze to one area. Picked my thighs. I've seen it work on some people and not on some. So I will see. They give me great deals. First treatments free, and I think I can talk her into doing buttie and thighs for $89 per treatment. Wish me luck! I need my thighs tightened and the cellulite treated. I'll make a new review on Venus Freeze tomorrow with before and afters. If it works I'm gonna do my arms too! This treatment is not supposed to hurt at all either.

Oh. I forgot I get 500 units of free botox from my ps too!

my ps also offered 500 units of botox or 1 unit of derma filler for free with my surgery! I chose the 500 units of botox. I'm don't need any fillers yet.

Rib pain below Left boob after lift and implant! Ouch!

Does anyone else have a pulling pain right under their left boob or other one? It feels like my top rib is broken. I can't even lay on that side at all cuz it starts to hurt worse. Its almost like a stitch is there and its pulling on it. If that's what it is I guess it will go away when the sutures dissolve. But that takes months! I can feel it pull even when I take a deep breath. Ouch ouch ouch.

Post OP day 13 pics of mini tummy tuck revision

I've posted some day 13 post op pics of the revised mini tummy tuck. Will do the boobs later. In this picture I'm weighing 150.9. I was 149 going in, 154 day after, 152, 150, 149 and now 150.9 Crazy up and down, partly swelling partly eating! Gotta stop that. Today i've cut down on eating. Dont want to get fat!

New Scar Pics 15 Days PO on 10/10/13 - try to post again!

Okay, I tried to post these on 10/10 but it wouldn't upload. Today it finally is working so here they are. It's amazing to me how much the scar has changed in just 2 days. I have been soaking in a tub and resoaping and rinsing off with a handheld shower before i get out of the tub. It feels so good to soak again. I love to read in the tub. I think the soaking has helped some of the scabs come off. I didn't get a new bb but i like mine anyway. Its really tiny now compared with pre mini tt in May of 2012.

New boobie Pics 20 days PO

I tried to post these yesterday, but you can only update once and I had posted my tummy scar pics so it wouldn't let me. I'm amazed how much the scar is improving every couple of days. I think they've dropped, if so they are nice and perky without any drooping at all. Yay! This is what I wanted, smaller and perkier, here's to hoping that is what my final result will be.

Mommy makeover - almost 4 wks - pics

Tomorrow will be 4 wks. So I took some pics today. I've gained 5 lbs but I can still wear anything. Even things I couldn't wear before 15 lbs lighter. Amazing. My hubby keeps complimenting me when I dress up. I went from a compliment drought to overflowing! I'm so happy. I can't wait to see how I look once I can start exercising and drop 10 lbs.

Mommy makeover - Almost 4 wks scar pics tummy and boobs

Here's some updated scar pics. I've been using silicon gel strips on all of these scars.

Mommy makeover - Finally I can wear clothes I couldn't before

Yay! I can finally wear absolutely anything that's skin hugging tight! I'm 4 wks. but really not much swelling.

Had an infection this last month in my left boob.

Unfortunately I got an infection in my left boob and it required antibiotics. Finally its getting better. My husband thinks it came from a blocked mammory gland or a stich. Finally its getting better. I'm not 100% happy with my results and neither is my husband, but I'll give it more time. Gained 13 lbs since surgery. No more procrastinating I have to work out.

Swelling and redness on left breast still present after 1 year

I'm going to the doctor tomorrow to evaluate why my left breast gets red, irritated, painful and swollen every month for now going on one year. Needless to say I'm not happy about this. I can't understand what's going on and feel like we are shooting in the dark. I'm going to suggest an MRI and maybe that will tell us whats going on. I've been depressed about this. The first redo went great, but the lollipop reduction, not so well. I guess I should have left things alone.
Lubbock Plastic Surgeon

He's very sweet and very likeable. His staff has been absolutely great. No pressure. In fact, I'm pressuring him. They got me in right away once I decided. Within 3 days for consult and 2 weeks surgery scheduled. Will keep you updated on how he performs when it's over.

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