My Love Handle Smart Lipo Results Are Great (And my Wife Loves It)

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Pros- very effective at spot targeting, minimal...

Pros- very effective at spot targeting, minimal downtime, no anesthesia, very professional staff, great results, cost was reasonable

Cons- hurts a little more than I anticipated, more swelling than I like, nothing really my cons are just wishful thinking I choose smart lipo because I have always had a problem with my love handles. Despite losing 65lbs and being the fittest of my life a year before, I always had this trouble spot that I could not get rid of. Then if I put on any additional weight it would all go right there first. I think it was a bit of a joke nature played on me that no matter what I did I could not get rid of my love handles it was not going to happen.

So after trying everything else, doing loads of research on other options I got a recommendation from someone I trusted to try smart lipo. I am so glad I did. The two alternatives I had considered before were more traditional lipo that required anesthesia, more cost, more pain, more down time or the cold lipo treatment that was minimally invasive and affordable but hardly anywhere near the effectiveness. I just look at myself in the mirror every day now after fighting this life long battle and am so happy that I made this decision.

Beyond the procedure itself the people that performed the procedure were the epitome of professionalism and made me feel great about what I was doing. They were honest and forthcoming with any information that I asked for even if it was about the limited risk associated with any procedure. I always felt like I was in good hands and the people really cared about me and enjoyed what they did to make people feel better about themselves. Further the facility was top notch.

Everything is state of the art and while it felt like a spa more than a Dr.'s Office there was never any concern as they were clearly using state of the art equipment. The icing on the cake was that my wife sat in on the entire procedure and watched. We both were able to ask questions as the procedure progressed so we felt completely safe and comfortable with what was going on and it was a relief to have her by my side.

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I think my explanation above probably explains why I went this route so I won’t repeat myself. I felt like it was important to write this review however because I read so many myself- some good, some bad. But in the end I can only speak to my experience and mine was very positive. If you work hard to stay in shape, are not looking for a shortcut, and understand what this procedure can and can’t do by doing your own research I think you’ll be very happy in the end. Personal tip- the garment that you have to wear is uncomfortable, no two ways around that. But, when you get further along in your treatment and you don’t have to wear it full time, a men’s “Spanx” shirt is a great way to continue to get the support you need without all the discomfort. But please don’t try that till your Dr. approves it. Good luck! (P.S. I'll try to upload pictures if I get soem before pictures from the Dr.'s office)

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