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I went for my First treatment on January 4th for...

I went for my First treatment on January 4th for my love handles (1200 cc's). It is a little after a week and I have already seen results. I am also still a little Bloated. Make sure to go to a Dr. who is certified. I am very satisfied with my Dr. 1st night was a lot of pain. She told me to take Tylenol which I didn't and once I took the Tylenol- good to go. The 2nd day felt like I worked out too much at the gym. Third day good hardly felt anything. She also suggested wearing spanx for the first 4 days (yes even sleep in them). I put them on right after the shots and it minimized a lot of the swelling. She also gave a hemopathic for bruising swelling and pain (Sinnecch)you take it for 4 days. (really helped with the bruising) I am extremely satisfied. This is definitely not a lunch time procedure. The first day you are very uncomfortable about an hour to two hours after. on the 24th is my 2nd and final for the love handles. Watch out belly here comes lipo dissolve. I have seen negative comments on here that had me paranoid when I went (horror stories) best advise: GO TO A DR. Certified Cosmetic Surgeon. Bring a pair of Spanx and Tylenol. Jan 14, 2008 Cost: $500 Pain: Uncomfortable UPDATE 2/27/08 - I went for my second round of lipodissolve on January 24 3:30pm. I was still swollen from the first round on January 4. I felt the injections a little more this time. I took the (3) tylenol's about 45 minutes before the injections and again about 45 minutes after the injections were finished. Injections took about 20-30 minutes. The pain was annoying felt like bee stings. Took another 3 tylenol's about 8pm and went to sleep about 10pm. Woke up with out any pain and did not need tylenol. Again felt like I worked out at the gym too much by day 4 I did not feel anything. The only down fall is what goes in must come out my Dr. used vitamins in the injection as well. So the first week I saw my urine very yellow and smelled the vitamins. Oh and you will being getting rid of the grease the other way. Wore my spanx for 6 days to make sure I stayed with minimal swelling. It is a month since I received treatment number 2, My pants are loose on me and I am still swollen. I do have little nodules - but the Dr. told me that would happen just massage them. The Dr.also told me not to take advil, or aspirin for the first 72 hours- it will make the bruising worse. I used the hemopathic which the brusing was severe the day after (looked like I was hit by a truck) my skin is very fare. Also make sure to drink lots of water. On the fifth day the bruising was gone. A couple of yellow spots left. Remember the saying what goes in must come out - my Dr. used vitamins My Dr. used vitamins with the injection also so my urine was very yellow and smelled strong like vitamins. the fat cells; grease will come out the other way. My Dr. said the swelling lasts 8-12 weeks. I can see a lot of results already and I have another month or 2 until the swelling is completely gone. I am not one to exercise nor watch what I eat. I drank a lot of water. I am extremely satisfied and I believe it is well worth the money. $1,000 for 2 sessions. I lost an inch and a half on each side. Unfortunately I did not take any before pics or I would post them. Next I will go to get my stomach done - to tone it up. - Tylenol, Spanx and water.
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