TT, muscle repair and lipo surgery date is may 12th...feeling good

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Hello! I am a 24 year old mother of two. Both of...

Hello! I am a 24 year old mother of two. Both of my children were very large at birth (both by c-section) and I am myself a petite person so it caused me to have several stretch marks plus messed my belly button up. I'm having my surgery in about 5 weeks can't wait!!!! I will keep you updated :-) :-)

Picture of my belly

So this is my belly :-( I'm not a very big girl and had two big babies. I was def stretched past my limits.

Just thinking about things to pack for the hospital stay?! Any suggestions?

So I will admitted to the hospital on May 12th 2014 and will be staying 2 nights and 3 days. I'm wondering what all I need to take? I have a couple of button up pajamas I recently bought since they will be easy to put on and off. I'm also wondering about the shower situation...Were any of you guys able to shower while still in the hospital or did you have to wait until you got home? If so how many days post op? So much going on in my head right now! I'm already nervous, mainly because I am scared of the pain. I have had two c sections so I'm familiar with abdominal surgery but still scared of the unknown! If anybody has any suggestions or comments I would appreciate your input!

Just a little over 3 weeks before surgery!

So it's just a little over 3 weeks before my surgery I think it's starting to set in a little bit more that's it's actually right around the corner. Thank goodness. Time is going by sooo slow!

less than 3 weeks to go!

So I have a little less then 3 weeks to go cannot wait! I asked my nurse about a pain pump and she said I wouldn't need one because I will get plenty of pain medication to help with my pain....Anyway I go for my pre op appt on may's getting closer, cant wait!!

2 weeks today

2 weeks from today I'll be in surgery!! Yay not much longer....getting anxious!!!!

New pics of before

So I decided to put a few more pics of my belly on here. I absolutely HATE it!! I'm about 5''2" and weigh around 120 pounds. So tired of my pouch...

The spot above my bb

FYI The little scar above my belly button is where I had a belly ring pre pregnancy.

Getting kinda nervous

I really wasn't very nervous until this point. the surgery date is coming quick! Getting a little nervous about the pain and how I will feel afterwards. My husband is going to stay at the hospital with me and will be there if I need him (love him ????) but it's still so nerve racking since I don't know what to expect...with my second c section I was nervous about the pain but I knew what was coming and how I would feel......with this I don't. I guess I'll just have to wait and see ????

Stupid phone

I'm not sure why my phone added question marks in my last post. I put an emoji con...

10 days from today!

Hey guys 10 days from today and getting anxious! This week flew by so hopefully next week will too!!

9 days!

i will update some pics later on.....

More pics

Getting very very close

Wow this time next week I should be finished with my surgery... I can't believe it's here. I go for my pre op blood tests tomorrow. Kind of nervous because I sometimes have low iron but started taking a supplement last night...hopefully that helps

Can't believe it's so close

So this time next week me and my tummy tuck buddy will be 1 day post op and healing! Went to see the dr today and got my blood work and history done. So now just waiting...... :-)

Percocet vs lortab

any advice? My dr said lortab may be a better option since Percocet makes me really nauseated...any advice on that?

Oh goodness

I can't believe I'm this close to my surgery date. :-/

Nerves are really setting in!

Wow am I getting nervous! It's so close I cannot stop thinking about is my last day of work. Will post some last photos later tonight.

Another pic

YUCK!! I hate my belly so much

Last day I'll have my belly pics....

Can't believe in about 24 1/2 hours I'll b in surgery! Yay!! I've been waiting for 5 years. So happy my time has finally come

Today is the day...

So today's the's 2:15am. I don't have to leave the house until 5am but I'm so nervous I can't fall back asleep :-(. I'm very very anxious about the pain. Also my allergies have been acting up so I've got a headache going on and can't really take any medications to help get rid of it. Anyway I guess I'll go take a nice bath and update you guys at the hospital :-)

In the hospital bed...

I'm in my little pre op room in my beautiful hospital gown and socks! Just waiting on my nurse to start an iv and go through my history with me. Wow am I nervous or what. Hopefully she gives me something through my iv to calm me down a bit!

Officially on the flatside

I just got out of surgery about an hour and a 1/2 or so. I'm really really sore. They got me on the morphine PCA and I also got the pain pump. I was gonna get the injection of experal but went against it at the last minute due to the crazy price. It was $1700 and the pain pump was just $150 so I ended up going with that :-) I haven't got to look my belly at all yet but as soon as I can take this compression garment off I'll post some pictures! Thanks for all the nice comments and support. :-)

Pics with garment

Awesome being on the flat side

So my nurse told me not to take my binder off until the dr seen it but being me I did anyway. It isn't gonna hurt anything :-) so I got a few pics and I'm LOVING the results. I'm so flat!! I haven't really seen my bb yet but it looks like he did a great job. It took about 3 1/2 hours to incision isn't very high either. It's nice and low which Iove so far so good!! My dr was so nice before surgery and explained everything so well. Looks like you can fix a tummy good too :-)

Don't get scared reading reviews...

