34 Yo, 100lb Weight Loss After Gastric Bypass in 2008 and a C-section Delivery in 2004. Louisville, KY

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I am 5'8" and was 252 pounds the day I had gastric...

I am 5'8" and was 252 pounds the day I had gastric bypass. My lowest weight was 145 but I feel too thin there. I am currently bouncing between 158 and 162. I would like to weigh between 150 and 155 on my surgery day, June 21 2016. I track my calories daily and run 3 days a week. I fit in other exercises 2-3 other days a week. I want to go in to this surgery as healthy as possible with a body that is able to heal.
Last month, I went in for a routine check up with my PCP and was found to be severely anemic. I have had 2 iron infusions and my labs looked great 2 days ago.
I live in Missouri but I will be having surgery in Kentucky. Dr. Calobrace will be my surgeon. My mother used Dr. Calobrace as have several of her friends. Everyone has great things to say about him. I have spoken with his office staff on numerous occasions and they have been very helpful and understanding. I was assured that Dr. Calobrace frequently has out of town patients come to him for surgeries and will handle my case accordingly. I plan to stay in Kentucky for 2 weeks after surgery. The plan is to have drains and sutures removed by the time I head back to Missouri.
I have taken 4 weeks off of work to recover but I'm hoping I can go back sooner. I have a desk job with a little bit of walking during the day.
I am excited to have this surgery. I have spent many hours crying in front of a mirror, disgusted with my body. I can't wait to see the final result. I am also terrified of the recovery process. I handle pain well, but this seems "self inflicted" so there may be an emotional aspect to deal with when the pain is really bad.
My son will be with his father during my recovery and my mom is taking off the first week to take care of me. I am very fortunate for the help and timing.

16 days to go

I have just over 2 weeks to go before my TT. I am terrified and estatic all at the same time. I am addicted to this site, I can't get enough information. The next two weeks are going to fly and creep by.

1 day post op

I had my tummy tuck yesterday and I'm happy to say that the pain is nowhere near as bad as I thought if was going to be. I have sone burning at the incision and it hurts when I stand but walking around seems to make it hurt less. Dr. Calobrace was kind and reassuring and when he got to the OR, we joked and talked while he marked me up.
My incision goes from hip bone to hip bone and I have lipo puncture wounds on both sides.
I'm getting myself to the bathroom without help. I can get in and out of the recliner without help. I am taking my pain med and muscle relaxer scheduled around the clock.
I don't have much of an appetite. I forced myself to have a protein shake this morning and I will have a few cheese-its before I take my pain meds.
I'm excited to see what this is going to look like in 6 months.
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