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It's now just October and I had the Lasik back in...

It's now just October and I had the Lasik back in May. I'm 22 and I've worn contacts since I was 11. Both my eyes were -2.75. I was nervous at first, but the actual procedure was quick and easy (about 10 minutes). I admit it was frightening because they were messing with your eyes, but it's not particularly painful (your eyes are numbed). You feel pressure but not pain. It takes about 5 days for your eyes to recover but I was driving the next day fine.

My eyes took longer to heal and get up to 20/20. At first I was worried that I might need another procedure but when I went for a follow up a month later, the doctor told me it was a myth that your eyes get to 20/20 right away (although it does happen to a lot of people). For the first 2 weeks, my vision was still around -.5. The doctor said it could take up to 6 months for eyes to go completely back to normal. I had problems in class seeing the board clearly (I would have to squint). But now, 5 months later, I can read most road signs and my vision is not an issue anymore. Sometimes I feel like my eyes a bit drier than they used to be, but that's only on occasion and only if I think about it. I don't feel the need to put in eye drops or anything.

I'm surprised the procedure got so many bad reviews as everyone I know loves it. My fiance told me of one lady he knows whose eyes are completely dry, but when I asked my doctor about it, he said it was probably because she was not a good candidate to begin with because her cornea was too thin and if it's too thin it can't retain moisture. Since the laser thins the cornea a bit, you can't have a weak cornea to begin with. But I know at least a dozen people who have done this procedure and they all love it.

When it comes to things like these, it is VERY important to be informed and do your research. I went to a doctor who I've been going to for years so I trusted him, but if you don't know who to go to, then go online, learn about the procedure, know your options, risks, complications, who qualifies as a good candidate and ask ask ask! Don't be shy. Ask how old the equipment is, how long they've been doing it, success rates, any patient complaints and so on.

Anyways, it was so worth it, just be informed :)

Spring Hill Ophthalmologist

Dr. Kieth Stolte has been practicing for years and has been doing this procedure for years. I know many people who have been to him and they are all happy. He keeps his equipment up to date and cares about the patients.

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