I Love my Breast Implants - San Antonio, TX

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I had my breast done because i was not happy with...

I had my breast done because i was not happy with my body. After having a child my breast were saggy and looked like a flat tire at the age of 26, I knew i had to do something about it! I was very scared of surgery but i went thru with it.

I had the implants done thru my armpits it leaves little scaring and looks more natural. But- the recovery was slow, you can't use your arms and you need someone there to help you bathe etc. You can't shave your armpits for sometime and or use deodrant directly on it. Also you cannot exercise for 3 months !

When you get out of surgery your chests feels so heavy that you have to be elevated in order to be in a comfortable position, I personally took 2 weeks before i started doing things on my own but after a month i was a happy camper!

All of my clothes fit better and I feel very attractive. I can shop for the nice bras and feel better in linguerie. I love my cleavage but sometimes it does get in the way when i am trying to use a conservative look. I did not loose any sensation on my breast, I actually gained sensation.

I would recommend the breast augmentation to anyone who is unhappy with their breast. It has boosted my confidence!

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My breast look very natural and not like a cone, or to far apart. I visited other doctors and i found one that was able to do the implants as i wanted them to look, and the price was right

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