40 Years Old, 3 Kids, 5'4", 102lbs - 400cc Mentor High Profile Silicone Under the Muscle Implants! - Lubbock, TX

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40 years old, 3 kids, 5'4", 102lbs - Getting 300 -...

40 years old, 3 kids, 5'4", 102lbs - Getting 300 - 350cc Mentor High Profile Silicone under the muscle implants! After three beautiful daughters and spending the last 21 years doing everything for them, it's finally time for myself :) I've always been the one person in our family that get's made fun of for being too skinny and even accused of having a disorder. Well, I dont! I honestly don't even know what bra size I am because every bra I own (32AA - 32A) leaves a good 1" gap between the bra and my so-called boobs...I wouldn't say I'm completely flat but whatever IS there certainly shouldn't be considered breasts by any means. I took the plunge and scheduled my initial consult for augmentation and met with the PS on August 18th. It was a fast and furious appointment with information flying at me at lightning speed. I understood most of it just from being in the medical field for 20+ years so it wasn't too scary or confusing. My PS said I could go anywhere between 300cc and 400cc high profile silicone. Trying on the sizers had to be the most hilarious thing ever. I started with the 400's and worked my way down to the 300's. I guess I'm just so used to not having anything that I freaked out at 350, 375 and 400 ccs. I initially chose the 300cc implant in the name of "not wanting to be obvious". Well, I'm slowly but surely changing my mind. I'm going to tell him at preop that anything between 300 and 350 would be ok with me. I'm going out to buy a ton of rice and pantyhose today so I can make all sizes of sizers to wear around the house. I'm sure that will help me make a final decision. The initial fear of people gawking at my boobs had me compromising the look I really wanted. After reading so many reviews I've just accepted the fact that yes, it's going to be obvious. Who freaking cares right?! My concerns are rippling, side boob and just an overall heavier framed look. I know I'm skinny and get poked fun at but I also am proud that after 3 kids I've maintained my body for the most part. I have several friends who went way big with their implants and they just look heavier now and that is what I'm trying to avoid. All that being said, I'm ultimately going to put it all in the surgeon's hands and trust him to make me look wonderful! My surgery is set for November 5th, I will be taking off work for 5 days. He said three days would be plenty but I want to give it a couple of more days just to adapt to the new girls in my clothes. I have an extremely high pain tolerance, to the point that my doctors have commented on it my entire life. I had my three children with no epidural, just local for the episiotomy - FUN. Anyway, if I can do that, I got this BA covered!!! I want to thank all the wonderful ladies on this website for being so open with their experiences. I have stalked the site for several weeks and have learned so very much from you all. It should be mandatory for BA patients to join this site and read up all that they can, HUGE help in understanding not only the procedure itself but what to expect afterward as well. Once I get a preop pic I'm okay with posting, I'll put that up to share with future BA candidates....I've been taking a ton and EGH! they are just so...ugly! Good luck to you all and I'll keep everyone updated as the time draws nearer for my "El grande chichis" :D

7 weeks and 5 days to go....and counting

Ok girls it's getting closer to countdown! It's officially 7 weeks and 5 days until my surgery. I and my Type A personality self have made a weekly calendar of all the events still to take place before the surgery...just to keep my mind occupied;) That way I can focus on the week ahead of me and not seven weeks in front of me.

So in my last post I mentioned the rice sizers. I made sizers that were approximately 312cc and 342cc, put them in a sports bra and trotted around the house for the afternoon just to get the feel if I wanted larger or smaller tatas. I know they aren't accurate but wanted to see, in general, what it will look like with boobs under my clothes. Well, I LOVED the 342cc surprisingly! I've heard that you can lose anywhere from 25 - 50cc under the muscle? Does anyone on here know first hand how much size they lost at placement? This issue leads me to believe that I am actually going to consider telling my PS that I want 350cc or larger, depending on which size he deems best during the surgery. I don't mind the "boob job look", I just don't want the "OMG look at her boobs" look. However, I'm all game for playing up the girls on date night or vacation. That all being said, I'm putting it into my more than capable PS's hands at this point for the final size determination. The size thing is making me crazy if you can't tell.

I've posted a couple of before pics, and I apologize for the ghastly images. I've always thought I had cute small boobs. WRONG! I nursed all three of my girls for just a few months each and the "surprise baby" at the age of 35 did the nips in for good. They're just plain weird looking now. Anyway, one of these days they'll be awesome! I also posted a pic of some wish boobs I found. I think the wish boobs are only 325cc but I love the general look and shape of them, maybe just a tad larger though. I'm still looking for others and will post those as I find them.

Something else I've noticed about going through this process is that it'll light a fire under your butt to get in shape. Taking off my shirt and letting the staff at the PS office take my preop pictures was more humiliating than giving birth I think. So, these before pics are actually "Take 2" of the preop photos taken one month apart. I started my ab workouts to minimize the weird shaped belly, ribs that have always stuck out further than my boobs, and two goofy looking boobs to top it off! I figured I can do something about the tummy shape and I have. I seriously haven't worked out since I had my last baby. Laziness, that's all.

As for what I have done to get ready so far...I have ZERO lounge around clothes or casual comfy stuff in my closet. I have business casual work attire, skinny jeans, and pajamas. SO...I ordered five days worth of yoga/stretch pants, scoop/V-neck tees that I can pull up from the ground up instead of pulling it over my head, light weight sweater wraps, zip-up hoodies, and zip-up sports bras. Oh yeah, and tennis shoes. I'm the one person on earth who doesn't own a pair. I ordered all the tops one size larger than I am now, just in case and they are all roomy as heck on me right now so I'm not worried they'll be too tight;)

I have a ton of pillows to prop myself up in the spare bedroom for several nights. I'll have to sleep in there due to the fact that we have a 7 month old Great Dane puppy that has some how taken over my bed at night:/ Anyway, I certainly won't be able to sleep in my own bed after surgery until the Dr. clears me to sleep on my side so that I can protect the new "assets". He isn't rowdy or anything, just HUGE and if the paw or tail swings the wrong way it could be brutal.

As for what else to stock up on, does anyone have any suggestions for the best postop lotions, creams, stretch mark prevention, etc? I didn't get stretch marks with any of my children so I'm hopeful that won't be an issue! Any tips would be much appreciated. I seriously cannot wait for this to happen already! ARGH!

5 weeks and 5 days to go....like watching a pot of water waiting for it to boil!

Well I figured it was update time on my progress in playing the waiting game :) The clock is ticking but man it seems sooooo slow! I've been out of town for the past week for business, San Francisco to be exact, so at least it got my mind off of boobs for a while. However, have you all noticed that everywhere you go you are playing a guessing game with yourself as to who has had a boob job and who hasn't?? I kindof cracked myself up as I was judging the boobs that walked by on the streets and in the airports. Geez!

