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I thought that I had good skin and as much as I...

I thought that I had good skin and as much as I love my facials, they weren't cutting it. In the past I have had VLP on my skin to bring out the pigmentation but I have always been aware of the fine line and now as u am getting older, the volume loss.

I have had two sessions now and am starring to see change . My skin is looking more youthful and even. It is tightening up but is not yet as firm as I would like. I have noticed the scars above my left eye and in my right eyelid are becoming smoother.

So, a little about the procedure. Firstly, I had this gel/cream in my face to numb the area. After about an hour I was zapped with this laser. It is done in areas and tiny little hole are made in the skin. I could actually smell my skin burning. Once the face has fine over your entire face, some spot treatment was done. At this point you get the feeling back but your skin is burning and hot. Due to the trauma you def need some sugar. The next few hours my face was red and hit, but with the use of the saline spritz it went done.

The next day I noticed a lot if swelling And blood spots. I rang the clinic and talked to them- I was pretty freaked. Apparently swelling is a good thing as it means it is working.

Over the next few days the swelling came down but the itchy skin and massive spots came in. Really attractive, dry skin, redness and pus heads not to mention swelling.

The down time was at least 4 days. After this tine I could use a tinted mineral moisturiser but at this stage I started flaking. The second round was worse than the first lot and I seriously couldn't see why u had done this to myself .

Anyway, I have three more treatments between now and February so I will keep you posted.

Third fracs treatment

So, I now have had my third treatment. They did 30% depth and 30% coverage today but didn't turn it up as I recently had my chin lipo'ed. I am already dealing with chin fat so they didn't want me swelling up too much. Procedure went fine didn't really hurt just a bit prickly when they went around my ears and nostrils but that was all. Wasn't too red once it was done but as I looked at my face I could see whit lines from where the lazer had been, that was surreal. After the procedure i drove home. Haven't really used the saline spray like last time as my face wasn't that hot. It's day two and my face has heaps of blood spots which is a change from last time. Very swollen but sleeping with your head elevated heaps a lot. I have noticed I don't have the white or black spots I had the other two times, not really sure why. Hoping that the swelling goes down quickly as I have a very full in week next week (it's Saturday today)

Day three

Redness has gone down and bleeding has stopped. I still have heaps of blood spots but iam leaving those until tomorrow when I can wash my face. I am a little itchy and am trying hard not to scratch and am using my saline spray so that is helpful. Because I swell a lot the nurse recommended I take antihystimime for the week. The grids in my face aren't nearly as bad as last time and I don't have the horrible whiteheads covering my face which is great. Like time it looked like i had an attack of the whiteheads. I am really looking forward to tomorrow when I can wash my face and hair.

Week after third fracs treatment

So although I officially hate getting the fracs done I do enjoy the results.

It takes about a week for the swelling to settle and for my skin to be able to handle makeup. The first few days I am scabby and swollen and then by day three I have breakouts.

One of the things that makes this treatment almost unbearable is that you can't wash your hair for a few days and for those with short hair this also means you just can't tie it up to keep it off your face. By day 5 my face has settled down but I still don't like others being to close. I had my yearly appraisal on day 5 and it was very hard to look at my boss and have a serious conversation as I just wanted out of the office.

Planning for fracs treatment is really important, make sure you keep your week light from meetings or if you can hideaway, do it.

Happy now that my face is getting back to normal. I have noticed that more pigment has gone and my scars are reducing as are my pores so that is great. I had my botox treatment today and the nurse said my crows had improved so that must be due to the fracs. Two more treatments to go and I will have finished this course.

Fourth treatment

Four down one to go!!! Like the eventual results but def not the process.

Final fracs!

Today I had my fifth and final fracs. I told the nurse to go as deep as she could. So this time round she made the grids closer and went 30% coverage and depth. Apparently, I pinked up rather quickly and this is always a good thing as they know where they've been. I did notice that the White spots began so show within moments of the procedure finishing and I was already quite swollen. Glad I took my antihystimime this morning- I'm a major sweller.
Still quite warm after two hours but haven't felt the need to use my saline spray but very thirsty, like every other time.

As everything the healing is slightly different it will be interesting to see how I gi this tune. I definitely know that when they say you can wear light make up in day four, you can't. It's not u til day six that your skin is beging to look better.

5th fracs: day two

A lot more blood than the last few times, looking really gruesome and totally freaked hubby out . Not itchy and my hair feels reasonably clean compared to every other time. Lots of white spots around nose and cheeks and a few darker ones where pigmentation is more noticeable.

5th fracs: Day three

Thank goodness for saline spray! Not itchy as opposed to heaps of blood spots. Looking forward to washing my face tomorrow and using light make up. Swelling has gone done and redness is what is expected. Lots of white spots but not as raised as last time. Heaps of darker spots where pigmentation is a problem, hoping this means this is coming up and out? Very, very dry skin so I jave kept up the use of the regime A creme.

Another round of fracs

It's been a year since my last treatment and now I have a yearly "maintenance" one. Same deal as the last time, numb the skin then blast it with the laser.

Over the year I have noticed that my skin seems thicker and the tone is more even. I notice that I need to wear less makeup and I can go longer without Botox as my lines aren't as deep.

Like the last times, the nurse did 30% depth and when as close as she could to ensure coverage. It still stung alittle in certain areas like the hairline and in the crease of the nostrils.

Still the worst part is when it has been finished and I get the icy cold saline put in- it's sooo cold and almost unbearable.

It has been half an hour and I have begun to sprout blood spots.

Will keep you updated

Day two of maintenance fracs

Did not get a lot of bleeding right away but sure to form, when I woke this morning my face was covered. There is a fair bit of swelling but unlike last time I did not take antihistamine and am just letting my skin do its thing.

I did take two additional days off to coincide with the Easter holidays as I have found in the past that I couldn't really do this over the weekend and go back to the office on the Monday. I found that even when I could wash my face the gridding was there and very much noticeable under makeup. So in total I will spend 6 days at home, it is important for me not to downplay the downtime as that is more likely going to make you feel miserable than the actual procedure that and not being able to wash your hair for a few days.

All and all I feel ok and am preparing myself for the iching that will come later on today/tomorrow.
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