Trying to Avoid Lipo Surgery - Louisville, KY

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I had 4 areas done; upper/lower abs and hips. I...

I had 4 areas done; upper/lower abs and hips. I could tolerate the laser at 1.2 for abs and 1.4 for hips. It hurt. I was sore and a bit bruised after. Also, I had lumps under my skin in the treatment areas. I had this done a little over a week ago and still sore when I try to massage the areas. No change yet. Lumps are smaller but still there when I try to massage areas. I will add picks soon.

Pics wk1 & wk 2

I can't really see a difference yet. Soreness and lumps are gone.

Week 3

Maybe a slight improvement. Still hard to tell.
Physicians Center for Beauty

Doctor did not perform the procedure; technician operated the laser. Very nice lady, made sure I was comfortable. My only complaint is that my hips were not treated evenly. Pads were placed with one higher and back farther. I hope it won't be a noticeable difference. $500/per treatment area. Not sure how to rate it. Too soon to know.

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