I have read lots of reviews about the recovery and after effects of a tummy tuck....I was so so nervous because I read a good amount of reviews that just made me scared to death. But you shouldn't worry bc it really is not that bad honestly! Yeah sure your pretty sore and you do hurt but as long as you keep up with your pain meds and walk around like an old granny (hehe) all hunched over it will be fine!! Don't take any of the reviews to heart because everyone's pain tolerance is different. Mine isn't the best really and I'm doing just fine. Just keep in mind you can do this and don't worry about the recovery too much. You will do great! Ok...getting off my soap-box now lol


I love my new tummy!!

More pics

I'll some better pics when my hubby comes here to the hospital :-)

Still feeling good...more pics

I'm still extremely sore but feeling ok for the most part! I think the pain pump is definitely helping. I was able to shower at the hospital this morning. It wasn't too bad at all. I didn't need any help...I can't lay my hospital bed all the way back bc my stomach is so tight it hurts if you lean back, kind of like a tugging feeling. I took some pics after my shower. I'm wondering about my belly button though? It kind of looks high. I'm thinking it's maybe from the swelling. Either way I'm still flat. Yay!!

5 am here in Louisville

I'm wide awake this morning. This is a very early time for me. I slept a lot yesterday so that may have something to do with it. Anyway I was on a PCA (patient controlled analgesic) with morphine which helped tremendously after surgery and 1 day PO. I finally dropped the PCA around 2pm yesterday. Now I am taking Vicodin 7.5 mg and a phenergen S well to help with nausea! Yesterday he just started me on 1 Vicodin but it didn't really touch my pain much at all so I told my nurse she called him and he upped it to two 7.5 vicodins and a phenergen...that really made a big difference. I'm a little more drowsy but not in much pain at all. I'm feeling pretty good this morning. Got up walked to the lounge got me some coffee. Now I'm just hanging out in my room. I should be going home today around 3:00-4:00. Good luck to all the upcoming tummy tucks. You will do fine. :-)

Feeling good

I'm feeling even better then yesterday. The pain pills are making me a little itchy but I'm not having a lot of pain so that's always good. Dr weeter came by to check my drains and incision site he said everything looked great. I'm so happy with the way I look. :-) Also I have been using my daughters boppy pillow for "support" while sneezing or cough (which is torture by the way) lol I have been up quite a bit walking to prevent blood clots. I also took another shower this morning after breakfast which made me feel even better! I hope everyone else is doing ok! :-)

Out of the hospital

So today is my first day home from the hospital. I'm feeling pretty good for the most part. I think I over did it a little when I got home. The pain meds make you think your invincible but guess what...we aren't, we are humans and we need plenty of rest after surgery. I guess I'm hard headed lol oh well enough of my ranting :-) I've been taking my pain meds every 4 hours on the dot to prevent any unnecessary pain. Oh and just something I wanted to mention, from the top of my belly button to right above my pubic bone I am completely numb. No feeling at all...I'm guessing that has something to do with the nerve damage? Not sure though. Other then that in feeling great. Can't wait to try some bikinis on. Thanks to my wonderful plastic surgeon I may get to wear one for the first time in 6 years yay!!

Feeling about the same this morning

I had a decent night of sleep last night...first time since surgery which was nice!! I'm having pain with a itching, burning feeling but I've been taking my pain meds along with Benadryl and that really seems to help out a lot with the itch. Doctor said the itchiness is a normal part of the healing process. So there is light at the end of the tunnel. Good thing my sweet chocolate lab is keeping me company. She's so sweet!! :-)

first post op appt is tomorrow

I have my post op with dr weeter at 11 tomorrow. Yesterday while I was still in the hospital he said he was pretty confident I could get my drains and pain pump out by then. So yay!! These drains are so annoying. Especially when showering... :-) I hope all you guys are feeling good and healing quick:-)


Get a splint/boppy pillow if you don't have one...oh my goodness coughing and's just plain torture lol! I found what helps me the most is firmly holding my boppy pillow (or any type of pillow) against my abdomen pretty firmly and then coughing. If you don't prepare your self it's going to hurt really bad! Not trying to scare anyone. I just want to be perfectly honest about my whole experience.

One drain to go!!!!! Yay!

