Petite, Small Implants! 250cc silicone unders

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Hi everyone! Can't believe I'm actually about to...

Hi everyone! Can't believe I'm actually about to document my experience. I will be getting my implants April 12 (either 225 cc or 250 cc silicone under the muscle). I am 5'4" and 110 pounds. BWD 12 cm and ribcage 29 inches. I will be updating this as the days go on. so excited and nervous at the same time!

Surgery Day!

I am writing this about my surgery day yesterday! I arrived at my PS's office and got changed and got my IV. Met with anesthesiologist and told her I have a weak stomach and to not let me be nauseous after! My PS drew on me and we talked one last time about everything and in I went! I laid down on the table and they put the good stuff in right away and I was out! Woke up back in my pre op room and felt heavy chested and a little soreness in my incisions. I told her and they put some stuff in my IV and it went away in about two minutes. No nausea or anything! They got me changed in my outfit and told my mom to get a smoothie and crackers for me at the store next door and then I went home! I slept on and off all day with little pain until about 6:30 and had to take two pain meds and a valium about two hours later. I took a sleeping pill around 9:30 and went to bed. The first night was not bad at all. I mainly woke up just bored from having slept all day. I was bandaged up all day and couldn't see anything but here is a pic!

1 Day post op

This morning the nurse took off all of my dressings and I am just now wearing a sports bra they gave me. no strap which i am really happy about! i am in looooooove with them. i hope they don't get any smaller even though i was literally freaking over them being too big. he ended up going with 250's mod plus profile and i am so glad he did. any smaller would have been too small. I've been walking around the house a lot more today and as long as i keep up with all medicine I'm pretty good! i feel ten times better now that I'm out of my dressings, they were sooo tight. also excuse all of the grammar mistakes. its too much effort to capitalize things! i am totally in love with them and am so glad i did this. i seriously almost canceled! here are some pics from day 2 (post op day 1 i guess) oh, and don't mind the stomach i am getting super bloated. also, one thing that is absolutely necessary after surgery: travel pillow (the donut kind) i don't even know how i would survive without this, and obviously all your medication. other than that you just need pillows to prop yourself up on. i've been going to the bathroom all by myself since the first one or two times and can pretty much get out of bed, open car doors carefully, etc.

Post op day 2 and booby greed!!! It's real!

So, this whole process has been like a dream! I cannot even explain how great I feel. I have two small children and I almost backed out thinking I was going to be in severe pain and unable to move or do anything for weeks. well, it's day two and I feel totally normal. Don't get me wrong, when I wake up in the morning i do feel very tight (I guess this is what everyone referred to as morning boob) but it goes away after a few minutes! I look practically the same when I wear clothes but they are very high and haven't started dropping or fluffing yet, which i hope will add some size to them, because right now i am feeling the greed which i SWORE i would never! i just wanted something, anything! But the greed got me, so once the muscle releases them i do hope they get a little bigger!

Feeling the blues

So the last day or two I have been feeling a little down about the girls. I definitely should have gotten bigger. even in the OR i think the last thing i said was "just don't do 275"…. what was i thinking? arghhhh anyways, i know they have a lot of changing to do but i don't even look like i have boobs in tops. is it insane that this morning i woke up thinking, when can i get them redone????? i must literally be going insane to start thinking that. plus, my husband would KILL me. I am truly truly happy with how my recovery is going. i have nothing but tiredness the whole time and got off all medications a day or two ago so that's always a blessing. my only complaint is that i still haven't really been able to go to the bathroom (hence the bloated stomach in the pictures) just wish they would start dropping and fluffing! and hopefully when that happens they will become a little bigger as the muscle lets go?! anyone want to corroborate?! lol!

Starting to drop! Well, one of them!

I wanted to update my review one day shy of one week! I'm starting to come to terms with my boobs! I didn't want big at all just something! They are starting to get a little softer and my lefty is starting to drop. Righty is still pretty boxy and high and the funny thing is I never would have noticed in the mirror except when I looked at my picture this morning it was pretty apparent! I'm right handed so I'm surprised my right hasn't started to drop yet. Overall absolutely no pain whatsoever. I'm doing things around the house like laundry and cleaning and just not picking up my huge 14 month old. I'm also not driving yet but I'm pretty sure I could have started a day or two ago. My post op appointment is tomorrow and I can't wait for him to see and also for him to tell me what to expect in the dropping and fluffing stage!

Feelin Good!

It's been maybe a week or so since I last updated and before I had been a little concerned about my size.... Well, I'm totally in love with them now! They still need to drop more and I think my muscle is still holding onto them but overall, I'm very happy! I know I could have probably gone to 275 but if my doctor said 25cc's made no difference then that's not really something I'm going to worry about from now on. I can dress them up or down depending on what bra I have on or what I'm wearing. In bathing suits and bras there is a huge difference but if I have just a regular t shirt on you almost can't tell at all. Which was the look I was going for! I just wanted to be able to fill out my clothes better! In terms of pain and healing I have to say this has been the easiest surgery EVER. The feeling the first few days was that of your milk coming in or when you're full and you need to nurse or pump. I guess I am just so used to that feeling that it wasn't bothersome at all. My nipples are pretty sensitive, but like I said, they were incredibly sensitive when I nursed so again, nothing too crazy for me. I don't think My incisions ever hurt except for the very first night around 6:00 I started feeling it and took 2 pain killers and that was that. I did get my stitches removed one week after and that was for sure the worst part of this entire experience. I've never had stitches before and ow!! The nurse pulled the Steri strip off and t burned my skin (the part that wasn't stitches) and then put alcohol on my incision. Tear. That hurt! So if that's the worst part of this whole thing, I'll take it!
I would say this has been 110% worth it. I feel so much more confident in my bras and clothes it's crazy! Twelve days out and no pain whatsoever. Pretty much leading my normal life... Without exercise of course. That's it for now! I'll update with pictures again soon!

