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Hello! I'm 23 years old and I have always wanted...

Hello! I'm 23 years old and I have always wanted straight teeth. My teeth aren't really that bad (people were surprised I was trying to fix them) but my front four are quite crooked to me-  I'll post pictures eventually. I have a small mouth and anxiety about dentists so I never thought I could get even impressions, making a straight smile seem out of the question..  Finally, I found this awesome orthodontist. He is just fantastic and he talked me through everything. His office is very modern with wide open spaces and it creates a relaxing environment. I also went to three other orthodontists for opinions who all said I was a great candidate for Invisalign. I chose this orthodontist because he really seems to care about his patients (for the consultation alone he spent an hour explaining everything). He does all the work himself (vs having a million assistants shoving things in your mouth) and there is never a waiting room packed of people.

I just started my treatment a few weeks ago and so far it's been terrific! My case is quite complicated - I have 36 aligners for the top and 11 for the bottom. I will finish in about 18 months. The technology is amazing though. My orthodontist showed me exactly what was going to happen on the computer.. I'm very happy - I was at the beach last week and within 10 feet I saw three people with braces; I was thinking to myself - wow, I'm straightening my teeth too and no one knows! Seriously, unless I tell people, no one notices! It took awhile to alter my routine but now its not a big deal at all. I've been great with taking care of my teeth - brushing and flossing after every meal. I highly recommend it. Stay tuned for updates :)

Update: So I'm on aligner number four now and I...

Update: So I'm on aligner number four now and I still am very happy I decided to have this treatment. I wanted to write my thoughts on some of the issues I've been reading about.

1) I've been reading a lot of the reviews about the "buttons" that some orthodontists put on and I wanted to just include that not EVERYONE has to have them. My orthodontist said he is not using them for me at all. I have no experience with them so I cannot tell you what they are like.

2) I also wanted to stress the importance of wearing the aligners faithfully. It does take alot of self-discipline and I will admit that it is a little more difficult and awkward to go out places to eat sometimes (but of course I still do it!). One of the reasons they don't recommend Invisalign for most kids is because they will most likely not be able to wear them as much as they are supposed to. This is a big responsibility and after spending all this money, you really owe it to yourself to put in the work. It's important to put the aligners back on right away after you finish eating and brush your teeth.. not a few hours later, or it could have an effect on your results. That means you can't just decide to not wear them for a day here and there and expect your teeth to be where they should be for the next aligner!

3) Shop around for a good orthodontist. My invisalign cost $6,000 and yes it is alot but it also covers any more aligners or anything I would need. My orthodonist also received a lot of special training and I liked the special attention to details he gave me since the beginning.

4) Your mouth will be a little sore the first day or two when you switch an aligner - it is moving your teeth! It is kind of like when a dentist tightens wire braces. With Invisalign, the first two days is when movement occurs, and then the rest is primarily healing.. but that means if you take your aligner out for long periods of time, your teeth will move where they are not supposed to. This soreness that you experience the first day or two goes away!

Stay tuned for the next update!

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