Ready to Kiss my 4 Kids/twin Belly Goodbye! - Louisville, KY

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For the past 3ish weeks I haven't worked out. I...

For the past 3ish weeks I haven't worked out. I love working out but feeling the surgery coming up I have rather spent time prioritizing something to do with this surgery, mostly reading, then going out and moving -_- Every day I've said tomorrow but haven't. I realize that I am very nervous hoping for the best but expecting anything :S I'm healthy and fit but I'm also being a scardy cat right now. :/ Tomorrow is the big day. Ready or not here I come.

31. 4kids/twin Belly is GONE!!

I am now 3 days op including day of operation and I am beyond happy. I feel like overall I've had it pretty good. Thanks to all the comments from other realself members and youtube vlog videos I felt prepared for what was coming. I love touching my belly and not feeling that hangy roll down there! Just smoothness..yes very swollen and tight..but smooth. I haven't really seen it yet as my doctor put a whole lot of tape and gauze down there but I'm already happy. Just to know people won't be asking if I'm expecting again or being able to wear a wider variety of clothes. Ugh SHOPPING WAS SO HARD! I'm just feeling so thankful i finally got to do this. CONS well, my first experience of trying to go to the restroom was aweful. I got severe dizziness and i was starting to black out. I was throwin up while sweating up a storm..all just to pee. When my husband got me back in bed I Immidiately started improving. Then last night again. This time I thought i might be able to go number 2. I have been very careful about what I put in my mouth..instead it turned into horrible stomach pains. I got really dizzy and nauseus(yes i've been taking all my meds and supplements including anti-nausea). Started blacking out. Husband got me to bed and it wouldn't go away I had him just rub my hand to keep the focus off the crazy dizziness, pain, nausea, sweatiness. OH I hadn't taken my pain meds that, night forgot to mention that. I wanted to poop..but yeah..I rather it hurt more, wait a little longer, than feel that again. I hope to take pictures husband has been busy because our kids start school tomorrow and a friend of ours died :( My mom is here too. She took my twins out. So i'm alone right now but feeling pretty good with lots of pillows and a rumble roller on my back.


Just want to say that I tried Turmeric that other tummy tuckers swore by and now I do too. The days I've taken it I have felt a notable difference and they are also the days I happened to be the skinniest after feeling like stomach would pop.
I have actually been very active..I jogged a little today even though the doc said next week. I felt good and I was trying to encourage my son who is in track. I've been a little desparate for exercise I see my woman curves dissapear with each passing day.
If anyone has tips for best bellybutton results PLEASE let me know. It looks like a butt hole right now..not aiming for that. I assume eventually I'll probably pierce it..but I have no idea if I can do anything to help it now or soon. Like should I do the whole earbud thing?? Does anyone have tips or a link for info on that?

This pic was from about 5 weeks post surgery.

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