I only have two weekends that are "free" before my surgery. The others are booked with travel again, a wedding, and other time consuming activities. That being the case, I have gone ahead and compiled a list of things I still need to buy for postop recovery. I have found them all online at Walmart and Amazon and will be simplifying the shopping process by ordering them all later today.

Scar Guard $21.85
Intevision foam wedge pillow $39.98

Lubriderm Shea Butter Lotion / Stretch mark prevention if possible $6.97
Dulcolax for Women / Obvious reasons;) $4.98
Huggies Natural Care Wipes / To wipe down until I can shower $2.37
Arnica / Swelling and Bruising Prevention $6.97
Psssst Dry Shampoo / Again, the no showering thing $5.47
Lanisoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 icepacks / Swelling prevention $12.58
Sunbeam Heating Pad / for the ol' back pain if it creeps up $14.97
Danskin Sports Bra / I have some but the rave reviews on these have me curious $9.94 for 2
Curad Non-Stick Gauze Pads / for under the sports bra incision protection $2.78

After reading several reviews on this site, that's the list I have so far. Any advice or warnings on any of these products would be greatly appreciated.

Hurry up boobyville!!!

One more thing

I'm making myself crazy on this whole size thing. I've just about convinced myself to tell my Dr. 400ccs. Am I insane?! What is this boob greed monster and will he ever go away? My main concern is regretting going too small afterward. I've looked at the dimensions of 300, 325, 350, 375, and 400's on Mentors HP Memory Gel Size Chart and they are all within 6mm (yes, mm not cm) of my BWD which really puts things into perspective, almost, I think.

I've tried to find girls as flat as me and some that went 400 look huge and others don't. Aye caramba! I don't really speak Spanish but that term sums it up nicely....Argh

How much did your measurements change post BA?

Becoming more and more convinced to go 400cc. Because I obsess, I took my bra measurements again this morning...at 5:00 am of all things. Anyway, my ribcage measurement just beneath the breasts is 29.5. My measurement around the center of the breast is 30.5. Per Victoria's Secret calculator, that's a 30A?? That could explain why my 32As or 34AAs never fit quite right? Woops! Anyway, it started me wondering how many inches the 400cc HP would add to my circumference? The projection of the 400 HPs is 5.0cm which sounds tiny tiny to me, even though I have friends with 375s and they are very well endowed. So confusing! Anyway, does anyone know how many inches your measurements changed post BA???

H.U.R.R.Y. U.P.

Time is weird. On one hand it seems as if it has flown by since my initial consult, but man...on the other hand it is ever so creepingly slow getting to BA day!!!

It needs to hurry up because I think I have turned into a shopaholic. I keep seeing new things on Aerie and VS and darnit if I don't order them right then and there! My husband's gonna call my bluff on all the new "surgery outfits" I've hung in my closet, hahaha. I think I have every shape, color, and size of everything. And then some.

I've also got wayyyyy to much time to research and think about the upcoming surgery. I've watched every BA video I can find so I will "know" what's gonna happen. I have a surgical background and couldn't quite wrap my mind around the behind the muscle placement. Trust me, I've more than got it now;)

I've also had these up and down moments where I'll be so excited one minute then doubting my decision the next. I've always wanted boobs. I know I want boobs. My clothes know I want boobs. And at the age of 40, I've finally given up on the idea that they are gonna grow any more.

I started questioning my decision to have a BA though a couple of days ago when I read some reviews from some people having their implants removed, intentionally. What makes them want to get rid of them? I mean I could see me as a granny wanting to maybe downsize but good heavens, not to what I have or the lack thereof now!!!

Hurry November......

Sports Bras, to date

Ok so my favorite right now is the Lunaire zip-up bra. It's by far the ugliest but I feel like this will be my go to bra for after surgery. It's very supportive and well constructed as far as I can tell. Super comfy and I have tried on the rice sizers with this under my shirt.

The Rhonda Shear bra is pretty darn good too though. It just hits higher up on my ribs, under my boobs and it may interfere with the incisions?

The Me Moi, well....this one may go to my daughter. I'm pretty sure its a compression bra of some sort. Woops! It may work down the road though, we shall see.

The Danskin bras obviously have not been tried on yet. I bought them off of rave reviews. They look comfy enough:)

And last but not least, I ordered one yesterday off of VS because it was free shipping and a free panty, LOL! I don't have a pic of it yet but its the Cami Sports Bra "The Player". It's got adjustable straps, no zipper just a pull on. It came in the standard S, M, or L and figured a Medium was the safest best on that one. I got it in hot pink:) I've heard good things about their zip-ups but didn't want to risk paying that much for a bra I don't know will fit yet. I'll probably get one of those once I can accurately determine my postop size. They don't carry the bras in the store and didn't feel like doing the whole shipping and returning thing right now.

Hope that helps!

18 days until boobville :D

So the past week has flown by it seems. I've been busy traveling with work and wrapping up this semester at school. Yes, I'm a 40 year-old college student on top of everything else. At the time, my life needed a little excitement. More than I bargained for at this point, lol. I timed my BA to be between my school semesters (I get one week off in between semesters). It's actually a good thing I booked it for when I did because I've been super busy and it's kept me from overly obsessing about the big BA day. I can't imagine not being busy and all the free time I would have just to worry and over think things!

Payment - I will be paying 2/3 of my surgery this coming Monday and the remaining 1/3 at my preop on the 27th. I think once that is all done it'll be like rolling down hill from there. The payment makes it all that much more real ya know?

Preparedness - I think I have it all. I've listed the items before so we won't rehash all that;) My day of surgery outfit came in yesterday though, a new velour sweatsuit from VS. A girl can't have too many of those;)

Concerns - I'm kindof concerned about postop mobility and pain. I think I can tolerate it due to my extremely high pain tolerance but then again I've never had elective surgery either? Not sure what to expect. Jump feet first I guess!

My main concern is how are my children, husband, and pets going to cope without me? Seriously. Like I am THE zookeeper of them all. TV dinners or pizza for the family (all my husband can cook is scrambled eggs in the microwave...barf). My sweet angel of a Great Dane puppy - there's my main concern. He's 8 months old and a big, I mean huge, ol' Momma's Boy. He follows me everywhere and cries like nobody's business if he can't find me. I'll be staying in our guest room in the back of the house so that he won't jump and accidentally knock a boob off! We opted for that rather than putting him in the doggy hotel. He goes bonkers the first day he comes home from the doggy hotel and that could be lethal to me for sure! Aye caramba.

