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I am 37 years old and I recently underwent smart...

I am 37 years old and I recently underwent smart lipo procedure of the lower abs on August 28, 2014. My biggest concern was my "pooch" aquire after having c-section 17 years ago. I am 5"5 155 pounds and I work out 5 to 6 times a week. So far I hv seen little improvement and I am hoping for maximum results. I will keep you posted about my jouney.

Day 1 Post

Surgery went fine I was under for 1 hour and 900 cc were extracted. I have some pain and no nausea. I was given some pain and nausea meds before I left the recovery room. I see lil changes however I am still swollen. I am wearing a compression garment and will follow up with doctor in about 12 days or so.

1 week post

I feel good i am ready to work out but I have not seen my doctor yet. My stomach is still swollen and numb I have discontinued the Vicodin pain meds I was given and I am taking aleve for my discomfort. I am scheduled for doCT or appt in September 8 to have my stitches removed.

Week 2 Post

Post Surgery Week 2

I went to my first follow up appointment to get stitches removed. Funny story, no stiches to remove (smh). I never looked directly at my incisions due to my fear of sores and wounds so I changed my bandages without looking. So I found out my bandages were on the inside (duh). But any way I was seen by my doctors RN, she advised me that my incisions were healing wonderfully. I questioned the healing time and she stated to get optimal result to maintain healthy diet and to start back with my exercising and this would help with flushing fat cells. She also stated that I should refrain from doing ab exercises though. She said I would swell when I excercise and to wear a waist cinched while working out and i should see maximum results in 3 to 6 months. Skin tightening should occur within 6 to 8 weeks. I am a very impatient person so this will be hard. I am glad that I am able to excercise again and will start immediately. As far as my compression garment I am wearing it at nite and using my Ardyss Shaper which is very tight to assist with conturing my body during the day. I eat about 6 small meals a day. Stay tuned for more updates! !

week 3 post

Well this week has been challenging. I don't feel like I had any improvements due to feeling super bloated (thanks to mother nature). I've had a great workout week that has caused some swelling as well. I am also still wearing an Ardyss corset at least 4 to 6 hours a day and a Maidenform girdle when I can't tolerate the corset. Oh well i am uploading my pics. Enjoy!

Week 4

Minimal changes this week. But I am posting my progression. HAPPY HEALING!

week 5 post

Today I have bare minimal results. I was scheduled for my follow-up with my doctor and he is pleased with my results thus far and he told me I still have to be patient for maximum results. However I have a new issue on my lower right side of my abdomen (fibroid) that we discussed and he is willing to assist with a correction. I knew it was there prior to surgery but I didn't realize it would be visible due to the fat lost. Oh well it is what it is and I am still extremely impatient. Happy healing!

week 5 continued

3 months and 19 days Post

Well I'm still healing and I am thinking of getting my flanks done in Spring.

comparison from last check in

8 mths later....procedure #2 upcoming in 11 days

Well i have made the decision to go back to my doc for tummy tuck for two reasons. One my "fibroids" was not that per my gyno after a new ultra sound..in fact it is scared tissue. So I was referred back to my PS. He advised me that he can remove but "going in and cutting". So as he is explaining, I stop him and tell him "if you are going to cut we might as well tuck" So I'm back under the knife on April 13. I'm anxious excite and scared. So Real Self fam. I will keep you posted once I make it to the completely flat side!!

One week away from TT

One week and counting. ..here are some pics of what I am working with....

Big Day

I am anxious yet excited to finally get the transformation I have been waiting for. My surgery is scheduled for 1230 today and I haven't ate since 1045pm last night, so I'm antsy! Well here goes nothing. I will keep you posted.

2 days post

Well I made it to the flat side. I had surgery on Monday and I feel just fine. My doctor sent me home with hydrocodone, a muscle relaxer, and a 72 hour pain pump. So pain has not been an issue. Today I showered and changed my bandages and my results are fantastic! !! However, I forgot to snap a pic before putting my bandages back on.

2 days post TT

3 days post TY

Swollen today and I have not had a bowel movement yet. My tats were cut off a little bit but they can be tweaked!

4 days post

I'm out for lunch today with me Madre. My energy is boosting back in full drive. I contacted my doc office to get jp drain removed due to low output. I am scheduled for Monday. Thank God!!

7 days Post TT

I had a great weekend followed by a wonderful Monday! Today my doc removed my JP drain and removed my stitches from my navel only. I feel great and I have been quite active by going to the mall and just staying busy around my house. I will return to work on Thursday and thus far I am really pleased with my results (aside from my flanks swelling). I will post some updated pics tomorrow.

post TT 8 days pics

post TT 12 days

Feeling a little bit stronger. Dying to workout but i know I am not allowed! So I have the no work out blues!

post tt 12 days

Post TT 3 weeks

Feeling great!! Building my strength up again so that I can get back to working out. My doctor stated that I needed to wait 6 weeks with strenuous exercising.
So I'm starting lite with walking at slow to moderate pace and squats. I'll keep you folks posted!

6 wks post TT

So I have been slowly buy surely getting back to my work out regimen. Stated in week 4 walking ..week 5 jog and walk and squats. Now in week 6 I am back it interval training. Still swelling from time to time especially after a workout and I still wear a compression garment during the day (spanks top) 5 days a week and sleep with my doc provided compression garment at nite. Still healing!

30th post TT

Loving my abs..striving for a six pack very soon!

six months post TT

Doing very well and working out 4 to 5 times a week. Hoping to step my work out up to 6 days a week ( God willing). Happy healing!

17 months later....

Feeling great very pleased with my results...in the gym 5 to 6 times a week...but not pleased with my flanks...

Lipo of the Flanks and Bra Line 2016

2mor I will go back under the knife to have lipo on my flanks and bra line. I am going back to my same doctor who completed my recent surgeries. I am hoping for a speedy recovery and a huge difference in my appearance. Wish me luck!

Post op day 1

Feeling okay today and my pain is minimal but my throat is terribly sore ftom the anesthesia. My body is numb and swollen at this point and my body is wrappend tight. I will keep you posted about my journey.
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

My doctor was very knowledge and his staff was very professional and looked like barbies (lol). Doctor Corbett was very patient regarding my concern and honest regarding results.

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