A gift to myself for my 56th birthday. - Loved the Results! - Savannah, GA

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I had a full facelift in September, 2007, as a...

I had a full facelift in September, 2007, as a gift to myself for my 56th birthday. Prior to selecting my doctor, I interviewed several plastic surgeons, got price quotes and spoke with women I personally know who have had "work" done. I was very impressed by his demeanor with patients, references, education, and particularly how he and his office prepared me for this surgery. First, they took before photos and he sat down with me and on a laptop showed me how I would likely look after a facelift. He also had me look into a "special" mirror that showed how your face isn't symmetrical. That was funny! In other words, he prepared me that everything won't be PERFECT just as my original face wasn't perfect. He talked about pain levels and assured me that I would receive medications which would alleviate pain. I scheduled on a Friday so my grown son, a doctor in a different field, could be with me. I arrived at their on site surgery center at the appointed time, prepped, the doc came in, marked me up and went over everything he would be doing so I could verbally confirm that I understood. I had forehead, upper lids, face, and neck done. I was required to spend one night in the surgery center with nurses in attendance and released early Saturday AM to my son's care. I looked like I was in a Halloween costume! Bloody dreadlocks (description of the drains)! At home I went to bed and slept all afternoon, rested and took medication for pain. My son left on Sunday afternoon and I prearranged to have a lady who takes care of plastic surgery patients stay with me for two evenings. After that, I was fine. I'm a Realtor working from a home office so I was working within 3 days and went out for an appointment within one week. I looked pretty rough so I just told people why. Most people were really interested in the procedure! My scars healed ahead of schedule and my doc released me to return to the gym at 4 weeks post op (just couldn't do any exercises where I lowered my head below my waist)and no jogging or running. Today was my six months check up. I had my doc inject Juvederm Ultra Plus into the nose to mouth lines, marionette lines, and enhance my upper lip. I knew that facelifts don't solve those 3 areas. The ultra plus is supposed to last up to one year and it cost 850.00 for the areas I mentioned. My next procedure will be a breast lift with the same doc.
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