Lastly, I'm not sure my husband quite understands how big of a surgery this is going to be for me. He's all for it, gung-ho, grins and giggles but can he cope? I've tried to explain to him what will happen and how I'll have frankenboob for a while...his eyes just glaze over and I lose him half way through. I think I may be a control freak. I'm so concerned that he's not going to be able to take care of things for a few days - argh! Pray that I can just let him do it and not try to take over and over do it myself..

Anywho - those are my thoughts for the week. I'll update you fine ladies after my preop on the 27th:) Have a good week!

Preop date moved up!

So I got a call yesterday to move my preop appointment up to this Friday.....eeeeeek! I know it's just preop but my heart felt like it was going to jump out of my chest through my mouth! Then that got me to thinking why not see if I can get in to have surgery then next week instead of waiting??? I called this morning and they are checking the schedule and also have me on the cancellation list. It may not happen that I get to go in early but it's worth a shot right? Anyway, just the small chance that I might get to go in has me in ultra high gear both at home and at work. Either way, yay!!!!!!!

And as for my nerves these days - I'm to the point where I just want to be done. I'm scared I will turn into a crazy lady soon. Hahahaha, just in time for Halloween I guess though ;)

Also bought some loose-ish cowl neck sweaters and lots of cardigans to wear back to work. Needed something to at least reduce the shock factor a little for those coworkers who don't have a clue what I'm up to. Sure hope it gets colder because I'll be wearing those puppies, even if it IS still 70's & 80's outside! The crazy lady that wears sweaters on hot days:)

I'll update you all either when I get a phone call to move up, after my preop, or if I freak out before then.

Preop done and payment made :)

Ok ladies, here's the rundown:

Surgery is still set for 11/5. The bummer is that it was originally at 8am and is now at noon. Boooo:( But I am still on the cancellation list and could be called in early. They can't get me in early as of yet so I'm just going with the flow:) If it happens, it happens.

You guys are such inspiration and have given me so much to think about, thank you!!! My preop this morning went great. Most of all because of all you lovely ladies that have shared your stories, your before and after pics, and your advice and encouragement. I may complain about waiting for the big day but I tell you what, it's a blessing in disguise that I had 2 months to think about all of this and do some research. I took in two pages of questions for my doc this morning and to say the least, he was a bit surprised, lol. So to those of you who are having to wait for surgery, take your time, don't rush it, figure out exactly what it is you are after because this is a BIG deal and not to be taken so lightly.

I found out this morning that my BWD is 13 which was surprising because I am, as we say in Texas, flat as a fritter. Not sure what a fritter is but it must be flat;) I'm from Texas so I just throw that term out whenever and however I want, haha. Anyway, with my BWD being that large, he wants to go the 400cc. He will be taking 375cc and 400cc into surgery with us. He doesn't want to go any larger than that due to the rest of my body frame being so small. He said I come to him with the ideal frame and ideal non-existence of breast tissue to have 400cc silicone, under the muscle, HP implants and still get a large C or small D. Which is AWESOME!

I have had two main concerns. 1) Going too small and regretting it and 2) Going too large and bottoming out. Took care of the "too small" issue by not going too small. So next, we addressed the bottoming out and "double bubble" issues. Bottoming out as one of his patients is so rare that the assistant that has been with him for 10 years has never even seen a bottomed out implant that was placed by my PS. He does do 4 internal layers of suturing to hold implants in place to help prevent that. He will be doing dual plane, under the muscle placement with NO extension of the lower or lateral creases. I have a very slight asymmetry in that my right breast appears slightly lower but he said it's nothing that will require additional incisions or different implant sizes. I can't remember exactly how he put it but the double bubble is another issue never seen in his practice and it comes from his incision techniques. Also, I have almost zero tissue to begin with and that helps.

Meds given:
Keflex - antibiotic to begin the day after surgery. They give 30 minutes of IV antibiotics just prior to surgery.
Norco - pain medicine
Valium - to be used as muscle relaxant
Ambien - to help with sleep only if needed (night before or postop)
Phenergan - anti-nausea medicine

Talk about being a zombie! Lots of drugs there. Ick.

Day of surgery: I can have clear liquids up until 3 hours prior. I 'm going to do 6 hours prior just to be safe and because that's the protocol we used to use in our surgeries and feel comfortable with that.

Makeup - I get to wear it to surgery :D Thank heavens! I just can't pull off the no makeup look it seems!

So here are my stats as of today:
Height = 5'4"
Weight = 103.9lbs - I gained 2lbs? It's the peanut butter I eat for snack every day I think - woopsy!
Current breast/rib diameter = 29"
Under breast / rib cage measurement = 27.5"
Waist = 24.5"
Hips = 33"
Current bra size (which hangs off of me anyway) = 32AA or 32A
Implant size to be placed = 375cc - 400cc, silicone, HP, Mentor brand
Anticipated bra size = full C - small D (we'll see about that)

Where to go from here? Guess I'm going to take my final exams for this semester and deep clean the house. I'm getting my mani/pedi tomorrow too!

Ya'll have a super weekend!!!

2 days, 1 hour, and 6 minutes till I'm visited by the Booby Fairy :D

Good Morning :)

So, here we are. The week of surgery has arrived. I started yesterday having to just breathe. Like seriously deep breaths. I've caught myself almost hyperventilating a couple of times yesterday and seriously had to just concentrate on breathing. Kindof like they taught in birthing classes, lol.

Anyway, so everything is ready to go. Took both of my finals and this school semester has come to a close - YAY! I did all the laundry I could find to do this weekend (hubby may shrink it all if I leave it up to him!). I went to the store and stocked up for the next two weeks. As for groceries - the kids and the man will be eating pizza, mac and cheese, and probably a lot of takeout. For myself I have Smart Ones tv dinners (yum), yogurt, pudding, protein bars, saltines, almonds, Gatorade, and all the Halloween candy I could ever dream of;) The baby elephant (my great dane) got a bath this weekend. The house has been sanitized from floor to ceiling. I've moved my recovery outfits to a bottom rack in my closet. My "back to work" outfits are all clean and hung together on a lower rack in my closet. I've labeled all my medicines in "street terms" and put all the bottles in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. I had to label them because they are all generic drugs and I wanted my husband to be able to give me the right ones at the right time. Taking 4 Ambien instead of 4 Cephalexin a day could end up being kindof bad!!! Anyway, all I have left to do is put the clean sheets on the guest bed (also got me a new Sherpa blanket to use in there). After that, it is sit and wait.

I've gotta go into this thing with a positive attitude. Truth be known, I'm concerned on how I will handle the post op pain/discomfort. I'm really rooting for my high pain tolerance to win this fight and get me through without having to take too many Norco's. I really don't like drugs, or drinking much either. It's a loss of control thing I think. I've also been praying super hard for my surgeon and anesthesiologist that they are all on their "A" game on Wednesday and that all goes well. I pray that for all of you going through this as well.

