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Abdominoplasty 9Sep. Stayed in bed because I was...

Abdominoplasty 9Sep. Stayed in bed because I was very weak. Wound began opening in a couple days. Saw surgeon every couple days and wound continued to open and, after drains failed and were removed, surgeon kept saying this was a manageable complication. After 4.5 weeks in bed, getting weaker, and drainage that soaked 2 thick pads about every 2 hours and just ran out when I stood, the surgeon finally referred me to a wound care specialist. In hospital immediately for 5 days with 2 dressing changes and debridements under anesthesia. Been home 9 days now with wound vac and get dressing changed every 24-72 hrs. Wound is full thickness and huge but wound care doc is optimistic but gives no timeline. I just have to heal. Since my husband could not stay more than 2weeks with me and I am not able to take care of myself we hired in-home. They have been a godsend. My strength is improving since the hospitalization and renewed nutrition . I can walk to the kitchen or bathroom with less assistance each day but cannot get into my high bed because the wound is so close to my pubis it hurts to try to pick up my right leg. This is a slow recovery that hopefully will have no more setbacks and I will be OK. Needless to say whatever the abdominoplasty was to accomplish is undone. My abdomen will never be beautiful but I just hope the wound will be closed and I can swim again. This was a terrible mistake.

Louisville, KY

2.5 weeks with wound vac. getting dressing changes 3X week. Feel like I am shrink wrapped. Not fun. Wound is closing but slowly. Belly hurts constantly.

67 Y/o

Abdominoplasty performed and wound opened within 3 days. It continued to open til it was full thickness. I had regular doc visits and was told the wound was manageable. The drains failed and were removed so the seroma drained into the open wound. What a mess. The seroma just ran out. I was in bed with plenty of bed protectors and chux to try to stay somewhat clean and dry. The bed sheets got dirty, my underwear was always dirty, and the toilet always had juice running down the front and under the toilet seat. It just ran everywhere. I used 2 thick Poise pads that were saturated in @ 1.5 hrs. I couldn' t eat, I was nauseated, I was purple from no color, I was weak, heart rate was 140, gasped for breath, and lightheaded. But the doc said he could handle it. So, for 4.5 weeks I laid in bed.

Finally while leaving the doc's office I almost passed out. My Art helped me but nobody from the office was anywhere around. When I got home the doc called and referred me to a wound care doc. Finally. Saw the new doc the next day and went to hospital for wound debridement X 2 under anesthesia and a 5 day hospital stay. I was so glad to go to hospital and get care. I am home now for 2 weeks with a wound vac pump. It is miserable. I feel shrink wrapped. The wound was @7" X 5" X 5" deep. The extra hole is now closed. The large wound is granulating but not fast enough for me. The wound vac gets changed every other day. The drainage from the seroma is gone and the wound drainage is pumped out by the dressing.  Because I was in bed so long and lost so much weight I am very weak. I am trying regain my strength but getting out of bed and moving around my house is difficult and in short spurts. The wound vac has a few more weeks and then I don"t know what. I was not given the risks and probabilities pre-op just the bill. Since the last office visit with the surgeon I have not heard a word. I am very disappointed and cannot in good conscience recommend this practitioner. Guess I should have known since the office is set up as a skin care clinic and not options for surgical procedures. I can't take care of myself so I have caregivers, Home Health, and physical therapy. I cannot leave the house except for medical appts if I need to keep the services.


Dressing is now silver alginate and sponges to be changed every 2 days. Sure am glad the wound vac is off. Wound vac on for a little over 5 weeks. Wound is getting smaller slowly but still with abdominal pain and trouble sleeping. Cannot drive yet. Still have caregiver because I can't lift or walk very well. This has been a real holiday bummer.

14 weeks

It's been 14 weeks now since my abdominoplasty. The wound is closing but I expect at least another month before it's closed. I have no muscle strength in my abdomen and walk hunched over. This has certainly been no fun.
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