Bathing suit pics

3 weeks, 2 days

Hi everyone! So not a whole lot to report here…. The girls are doing awesome! My left nipple is a little sensitive but it's getting better every day! I was cleared yesterday to do most activities besides very heavy lifting! I went to the gym two days ago and did some lower body work, nothing crazy! I can't wait until 5 weeks when I can really work out! It's been pretty annoying not being able to do my normal work out. One of my breasts isn't dropping as fast as the other one but my PS didn't seem concerned at all and said they looked great. I started implant massage at 3 weeks so hopefully that will move things along! I haven't officially gotten sized or gone bra shopping but my old 36B bra (which is a 34c?) works just great! All of my old sports bras still fit as well. I must have REALLY not filled them out at all!

4 weeks

Just wanted to share a before and after since I really didn't have many before pictures to share! What a difference! When I think I could have gone a smidgen bigger I just look at this before pic and see how far I've come!

First time bra shopping! At target .. Lol

Just wanted to update with a bra pic! 34c fit quite nicely! This is a push up bra, which I don't wear, but it was fun to see them like this! I am getting antsy to see my scars! One more week and then I can take the Steri strips off!

5 wks 1 day- perfection!

Cannot explain how much I love my new look! So classy and elegant still but I actually have BOOBS!! I can't wait for my first beach vacay next month. I got the Steri strips off and scars are looking really good! My doctor gave me bio corneum to put on twice a day so hopefully in a few months you won't be able to see them as much. I feel like they are already a part of me, like this is what I was meant to have all my life. Honestly, from day one they felt very much apart of me! I guess that's what a great size will do for you! :) if anyone has any questions at all I would be MORE than happy to help!! I'm back to working out with no restrictions although I will probably wait a good while before doing chest exercises. Not really bothersome because chest exercises were never my thing to begin with though!

6 weeks- 32dd!

I finally got sized at Victoria Secret yesterday! I always heard the bras run small but I'm pretty sure when they size people they don't give you a bigger size than what you actually are?! If anyone has views on this, please feel free to let me know! Originally she put me in a 32d and said that wouldn't work for me so 32DD it was! I have to say some of the bras seemed HUMONGOUS on the hanger, like there was no way I would fit in those… but I did! What's really weird is that I look like a full B at best! Also, I always thought that a C was HUUUUUGE, but now it seems small. It's crazy your perception of boobs after and how it changes! I guess hearing that letter D made me feel a lot happier! Even if I DO only look like a B! I also tried on some bathing suits and they looked amazing. I will upload a pic of my newest bathing suit session in a second! Also, not sure who is even reading my reviews but thanks for bearing with me through all these pictures… I feel like I update a lot, but when you go from NO boobs to boobs, you want to show them off!! LOL thanks for supporting me real self community! ;)


Hi, my name is katty30 and I can't stop taking pictures of my new boobs for others to see !

They are So natural feeling!! I'm kind of pushing them together to show they do move like real breasts! They are crazy soft already! So one thing I haven't mentioned is that my left incision sometimes hurts almost like a sharp pain when I move certain ways. It started at five weeks. I'm sure it will totally heal soon! There's also some work outs I can't do that require me to really stretch my arms or chest.

Almost 3 months!

We went to the beach and I just can't get over how amazing they look! Feel completely like my own and look so natural! The random pain in my left incision site disappeared between 6 and 8 weeks. Everything is going great and I could not be happier :)

Almost 4 m!

It's been a little over 3.5 months and they are SO SOFT. Like crazy soft. I had no idea fake boobs felt like this! I love love love them. As you can see in the pic they look pretty good! I'm wearing a push up bra 34c! The scars are beginning to really fade although I haven't been using my scar gel twice a day like I'm supposed to. I'm sleeping on my stomach/side with no difficulties and work outs have pretty much gotten back to normal. There are maybe one or two things I can do, but it doesn't feel AS comfortable as it used to. I'm sure this will go away with time!

Side pics!

8 month update

Hi everyone! I hadn't updated or been on in awhile and just wanted to post some new pics! Still SO SO happy with them. I've prob said this before but I honestly forget that ice had anything done until I put on a bathing suit and go wow!!!! I look So much better!!! They look incredibly natural- exactly what I wanted! They are completely hidden under clothes which is fine, but rockin' in bathing suits and lingerie! ????

Almost One Year !!

Just wanted to add a few photos since I'm quickly approaching my one year boobiversary! Cannot believe it's been a whole year. I honestly can't remember life pre surgery since it feels like I've had (or should have had) these boobs my whole life. Completely natural feeling and just perfect. I also never imagined how my self esteem would be risen because of this! Bottom line-- if you're on the fence GO FOR IT! Truly best decision I've ever made! I used to loathe bikini season and just want to hide under a cover up but I find myself looking for new bikinis every day and new bras because it's just so fun to put them on now! I recently went on a beach vacation and here are some pics of the girls in my suits!
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