I'll get a call tomorrow letting me know the final arrival time for Wednesday, so I'll update you all then on the time and then I'll be updating you from the other side. Best wishes and lots of hugs to you all:)

22 hours, 35 minutes and I'll be landing in Boobyville :D

I've decided the way I feel today is similar to how I felt the day before being induced to have my third child. It's excitement, fear, exhausting, worry, anticipation, and OMG!!! all wrapped up in one emotion! The difference between this and giving birth however is that you get to hold a precious little baby right after labor and the pain seems to disappear. Maybe if I wake up holding my new boobies I won't hurt?! Hahaha. I'll let you know if it works;)

So this is it my friends. Surgery is still at noon tomorrow, I'll be there by 11 CST. Ya'll have a blessed day and I'll be seeing ya on the other side! xoxoxo

One more thing

For those of you who need uplifting and who are interested, these two songs are what made all the difference in my day today:)

"Good Morning" by Mandisa at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnmWwudeqfM


"I Am" by Crowder at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mw4ES27w3oU

Ok that's it now, bye bye :)

I have big ol boobies!!!

Good morning all. First off, forgive any misspelling because I'm on my phone doing this update. Can't lift my computer quite yet;)

Surgery: got to the surgicenter yesterday at 11, surgeon was a smidge behind. The IV got started and I got 39 minutes of IV antibiotics. Around 12:45 the nurse came in, my honey kissed me goodnight and I got the push of versed into the IV. I remember her wheeling me out of my prep area and saw the OR doors open n that was the last I remember. I did tell her the story I read on here about someone saying "ahhhhh, I see the light!" She laughed and said "no no no! Don't say that!" I giggled and evidently passed out. I woke up in what seemed like 5 minutes shivering uncontrollably. I'm a super lightweight and don't even drink because of that. It took 3 hours to get me to stop n my blood pressure to even out. I barely remember going to the car but vividly remember the road bumps en route to our house. My husband took over and gave me my meds n out I went.....until I had to pee what seems like once an hour through the night.

I had bouts if sleep that were awesome and some that weren't. I'm alternating 1/2 norco and two hours later 1/2 Valium. Valium is my BFF for sure.

I'm forcing my self to be upright and not in bed, as miserable as it is. My friends who have had a BA said to not lay around because it makes it worse. I've been sitting on the couch for an hour now and agree that I feel better. Sure I'm sore, kindof hard to breathe because my sternum hurts but all in all I feel pretty good :D. I've got a few pics for ya. Not supermodel quality but it'll help someone understand how goofy you can look right after;)

One more pic from 1 day postop

Day three and thriving!

Morning all!

Bit of updating:)

First shower - well it was difficult and it's a very good possibility that only half of my hair got shampoo and conditioner. Couldn't reach the feet so they got rinsed with no soap, lol. I was so cold once the water went off that I cried like a big dummy. Drugs I tell ya! Anyway, I felt better either way afterward.

My dear husband - the best man in earth. He was planning to go back to work today but our sweet little man, Oliver our Great Dane pup, got upset that mommy wasn't feeling well and he decided to diahrreah....a lot....and not outside???? so with chasing a pooping puppy and taking care if me and our 4 year old little girl, my husband took today off. Poor guy:( he's smiling through it all though and is obsessed with the boobies. He said he can't quit staring at them, hahaha.

Sleeping - I have a memory foam wedge pillow with umpteen pillows around and on top of it and really have been fairly comfortable. There are moments I wake up without pain and just smile to myself. That is until I decide I need to pee. That's when the turtle moves come in. I was stuck on my back this morning until he woke up around 6:45 to get our angel ready for school. So the ab workouts worked to help me sit up yesterday. Today, not so much!!! Gonna have to work on that one.

Pain - it's not unbearable. Certainly aware if it but nothing a 1/2 norco doesn't take care of. Hopefully I can wean off the drugs and start Tylenol soon!

Potty - yeah haven't done that yet. My appetite hasn't been up to par yet so that hinders it some probably. I started colace today because I know it's coming. Also resumed eating the delicious prunes....barf. Bloating is creeping in but not too terrible yet.

Shape and size - my sportsbra from my PS is super duper tight. Wondering if it's too tight? Definitely have cleavage with it on though! My lefty is higher and more square, also the sorest if the two. More so on the side than anything.

Pics - hubby took some just now and we got a good laugh. Those of you who have seen "Mr. Deeds" will get this. Those who have not seen it need to google "Mr. Deeds crazy eyes". We officially named my boobs "Crazy Eyes", hahaha. I'm right handed and the righty is pretty relaxed at this point. Lefty not so much. I can't lift my left arm near as much and need to practice that today to help it soften up. My friend who works for my PS says it's tight because I don't use that arm. Practice practice practice!

Pics - ok ladies here are day 3 "Crazy Eyes".....hee hee

72 hours post op

I accidentally called yesterday my day 3 postop and it was not really. It's been 72 hours now so I'd say today is truly day three. I woke up this morning with no pain....of course until I sat up;) I think I have a clear picture of what morning boob is now. It feels as if every ounce if blood in your body rushes to your boobs and I'm always surprised they don't just explode right then and there. It subsided sooner this morning than the last two days. I've taken 1/2 norco so far today and am doing my best to get off of that by tomorrow. I slept like a baby, still propped up at a 45 degree angle but slept next to the edge of the bed this time so I could swing my legs off the side and get up by myself.

Still no poop. Seems as if norco is winning the battle over prunes:( I'll be taking a laxative tonight if today is a no go on the poop issue. I'm not uncomfortable really, just really think it's about time I go???!

I'd rate my soreness still at about a 2 today. There are moments though that things spasm and stop me in my tracks. I know Valium would help that but that stuff knocks me out:/

You'll be glad to know that new boobs actually look better at night after you shower. I'll try to remember to take pics tonight to show the difference. My "crazy eyes" boobs were gone last night. For now though, I have this morning's pics. You can see the bra marks pretty significantly. This sucker is getting tighter every day!

Hope y'all are all doing well!!! Xoxoxo

Heating pads are my BFF

Here I sit at 5am. Wide wide awake. Do I go ahead and get up? Nah, I grabbed the heating pad I bought and have it on high behind my upper back. This sleeping at an incline is for the birds I tell ya. My tailbone us starting to protest as well. The boobs this morning feel great however! I took 1/2 Valium at bedtime just for the muscle tightness but no norco yet. Please dear Jesus let me be done with that stuff! I'd love to be able to say I took Tylenol only today and survived. My goal is to go back to work Monday. I think I can but do I want to? I may take it off just for a day of quiet around here. Weekends are looney with kids screaming and running, dogs barking and slobbering, family dropping in unannounced, I need to regroup I think before work right?! ;)

TMI warning!!!