I went to the see my dr today for my first post op appointment. Everything went well he said I was healing great and everything looked as it should. I got one drain out thank goodness & should get the other drain out Tuesday. The drain didn't hurt at all when it came out it was just a very weird feeling. I was able to do a little more today...done some light laundry and cleaning also took a shower this evening and was able to put my baby girl to sleep tonight :-) now I'm just relaxing. The pain is getting better everyday. What's bothering me the most is the lower back pain and there is also a burning type of pain around my incision. Also I cannot say this enough about splinting before you cough!! It is very painful! I just take a pillow and hold it really right against my abdomen. :-)

More pictures!!

Having trouble peeing...

I just figured id post this for anyone that may be having trouble peeing :-) I have had trouble since I had my catheter in. I need to go but I go to the rest room and wait and wait and wait and nothing! Then I remembered something from when I had my oldest...I was having the same issue so the nurse told me to run some warm water down the front of your lady parts (while your sitting on the toilet obviously). For some reason this works like a charm for me. :-) hopefully this helps someone!

Pics of belly button

I'm amazed with my new belly button!! It's healing and looking better everyday :-)



7 days today!!

So it's been 7 days today since my surgery! So far the recovery has been pretty intense but overall ok. Before I had my surgery I was rely worried about how I would feel right after surgery when I woke up. I was expecting the worse pain ever! To be honest it really wasn't that bad at all when I woke up. I will say the 2,3,4,& 5 day were the hardest for me. That's kinda when the medication they give you during surgery kind of start to wear off and you really start feeling things. But even then it really was not that bad! I really got myself worked up for no reason. Don't get me wrong it does hurt but if you stay up on your pain medication and don't over do yourself you will be fine!! Make sure you have plenty of help especially if you have small kids...another thing I found helpful was SLEEP!! The more I got the better I felt. Even 7 days post op I'm still taking a couple naps a day, it just refreshes you and makes you feel much better. This morning I woke up very sore and itchy. As soon as I took my pain medicine I was ok. I hope everyone is doing ok and feeling good!! :-)

Anyone know when the steri strips come off??

I go and see dr weeter tomorrow but in the mean time I was wondering about the steri strips?? If anyone has an answer I would appreciate it! :-)

8 days post op

Today is 8 days post op and I'm feeling pretty good! I visited my ps and got my second drain out and let me tell you it feels GREAT!! I love being free from them. :-). Also my dr said that I am looking and healing better then I'm supposed to so that's good...he actually said I'm healing better then most of his patients at this point during the post op period. I'm feeling pretty good just got some pain in my lower back and I'm still sore in my abdominal area of course! I did take all my steri strips off and cleaned my incision really well with a cotton ball and rubbing alcohol I let it dry really well and then put some paper tape over my incision. :-) getting better every day. Can't wait to try in bikinis!!!!!!

More pics of my belly 8 days post op

I also forgot to put on my last update that I get my belly button stitches out on Friday. I'm very excited to see how it heals

Belly button stitches

I've been on RS a while and have never came across anyone with belly button stitches...Or maybe I haven't looked hard enough but I have them and get them taken out Friday. I'm kind of wondering if that's gonna hurt?! I'm pretty numb down by my belly button so I'm sure that will help but I can still feel some. If anyone has has belly button stitches id appreciate some info on that lol kinda anxious if you haven't noticed :-)

Feeling good again...

Yesterday was supposed to be my day to get the stitches in my bb out but I caught a stomach virus that was going around my house. Started out with my son then my daughter then of course I canceled my appt and rescheduled it for Tuesday since Monday is a holiday. I'll update then and put more pics up :-)

More pics

Here's a few more pics of my tummy...I've had a little more energy the past couple day but I get tired very easily!! Hopefully it will get better as time goes by :-)

Got my stitches out today...

Yay finally for my stitches out!! It took about 5 or so minutes and it didn't hurt me at all. I'm still numb around my belly button so I didn't feel much. Just a little's kinda looking like an outie right now but hopefully when it heals it will kind off go in a little more :-) I'll be posting some more pics!!

Pics of my bb in order

Feeling better everyday!

Feeling better everyday and getting energy little by little each day! :-) I hope everyone else is doing well and healing fast!!
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Dr Weeter was very nice and explained the procedure very well. He also took his time to show me some before and after pictures of previous patients. He was also very patient and listened to everything I had to say and also made sure all my questions were answered. Another thing I liked about him was his bedside manner. I met with many different plastic surgeons in the louisville area and none were as down to earth as dr weeter. He's not arrogant like some doctors, which was another quality of him I admired! *****Update as of 5/13/14***** Dr. Weeter has been so great! He's very patient and attentive and he also does great work. I can't believe how good he made my stomach look. I'm so happy with it. Anyone that lives in or around louisville Kentucky I would recommend him 100%. He's great I can't say enough good things about him. His prices are also fair I don't think I could have got a better surgeon!! ******5/20/14****** I still can't believe how good of a job dr weeter did! I'm amazed he could even make my tummy look the way it does. So happy with my results!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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