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I started my journey more than 2 years ago with...

I started my journey more than 2 years ago with health issues that forced my hand. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, antiphospholipid antibody syndrome(APS), high blood pressure(for years). Because of APS I was told it was now a life or death decision to get the weight off and I knew that based on my past diet failures, I needed a drastic change. I researched and found LapBand.

I chose Lapband for several reasons.

1. Least invasive. I didn't like the idea of permanently altering my insides. Plus only a few small incisions.

2. Adjustable. Everyone is different so it made sense to me that a surgery that was adjustable based on my experience made sense.

3. I wanted a surgery where I was still in control. Lapband gives you that in that you make the food choices, virtually nothing is off limits unless it causes problems with the band which again, is different for everyone.

4. Slower weight loss has been proven to be the most lasting. Lapband can be a slower weightloss method.

5. Recovery time is much shorter. I was back to my normal yet new life within days. I only took off a week and that was just because I took a vacation week. I was fine in less time.

6. Surgery was quick and no overnight stay for me. Surgery at 7am and home by 1pm.

7. Reversable. If there were complications that I could not overcome, the surgery was reversable. No other surgery can boast that.

I had surgery on May 12, 2010. Within 15 months I had lost 125 lbs. Is that the norm? Not for everyone. It was for me. Everyone's metabolism and body are different so will your weight loss.

The CONS of surgery. Well, the truth is some do have complications. That is true with any surgery. After surgery, you can and most likely will be gassy. A severe gassy pain. Some people have problems healing from the surgery. Again true with any surgery. The adjustments can be painful depending on the person administering them. If your adjustment is too tight then you can suffer complications or issues. If food gets stuck, you will slime which is your body's natural response causing you to produce excess amounts of mucous to help the food slide down. If it doesn't go down, it will come up. Another "side effect" can be vomitting. Alot of which you can control if you adhere to the rules of eating. I can say I had no problems until a few months ago when I had band slippage which I have narrowed down to lettuce leaf. I believe it laid on top of my stomach opening and got stuck causing me to get an unfill. So I am back to square one but trucking along.

Another con is the mental part. You can be on a high with the weight loss but as easily brought down when you have problems or gain weight. And yes gaining weight can happen. You are in control for the most part so backsliding can happen. I struggle daily with it right now since I am at square one but that is okay I will get through it. You will struggle with those around you who do not understand. Those that will make the judgment that you had surgery as an easy way out. There is nothing easy about it. I think it is harder than a diet alone. People who know you had surgery will watch you for what you eat and how you eat and what you lose so there is some major accountability. I liked that. I think that helped me keep on track.

Always remember that LapBand is a TOOL. Nothign more. It is not a magical cure. It is a tool to simply help you with portion control. What you eat is up to you. How much is up to you and your band. I paid cash for my surgery. It was worth every penny. Would I do it again? Yes, if for some horrible reason, if I had to remove the band I would get it back in as soon as possible. I have learned with this unfill or when my band was too loose that I start eating just like I did before surgery so the habits I learned over the years did not go away in the nearly two years since surgery. I recommend finding a band buddy so you don't go it alone. This person should have lapband too so they will understand.

Counseling is a good idea to deal with all that is changing. Blogging is good. I blog about my experience. It's called WTF?? Where's the Fat? and after surgery this is what you will be able to say. Where's the Fat? Not on me.

Lexington Bariatric Surgeon

My doctor's office is always responsive, can fit me into the schedule quickly and has an after hours line so that I can speak to a nurse if an issue creeps up. I have used it. I go to the office and am out usually in 30 min including wait time except when I had a new girl who was not used to my band.

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