Ok so a mini update on the first part of my day 4 of recovery. I drank 8 oz of water with a whopping dose of miralax in it, drank my coffee and got semi ready. Makeup can be applied without any struggle but doing the hair thing is still a challenge and I kindof look like I've been wind blown all day, lol. Oh well I tried.

I'm determined to take extra strength Tylenol only today. We will see how that pans out. I took two at 8am and can't take another dose for 6 hours per the bottle. Eek!

And the TMI part....the miralax is doing it's thing!!! My tummy is rumbling and I thought I needed to go so I ran (as much as one with newly placed implants can run) to the bathroom and low and behold....a micro turd:/ BUT.... That's still promising right?! I think not pooping is affecting my brain more than medicines have. Pray for poopy!!!!!!

As for boob pics today, my hubby is out running and we'll take and post those here in a bit:)

Hope you all are doing well!!

My heating pad

Day 4 pics

Day 5!!!

Well it happened....I poooooooooped!!!! five days with no poop, yikers! Thank the good Lord Jesus I went today:) I have been taking Colace twice a day since surgery and that had to have helped. I never felt too bloated, although I look it. Never uncomfortable but my mind certainly felt foggy from the lack of flow I think!

I've also force fed myself prunes daily to help;) Not that it made me do anything until now but without being too detailed....it was a normal poo, not like a rock. Ewwww. Sorry.

Also, I haven't had any Norco or Valium since Saturday night (so day3). I was scared to go without pain meds yesterday but went ahead and gave Extra Strength Tylenol a shot. I took two every 6 hours yesterday and did great. so no more drugs, woohooooo! I can tell when it starts wearing off though, like right now, my boobs kindof cramp up and get all annoying again.

Ice - I forgot to mention that I actually was NOT allowed to apply ice???! I had all these cute little boob icepacks and didn't even use them. My PS cauterized everything and gave strict instructions to not use ice. Still doesn't make sense to me but I obeyed.

The tatas are still riding high. He had me use the "death strap" the night of surgery and then took it off. I'm betting he puts that thing back on me at my postop Wednesday to help facilitate the big drop. Joy.

I also drove for the first time this morning!!! I see why it could be difficult. The turning motion is tough. I had to make short and multiple turn movements and also had to use my knee on the bottom of the steering wheel a bit. They cleared me to drive on day 3 but I've been scared to do it and am so glad I waited. I have almost full range of motion in my right arm but not quite as much on my left arm.

Fixing the hair was still not successful. I have long, straight, and fine hair so I typically tease it just a tad and smooth it back down just right on top. Yeah well, no teasing happening here yet! Good thing the wind is blowing like 30 mph today. I'll fit right in with the wind blown peeps in town, hahaha. My mom is taking me out to lunch here in a bit. I'll just stick my sunglasses on top of my head.

I'm also past ready to wear my work clothes again. I've lived in yoga pants, leggings, tanks, and scoop neck tees for five days now. I've worn them so much they're becoming like a muumuu, lol! I mean I change them but it's still basically the same outfit, just clean and a different color.

I went ahead and did take today off of work by the way. I just wanted that extra day to regroup. And..... to try on all my new work clothes to make sure they fit;)

My photographer (aka husband) went back to work today so I don't have pics for today yet. I'll try to do some myself here after lunch.

Happy healing to all and to all a see ya later :D

One more thing

I forgot to say that what actually made me go to the bathroom was the Miralax. A lifesaver deluxe. I took it yesterday and today and plan to do that for the next few days just to clear the system out. Make sure to get some! That stuff rocks! It's not like an instant painful OMG I gotta go kind of laxative;) Just FYI.

I was soooo wrong about the bra I bought!

I. AM. IN. LOVE.!!!!!! So my PS had me in that horrible contraption of a death trap sports bra. I kept thinking "man this thing sure is tight". Well, last night I took that extra extra long shower just to delay putting that thing back on and decided "ya know, I'm not doing that". I've bought SIX other sports bras prior to this surgery, surely one of them will work?! Well my favorite one to sleep in is definitely the Lunaire front zip white one. It was soooo comfy. Like surrounding your noonies with clouds to go to sleep. Heavenly! Very suuportive but gosh it was like a plush pillowtop model of a bra, yummo! Next, I had to figure out what on God's green earth I was going to wear to work today. I tried on every thing I could find (and there's a lot because I have shopped non-stop since August I think). Anyway, seeing as how my boobs look like Sponge Bob Square Pants right now, the silhouette in all the sweaters was NOT attractive at all. Total square shelf is what that looked like. So I landed on some tops I got from White House Black Market and VS. I bought the layering tops from WHBM in black and white in the hopes that I could wear the under the cardigans I bought from VS and SCORE! Very discreet, no boxy boobs. Now to the bra I wore - remember in my bra post I said that I might have to give the Mi Moi to my 4 year-old? Yeah well nevermind because that bra is the bomb! I was correct in saying it's a compression bra - it's a "slimming" bra for big ol boobies rather. I pulled that sucker on, stuck the liners in it from my death trap bra and voila! Done and done and I will be wearing this thing daily until I can get me another one. Super stretchy but holds them tight:) Loooooove it!

Next on the docket is nipples - my nipples feel as if they may fall right off of my body. My left one has always been sensitive, even prior to the BA but holy cow I swear I thought it was bleeding last night in my shower - another reason I decided to change the bras up. Anyway, I was a dummy and didn't listen to those who warned against sore nipples and had nothing in my house to help the situation out. Except.....triple antibiotic ointment and Preparation H.....hmmmm....what to do? Well I lotioned the girls on up with the cocoa butter lotion I've been using, like lotioned them 3 times in a row, and put on a huge gob of the triple antibiotic stuff. Worked great for the night. Well when I went to get dressed for work today I figured if the Prep H helps bottoms not be inflamed and sore, won't it help nipples??? Heck yes it does!!! Not sure my PS would agree with me using it but desperate times called for desperate measures. LOL. I did go out and buy Aquaphor today at lunch. Funny enough, Walgreens has a section for every body part imaginable except nipples. No nipple section to be found :/

Sorry for the long post - I've been in my cubicle not talking to anyone today, hahaha!

Also sorry I lied and didn't do pics last night - they still look pretty much the same. I'll take some tonight, promise. xoxoxo

8 Days post surgery

I had my 1 week postop visit yesterday. Steri-strips came off, sutures came out (ugh), and new strips went back on. He said they were healing perfectly and that he actually WANTS them to take their time dropping. He said he could put the white strap on and they'd be dropped within a few days but since they are making progress he doesn't want to force them to drop because they'd sag later on. I certainly want perky boobies so we are letting things just happen on their own!

