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I disliked my implants from the start, I'm 5'3",...

I disliked my implants from the start, I'm 5'3", 114 lbs. and had 290cc saline under muscle in 2009. When I called a place for an explant quote a few years ago they said something like $6000, so I thought I was stuck with them for a long time. I have a quote for $2000 from my consult today and can't wait until surgery day!! Local numbing cream, I'll be awake and can drive home directly after the 30 min procedure! I don't have any complications, but I do feel tired a lot. I don't work out like I used to, I'm embarrassed to go to yoga (under muscle implants move in a weird way when pics are flexed). Also, constant "headlights"...nipples are always hard. I just think small chests are prettier, look healthier and younger (I'll be 38 soon so preserving my youthful look is getting important). After implants, my breasts were uneven too. I feel like I've been hiding them for years! Can't wait to be all me again :)


Current pic, have had implants a little over 4 yrs. Stoked to get these fake bags out!

Before my regrettable decision

Before pics, wish I had appreciated what I had...

Pre-op tomorrow!

Excited for my pre-op tomorrow :) 2 weeks seems like forever to wait for surgery, but it will get here. This pic is from a magazine ad...beautiful. I just dont get the desire for big breasts, they make women look over-weight and dumpy, IMHO.

Pre Op complete- 2 more weeks!

I just need to pick up my antibiotics, and wait for surgery day! Now that I've made the decision and paid, it seems like time is standing still, ugh. I'm actually slightly worried that I'll get capsular contracture or something freaky in the next 2 weeks! lol. Anyways, I wish everyone could feel OK with themselves w/o surgery, it is a gift.

One more week!!

One week from now and I'll be back to my natural, real self, wow I can hardly wait!!! I wish I could go back and undo my decision to get a BA, but I know it was a valuable lesson and I'm grateful for the unconditional love I now have for myself. I the rest of you Goddesses feel the same about yourselves. Last before pics:

Before BA- I now embrace my J-Lo gap :)

Ah, 5 more days! Time is dragging, but I endured a natural disaster (flood) in my town last week, so that definitely took my mind off waiting. Now getting over a cold, so I'm feeling better. While waiting for the bus today, a group of highschool age girls were doing hill repeats near me, I'm totally inspired by their fit bodies! All small breasted. Can't wait to be more active!

Is it Tuesday yet??!?!

Just a few more days now, but the closer it gets, the further away it seems...
I looked at the Revision section of these forums for the first time, oh my...there are women with over 1000 cc's! These are small women too. What the whaaaat?? That has to be some body image disorder at that point. It doesn't even look human, it's like giving yourself a deformity. I will never understand...how can anyone find two monstrous basketballs on a chest attractive?
Not one single before pic has looked worse, whether deflated, asymmetrical, or whatever, natural is better than that fake round ball look.

They're out!!! Ah, that feels great :)

Explant completed :) Easy as pie! I was going to update right after getting to my car, but wanted to beat rush hour and typing on my phone is a pain in the booty. So, here's how it went, the nurse spread numbing cream on the bottom of my breasts (where incision would be) and I read magazines for 45 min. while it took effect. We listened to classic country, awesome! Then, laid down on the operating table and the Dr. injected Novocaine in the same area, I never felt the needle. Then, he made the incision, ruptured the implant and the saline spilled down my sides, but was soaked up. Then he pulled the implant out. Whoa, I was mistaken on the ccs I had, only 175! Tiny. Then he sewed me up and repeated on the other side. The nurse cleaned me up and wrapped me inace bandage and I drove home. Super easy and I feel great :) The only pain I have is my bicep from my dog lunging at a squirrel yesterday, lol. I looked before she wrapped me and they're deflated looking, but I think some natural breast tissue will spring back. I hadn't thought about how they would look before today honestly. I'm cool with whatever the result is. They sure do FEEL much better, I feel like the feeling has returned in them. Pics coming up next.


Recovery Day 1

So, still not feeling any pain. Yhe Novocaine and numbing cream wore off at around 9 pm, I could feel things then but nothing hurt, which is great because I didn't fill my pain med prescription. I did develop a horribly itchy rash fro. the numbing cream, that has been the worst part of this! Mostly took it easy last night, just walked the dogs, made supper and put away dishes. I'm at work now and feeling pretty good, I just feel short of breath, I believe due to this tightly wrapped ace bandage...I can't take a full breath :( Looking forward to getting past this first week!

Unwrapped for a second

Here they are, deflated...but soft, and all me! Feels great to not have hard balls in my chest. Unwrapped to take a quick shower. They are really squashed down from the bandage.Today was still painless, but tough to sit thru boring meetings all day with an itchy rash! On the couch now watching a Sex &The City marathon :)

Day 2

I feel like I finally rounded a corner today, feeling much better, not so "injured". I woke up last night a few times with very intense itching at my incision sites. I know that means they are healing, but it sure kept me up. I finally found a comfortable way to wear the ace bandage, over a sports bra, that way it stays in place instead of sliding down and putting pressure on my incisions and irritating the rash (rash is improving). My spirits are higher now that the maddening itching has subsided. It not as shocking to look in the mirror either. The rash is actually the most disturbing thing to me.

Day 2 pic

Day 3

Day 4, feeling better all the time

Rash is not itching any longer, sleeping well. I am not depressed or anything , only bummed that I can't go for a trail run in this beautiful fall weather! Soon enough :)

Almost a week post op

Feeling pretty great, I only feel the incisions occasionally. Post op appt. tomorrow and I shouldnt have to wear the wrap after that and will be off the antibiotics. My skin is peeling like a sunburn where the rash was :-/

Wish boobs

Might as well try to visualize and manifest :)

Day 8 pics

Ugh...retyping my update it didn't post, annoying

Had my 1 week post op yesterday, PS said everything looks good and will get better and better in the coming weeks and months. They felt bad about the rash, I asked what was in it- BLT: benzocaine, lidocaine, tetracaine. There is actually a FDA advisory out for it, 2 women have died using it for cosmetic procedures...freaked me out to read that. I did have shortness ofbreath and felt like my heart was beating out of my chest, but Itthought it was due to the tight wrap. Yikes.
I feel great, just wearing a sports bra now, it was so nice to just head out the door to hike with my dogs and not double check my nipples and adjust asymmetry! So grateful to be real again!

Can finally laugh!

I was so embarrassed when this Arrested Development episode aired...now at long last I can laugh :-D

Week 2

Hard to tell if there have been any changes, but they do seem less concave and I finally recognize my old self :) Hoping the incisions heal up soon, somewhat tender.

5 weeks!

Loving being natural :) Really don't think much about my breasts these days, so happy to be rid of the self-consciousness. Pretty much back to normal with all activities!

2 months!

Had my 8 wk post op today. Completely healed, feeling great physically and emotionally! I think some of my breast tissue is still compressed but maybe it will fluff out by 6 months. Feeling comfortable in my skin :)
Fort Collins Plastic Surgeon

Knowledgeable, warm, professional. He charges a fair fee for this surgery...it's very simple and straightforward and he charges accordingly. Nurses and staff are wonderful. They made the surgery fun :) Everything went smooth, I recommend this office!

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