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The Before: My body hair is black and coarse and...

The Before: My body hair is black and coarse and thick. Even after I shaved, you could see black dots of my hair already ready to grow under my skin. Within a day I would have stubble. My skin tone is pretty average, tanning easily in the summer but reverting to pale in the winter. Because of all of these factors, I thought I would be a perfect candidate for LHR for my lower legs, armpits, and bikini area.

The Treatment: I went every 6-8 weeks for treatments for 2 years. The treatments hurt pretty bad and I never felt like the Advil I took before my appointments helped with the pain at all. I was told that I could buy numbing cream from a tattoo parlor or somewhere else, but that this would be like $50 and I didn't want to spend even more money on this. One annoying thing about getting treatments was that I had to literally hide my legs from the sun—I was sent home from one session because I had gotten just a shade darker by wearing shorts in the summer. About 2 weeks after each treatment I would have hair fall out just from the friction of a towel drying off after a shower, but by a few weeks later the hair would seem like it was growing back. My hair generally started to have thin spots, then the thin spots grew from quarter sized to fist sized, then more overall hair would thin and I began to have small bald spots, then the bald spots grew to be half-a-fist-sized.

The After: I finished treatments about 6 months ago and unfortunately all of my bald spots have grown back. Overall, my body hair is thinner but definitely not removed. When my hair grows back, it is thinner and isn't prickly and it takes about 2 days to grow back as much as it used to take less than a day to grow back.

Why I'm Not Sure it's Worth it: Having my hair grow back slower, thinner, and softer is definitely an improvement from how it was before I started treatments. However, having to go to painful appointments for every 2 months or so for 2 years was a hassle. Most importantly I spent $2,000 just to have thinner hair, which is why I'm not sure that it was worth it.
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