Love Lipodissolve!!

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To date, I have experienced 10 Lipodissolve...

To date, I have experienced 10 Lipodissolve treatments-4 belly, 4 inner thigh, and 2 flank. I also have experienced Liposuction and surgery to remove unwanted 'areas'. By far, Lipodissolve is the best form of fat loss treatment I have endured with no downtime or scars to worry about. The best way to describe what it feels like on your treatment day is"bee sting". It feels stingy and burny for anywhere from 20 minutes up to a few hours, but it's tolerable. Once, I used tylenol in the evening for the sting, and always iced at home to help with swelling. Swelling and some bruising was usual for about 4-7 days after each treatment. I was a tight size 8 when I started and am a loose size 6 now--thank you France!!
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