I was cleared to wear any bra without an underwire. I'll be staying in the sports bras for now, thank you very much. I'm still sore and with six sports bras in the closet now, I need to get some use out of them right?! He said the Me Moi bra is perfect for daytime. Yay, because it's seamless and I'm wearing it to work daily! I've got to get another one soon so I can rotate them.

I was cleared to walk on the treadmill (I don't walk on one but they said I could if I wanted). I was cleared to sleep on my back or side. I'm still staying in the guest bedroom because of Oliver, the 9 month old Great Dane baby that hogs our bed every night. Grrrr. They said if I do go back to the master bedroom to keep my back to him which I always did anyway, but that means sleeping on just one side ALL night long. I used to be able to do that but now if I do that, the nurse said that side would swell more. I'm just going to wait it out another week. We cant do "anything" until the 26th anyway. I just cringe at the thought of a Dane paw or tail knocking my boob off :0 He has figured out which bedroom I'm in at night now. He sneaks out of bed and waits in the living room until he hears my alarm go off in the mornings. AS soon as it goes off, he is pawing at the wall in the kitchen that butts up to the guest room. Smart little doggy ;)

Hubby is cracking me up. He smiles at my boobs every time I walk by (we work in the same office). Sexual harassment in the workplace I'm sayin'! Anyway, it's like he thinks they're going to smile back or something. He's silly. I have to slap his hand at home because my nips hurt like they are on fire at times and it doesn't matter how many times I tell him that, he still forgets.

I do have pics from the other night, as I promised. I just haven't put them up yet because they're on my phone. Woopsy! I need to take even more so we can see if and how much they have dropped. Maybe tonight :)

Hope you are all healing nicely and best wishes to those whose surgeries are fast approaching! Talk at ya soon!

Pics from day 8

Real quick the pic I promised the other day and then one from last night. My photographer will be home this weekend and we'll get some better ones????

10 days postop

Here are this mornings pics. Still swollen a little more on the left. The left nip is the one that hurt like heck and you can see it's just a but irritated. Makes the crazy eyed look even more pronounced. In person they really look more even. We took pic after pic this morning trying to figure out exactly why pics looks so cockeyed??? I'm not concerned I know they'll balance out. I'm right handed and that side is not as "fluffy" yet, lol. The PS said she'll catch up. I also started sleeping in our room agsin last night and oh I love my mattress! It was awesome! So after my shower last night I out my oh pants on and my sleeping sports bra and walked into the living room being silly. Well.....my husband literally got tears in his eyes?! I was like what the heck??? He was almost crying because he was so happy for me. He said I'm much more confident now, which I wasn't aware of that. He also said he's just so proud for me. Not OF me because I have boobs but FOR me. Just love him to pieces:) anyway, here are the pics from today....

Day 12

Morning all:)

Just an update for the day.

Yesterday was the first day that I did NOT take any Extra Strength Tylenol. So my first drug free day!!! I actually didn't realize it until I went to bed last night and told my husband that I actually "forgot" to take any Tylenol???! I'm guessing I must not have hurt too bad;)

Today, however, I can't help but notice that my sternum has actually become rather sore. I've read this is normal and that is the area where the skin and muscle are stretched tightest. But goodness it's sore there! At this point in my healing, I've got one finger's width between breasts, so pretty tight cleavage. When I push with one finger between my breasts on my sternum, I can see that there is still a good amount of swelling there. Hoping that subsides soon:/

My back - the soreness and achiness between my shoulder blades is starting to subside. Last night was the third night for me to sleep back in my bed and without the wedge pillow. I've also figured out how to tilt my neck at such an angle that it actually stretches out the sore muscles I my back. Ahhhh that was awesome when I figured that one out. One stretch will give me a good 30 minutes of relief. Doesn't sound like long but it is heavenly!

Bruising - I never commented on this. I have had absolutely zero bruising thus far. Don't anticipate getting any at this point either!

Normal activity - I was able to do most things around the house this weekend. Laundry (small loads at a time, vacuuming (I have a self-propelled cleaner and ceramic wood-look tile so it was super easy), grocery store (my 15 year-old went with me to push the basket, lift heavy things, etc). The one thing I couldn't do yet is mop the floors. They seriously need mopping but that's going to have to wait. I'd get the hallway done and pass out probably.

The Zoo - all my fur babies are glad to have their mommy back I think. Oliver the Dane snuggles again at night and to my surprise he has allowed me to sleep (undisturbed) on my back the entire night!!! He did try to put his head on my boob as a pillow the first night and got scolded. He hasn't tried to do that again, luckily;) My Savannah cat snuggles on the other side of me. So there's really no risk in me accidentally rolling over. I'm seriously wedged in between the two of them, lol.

Last but not least, I found this on the internet while I was reading up on sternum soreness. Always remember your PS knows best so always follow their instructions but I thought you guys might find it helpful as well:

Phase 1. 0-3 Days Post Op - Soreness on sides, ribs, sternum, and maybe back muscles. Swelling, tightness, shiny skin. Square-boob/highness of implants. In/out of it depending on pain medication being taken. Sleep is best in recliner or with a wedge to avoid swelling overnight and back pain. Almost everyone needs to sleep on their back only.

Phase 2. 3 Days - 2 Weeks - Moodiness (also related to meds). Sore to raise arms/reach/lift anything (follow PS instructions carefully to avoid Hematomas). Ribs/sternum/sides still sore and/or swollen. May have burning/itching feeling on breasts as nerves wake up. Still very difficult to sleep on sides without pain/discomfort. "Morning Boob" begins. Implants start to move a little, but still sit very high.

Phase 3. 2 Weeks - 3 Weeks - Comfort setting in as soreness dissipates. Nipples very sensitive, swollen, hard. Sunburn feeling on breasts more common. May begin lifting/reaching but no overextending abilities (if it hurts, don't do it - as always, follow PS advice closely). "Morning Boob" continues. Most are wearing sports bras by now and may be wearing wireless already. Some people have massages, some don't - depends on PS. Shopping is awesome! First sizing will be larger than pre-op but not yet what size will prevail - be patient . D&F is starting but one will more than likely drop faster than the other. Also swelling will subside uneven as well, so one side may look larger than other side temporarily (besides normal, that is). LOTS of changes going on during this time in looks - don't panic!

Phase 4. 3 Weeks - 6 Weeks - Boobs feel a lot more comfortable now. Soreness is almost gone, incisions look pink/purple and are a little raised. Implants are starting their descent and feel softer and move around more. Able to sleep on sides without much discomfort, although "Morning Boob" still evident (not as bad, though). May have soreness along sides, air bubbles, or other weird noises happening - these are generally OK. Activities return to normal.

