LSL Nightmare! - Chicago, IL

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Just a general comment to all that post here. If...

Just a general comment to all that post here.

If you ask us to email you, you must at the registration site, add a check mark that allows us to em you. Above my posts there is a link with my username..

Click on that to email privately if you like.

I had mine over 2 yrs ago& what a nightmare. I have posted all over this site, so you can look for Bitsy, my username., to see my story. A couple on the page are listed as GUEST. Same story.

Feel free to contact me w/ any questions

Photo Update

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Was lied to, given the DR's wrong specialty, sewed my earlobe shut& pulled down. Stitches coming thru skin behind the left ear& looks like big black round MOLD. Pain is bad, esp. weather changes. Tingling in earlobes, still numb in places, scar very visible , a straight lined scar, not in the folds hidden as they said. I don't have tim,e to explain all the BS they put me thru. Beware, do your homework& email me if you need help or to talk

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