Phase 5. 6 Weeks - 3 Months - Most healing is done and tenderness gone away. Scar gels/creams can be used. Exercising can begin again. Probably being instructed by PS to wear wire bra now (maybe 24 hours at a time). D&F slows and gets to where it's going. Boobs look and feel great! Morning boob fades away and becomes non-existent. Dropping progresses much more noticeably now and fluffing begins. Bra sizes begin to change as well, so don't overindulge just yet. Exercise can resume as usual, although will notice different feelings when working on peck muscles. This discomfort may be strong, and you may wish to avoid it. Also, you may find that the space between breasts is more oily than in the past.

Phase 6.3 - 6 Months - Fluffing continues but bra size shouldn't change much more. The softness will increase as will comfortability. The scar tissue is still dark, but softer and not as sore. Sleeping can be done in any comfortable position and any bra usually can be worn.

20 days postop and loving my chi chis:)

Hi all,

Wanted to update since it's been over a week since an official one! So today is day 20 and I do believe that these are "starting" to feel like they belong. i still notice that they are there like when my arm brushes up against the side of them. They still get a little tight by the end of the day at work, but this could also be my bra? I'm ready for a change in that department I think, ugh. I go for my 3 week postop tomorrow morning and we'll see what the PS says I can wear.

Speaking of bras, my oldest daughter has ginormous boobs, naturally (34DD now)! She moved out of the house in July but some of her clothes are still there. Sooooooo, Saturday was our anniversary and I needed a bra to wear with the top I bought - I tried on three of her bras - 34C (my boobs spilled over the top), 32D (fit perfect but it was a red lacey one and showed too much through my top), 34D (cup size was great but the band was a tad loose) - I chose the 34D because I didn't want the band being too tight seeing as how it had underwire and I'm not suppose to be wearing that right now. Anyway, cracked me up that her huge bras that I've always marveled at fit me!!! So although I haven't been officially measured, I'm thinking the 32D or 32DD at VS is what will be fitting me. We shall find out this weekend I hope!

As for what my measurements have gone to postop - prior to surgery I was 28" rib cage and 30" bust. Today I'm measuring 28" rib cage and 33.5" bust. Last week the bust measurement was 33" so that has increased a bit here recently.

Lefty has started visibly dropping and rounding out more, Righty is still higher but has dropped a bit. The lower/lateral pole on my right hasn't rounded out as much as the left yet but it's getting there. Photos make them look way more asymmetrical than they look in real life for some reason. Anyway, I'll post pics from this weekend from my phone here in a bit.

Mobility - I have about 75% range of motion in both arms now. I'm still unable to open really tight pickle jars and things like that though. Driving is getting easier every day.

Mondors Cord - Yep, got me one of those and it's soooooo annoying. I'd be able to move more if that weren't there. It's on my left, just under the incision site and it really doesn't hurt unless I try to reach straight up over my head for something.

Shaving the armpits has been interesting and challenging to say the least. Just this week have I been able to shave the entire thing...I feel like a contortionist of sorts, but I'm getting them shaved at least, lol.

The ol' nips - I'm going out on a limb here and saying they're better - definitely still hurt like heck if the shower spray hits them just right, but they're getting there. I'm still using the Aquaphor every morning and night and still having to use the swimsuit inserts (basically so my tops don't get oily). I tried the nursing pads and they had to have been made by Satan himself. I threw those suckers away after wearing them one time. Take my word for it, don't do it!

Husband - such a boy;) He's in love with the girls and tells them hello daily...He has had to say at least 100 times "Aren't you glad you went with that size?"....I think HE is the one I went with this size to be honest, haha. He called me the "total package" the other night and I almost cried. I've always been so self conscious about my boobs that it has affected my confidence big time. I don't have that feeling anymore now and it's pretty emotional actually.

All in all, I wish I could have done this 10 years ago but man what an awesome 40th birthday present to myself!!!! As hard as it has been at times, this is totally worth the money, time, pain, and effort. 100% WORTH IT!!!!!!!

Day 17 & 18 pics

Here you go:)

3 week post op visit update

I had my 3 week postop visit today:D

Steri-strips - he took the ones off that had been on there for two weeks and replaced them. In another two weeks he said I can remove these and to call for scar treatment recommendations. The incisions are looking really good though at this point:)

Asymmetry - In his words he said I "look like a million bucks". He reassured me that the right breast is catching up nicely and will continue to do so just at a slower pace due to my right handedness. He said that I look exactly the way he wants me to right now. He does NOT want to use the band to facilitate a quicker drop on me. He said that with my small frame and the larger implants he has used that if I came in at week 3 and looked "perfect" that he would then be really concerned about the implants bottoming out. So, in a nutshell, he wants me to drop very slowly over the next few months. Sounds good to me then!

He cleared me today to resume aerobic workouts and "nookie" with the hubby (lol), and I can wear whatever bra I find most comfortable. So I'll be going to VS and Soma this weekend to pick up one of each. I've got these slimming sports bra type bras but they are unlined and I'm getting tired of having to wear something to line them. My nips stick out very visibly if they aren't worn, egh! Anyway, I'm going to search for a lined but wireless bra or two so I can rotate them during the week. I'm going braless for the majority of each day on the weekend just to let the nips NOT be in a compressed position and that has helped tremendously with their soreness.

Mondors cord - I totally forgot to ask him about this so I'm going to text my friend who works for him. I've read to take anti-inflammatory drugs and use heat. Every review I've read about them say they go away on their own. Don't even know if I'll do the ibuprofen - like it doesn't really even hurt unless I twist the wrong way? More on that in the next review then:)

Massage time - Ah the dreaded massages begin. In his office, they didn't seem too terrible though. I am to massage twice per day until my next visit. After that I will do twice per week for LIFE! The massages consist of: Step 1 - Make a fist, press down just on the outer side of the implant and then the upper edge of each implant until I can feel my ribs. I hold that for 30 seconds in each position. No implant pushing around or movement is done in this step of massage. Step 2 - Place one hand at "12 o'clock" and the other at "6 o'clock", palms facing breast. Starting at the base of the breast (you basically hold on to it with both hands) and rotate it in a circular motion moving toward your sternum, not outward. So you do that at the base of the breast, the midpoint between the base and nipple (1/2 way up) and then the level just below the nipples. Each rotation cycle needs to be 1 minute, so 3 minutes per booby;)

My next appointment will be February 4th. That will be my 3 month mark and I've signed up to become a Botox beauty, lol! I got a little bit of free Botox in the forehead at surgery because Mentor was offering it at no charge. Ummmm LOVED IT!!!! I was totally against it prior to surgery and once I saw the difference it made, I'm hooked. I honestly really don't even have real "wrinkles" or crows feet yet, just the forehead lines. My PS has a medical spa as well and I'll be investing in more facial treatments like peels, etc next year. Like I said before, I'm 6 years my husband's senior so yes....I will be doing Botox so that he looks older than me now. Bwahahaha!

Happy boob hunting and happy healing to all my RS friends:) Ya'll have a fantabulous Thanksgiving!!!!!

Progression pics

Just playing around to see if I can load pics all in one file:) These show my progression from day 1 to day 18. If this works, I'll do another set for the next 3 weeks!

Bra size = 32DD???!

Well I did it. I went and bought my first ever big girl bras. I'm an avid online shopper and review reader. I have looked at VS and Soma online numerous times, pouring over their reviews and decided to go with just Soma for now. I don't want to get too carried away at VS and buy things that may not fit in 6 weeks. So, I marched myself right into Soma and they asked if they could help me find anything. I kindof blushed and said "Well.....I think I need to be sized". The super helpful girl came into the dressing room to measure me and I had to confess before I ever took my top off. I told her I'd just had my BA and was 3 weeks postop and had been cleared to wear whatever type of bra I wanted but that I was strictly only interested in their wireless bras at this point. She measured me, giggled and said "Looks like a 32D or DD to me!" I tried on several 32D's and 32DD's to get an idea of whether the DD fit right or not. I settled on the Vanishing Back Bra in nude and black. I'll be honest, the first day I wore one, my boobs itched to high heavens by the end of the day! It's like my boobs were rebelling and in shock that I was trying to tame them, lol. I'm 100% sure the itching was from the end of the day strain and the slight swelling I still have. I have worn one every day since and have not had that issue again. I will say that I look rather huge in tight tops when I have that bra on. It's lined but not super padded so I don't think it's really making me bigger but man they sure look it! Geesh! I'm still adjusting to the fact that I have boobs. Girls, I mean I had zilch, zero, nada before this. My bras never touched my boobs and literally just hung on my shoulders. Filling a bra feels way different than not. Anyway, don't get me wrong, I loooooove my new girls but I find it hard not to try to hide them. They are relatively easy to hide in clothing but I don't want strange men at WalMart of all places, staring at my chest. Blegh! I went to the store this morning and zipped my hoodie up like a nerd to keep the weirdos away. Now at home, boobs are the name of the game. I'll wear the tightest shirt and lowest cut top I can find, but that's because I'm at home and my hubby and I truly love the way they look. I feel like I have a split personality almost. Love them at home, hide them when I'm without my man;)

Anyway, all that being said...love the Soma bras I bought and will wait to get the fun ones until I am 3 months post op:D 32DD....who in the world would have thought I'd ever buy a bra that size?!

As for how I'm doing otherwise:

Morning boob - yeah that's almost gone. I have it very slightly for a few minutes on the left as soon as I get up in the morning but it subsides within minutes it seems.

Nips - still ouchy but I can face the shower briefly now and try to do that more and more to get used to the shock of the water hitting them. Owww. All I'm using these days is the cocoa butter lotion. I haven't had to use the Aquaphor or lanolin for the last few days thank goodness. All in all I think they are getting better slowly. My left breast under my nip to the crease is still fairly numb. The right breast doesn't have any numbness that I can tell at all.

Massage: I decided to do the massage in the shower thinking it would be easier the other night. NOT a good idea. I have a super squeamish stomach at times and I almost freaking passed out! Hot showers, palpable implants, and a squeamish tummy = blacking out in the shower. I had to sit down and pray my husband didn't walk in at that moment. He would have freaked out, lol! Anyway, it didn't hurt that night but I felt a slight tug inside the lefty and that's when I got grossed out and had my "episode". Needless to say, I do my massages sitting down on dry land now!!! I think they are helping actually. I mean I know they are designed to help but I am starting to be able to tell a pretty big difference already.

Pics: I'll upload those from my phone next:0

Hope ya'll all had a fantastic Thanksgiving!!!

Pics - 21 to 25 days

Here you go:) I must say I like that I still have cleavage with or without a bra:)

Feeling like I own them;)

Hey girlies:) Thought I'd check in. Nothing much has changed so I haven't been on here. The massages seem to be working though. I noticed yesterday that my boobs seem to be slipping into a more symmetrical position perhaps? Still a bit wonky on the right but improvements are noted!

Morning boob - it's almost gone. Lefty gets is just super briefly right as I'm getting out of bed

Sleeping position - I've been trying to sleep on my right side for a while at night. It's a nerdy reason but my thoughts are "Well, maybe it'll created some more side boob on the right". Haha, I know...silly but a girl's gotta try right?!

Itching - seems like the itching has subsided more this week. I've been lotioning these puppies since two weeks PREOP every night before bed. Last week they itched so bad by the end of the day I seriously had to reach in to the bra while sitting at my desk and pray no one caught me :o

Mondors Cord - still there and I've actually been massaging it and that seems to be helping some. I still see it but it's getting smaller.

Pics - I took some last night and will post those from my phone:)

Hope you are all doing marvelous! Hugs and kisses :)

Week 4 pics

Here you go:)

My 5 week boobaversary!

Here we are at 5 weeks postop, hallelujah! I'm officially cleared to do my workouts and man am I glad! My size hasn't changed but the abs certainly are getting soft;)

I'm feeling more and more like myself again finally. There are times I forget I had a BA and feel like my flat chested self....until I look in the mirror, lol. I really don't have much pain at all and am actually getting to where I don't have to rush home after work to take my bra off! There have been days that I seriously thought I was going to have a panic attack if I didn't get my bra off and FAST! Not so much this week:)

The incision tape came off a couple if days ago almost on its own. It started dangling and I'd stick it back up for fear if passing out if I tugged on it. It was wet the other night and just wouldn't restick so I bit the bullet and off it came.

I've been using Mederma gel twice per day per my PS' advice. That stuff isn't cheap?! I also believe there may be a suture that was left behind in the left incision. It's not loose enough for me to get a hold of it to snip it so I may have my friend see if she can get a good grip on it. She's a surgical assistant and the only person I wouldn't punch in the face if she hurts me, haha! Not sure if they're resorbable or not but I should check first huh?

Pics- I posted updated pics and then a couple in my work outfit for today. They are super easy to conceal in some clothing. I have on my Yumi by Heather Kim bra on today. It minimizes the boobaliciousness a tad for these clingier outfits.

Hope you all are healing well and to those who are not in boobyville yet, I wish you happy thoughts and a quick recovery. Xoxoxo

5 week postop pics

Ok let's try again...
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