31 Years Old, 2 Kids, 4"11 115 Lbs 385cc. Louisville, KY

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During my pre op appointment my doctor and I...

During my pre op appointment my doctor and I discussed 400 cc silicone high profile, above muscle, areola incision. I Learned after surgery from my discharge papers that I have 385cc moderate round implants. Im 6 days post op and I go tomorrow for my follow up appointment and to have my tape changed. I'm going to ask the PS why he changed the size and shape during surgery. I have no feeling whatsoever in my left nipple and the right incision kept bleeding the first day but was fine after my shower. I'm still sore and swollen. Lots of bruises in my arm pits and under my boobs. I'm excited about the final look but until I get there I'll continue to complain.lol

8 days post op

Had my first follow up appointment today. The PS changed my surgical tape and told me to come back next week to have the stitches removed. I'm still sore but most of the swelling has gone down. The bruises have started to change from a blue/black color to a mustard color. The mornings are the worse. I wake up feeling very sore and tight. After I get up and move around that seems to go away. Right now my left breast seems to be much larger than the right. I'm not sure why this is. I have more range in my right arm now and can lift it almost over my head. Left arm has very limited movement. I'm starting to get boobie greed at this point and wish I had gone bigger. Still can't drive but I can do basic Stuff on my own like shower and use the bathroom. Still no feeling whatsoever in my left nipple but PS said this could take 6 weeks but that I should get feeling back. I'm ready for these babies to get softer and more squishy but for now they are very hard, heavy and tight.

1 week 1 day

2 weeks post op

Had my 2 week follow up appointment today. I asked the PS why my left breast was so much larger than the right, he said it was normal. sometimes one side of the body tends to heal/recover faster than the other. He said the lump I'm feeling in my left boob is due to swelling and it will continue to smooth out over the next few weeks. They removed 2 stitches on each breast and said the rest would dissolve. I was really hoping to have my tape removed for good today but unfortunately my stitches aren't dissolving as quickly as expected. Has anyone else had this problem? He said I could start sleeping on my right side now if I wanted and I would wear a bra as long as it doesn't have any underwire or padding and make sure it doesn't squeeze or compress the implants otherwise they could form to the shape of the bra. I'm pain free for the most part except for "morning boob" the bruises are getting better each day. Its still a little hard to drive. I go back in 1 week to have the incisions examined. Can someone please tell me how long it usually takes before the tightness goes away and the breast become soft and squishy?

follow up

Another appt today. PS took off the surgical tape. He agreed the left breast looks almost a cup size bigger, still staying it's due to swelling so we are putting off the "after pics" till the next appointment. Morning boob is getting better. Still no feeling in left nipple but periodically I get sharp pains going from inside the left boob to my nipple. PS says this is a good sign. It means i have a higher chance of getting my nipple sensation back. Other than that's I'm doing ok incisions are healing nicely but still tender. Next appt in 1 month.

a few updated pics

before pics

I noticed that I don't have any "before" pics on here so I figured I would post a few. I hope this can help others on their "size" decision. I was a 34 A BA. Not real sure what size I am now as I was told not to wear a bra for the first six weeks. I did put on a sports bra today and I gotta say it helps take some of the pressure off.

starting to worry

Im almost 4 week post op and my left (right in pics) seems to be higher than the other side with no change in sight. I'm starting to get worried. It's much higher and tighter. My fear is I'm starting to form Capsular contracture. With clothes on its not as noticeable. Can someone plz tell me if this will correct itself or if I have reason to panic. Also not only does the left sit higher it seems to be shaped different and have more projection than the right side.

extended warranty

My fear of capsular contracture on my left breast is at an all time high right now. It has hard knots in certain spots and when touched even at the slightest feels like a bad sun burn. My next appointment is in 2 weeks. My left sits higher, projects more and isn't even the same shape as my right. I learned today that when I purchased my implants it came with a 3 year warranty. What they don't tell u, or at least my PS didn't tell me was the warranty only covers his surgical cost and nothing else. If you buy the extended warranty that covers his cost, replacement implant, operating room and anesthesia. I was lucky that my 45 days to purchase the warranty hadn't expired yet so I got it today. My implant company is mentor and it was $200 for the extended warranty. If you thinking bout not getting g the extended warranty I'd urge you to reconsider as my sister in law just had to pay an additional $2200 last week to repair her right side after only 7 weeks.


These things are actually starting to feel like they belong to me. It's crazy how much they change every single day. Some days are better than others but even the way they feel or sit is different on a daily basis. I'm looking forward to my next appt so I can stress my concerns with my PS about the problems I'm having with the left side. Hope it's not cc and it will correct itself without any further surgery.


Was thankful to have this appt. So I could discuss some of my worries and concerns with my PS today. I had some concerns with capular contracture, the left breast feels sunburnt to the touch, the size of left is noticeably larger than the right & has hard knots on the underside. I still have no feeling in left nipple and parts of my left side. Also left areola scar not that pretty. The PS said he doesn't think I have cc, but left is still showing signs of swelling (which I thought was strange after almost 8 weeks considering right is fine) but he said apply heat to chest (now might be a good time to start hitting the tanning bed for the heat) he said to purchase some vitamin E tablets for the hard knots, and he said to apply sunscreen to the areola scar. He said alot of the same ingredients that are in the expensive scar creams/ treatments are the same as what's in sunblock. He said sunblock must be at least 50 spf. Apply once a day preferable at bedtime. And come back in one month. He decided not to go ahead with "after pics" until he sees me again.


Sorry ladies these pics didn't upload with my last review so I'm adding them now.

vitamin E

So i have been taking the vitamin E tablets for the hard spots/knots around areola & underside of left boob as well as putting the 50 spf sunblock on the left scar now for about 5 days as recommended by my PS. I can already tell that both breast are getting much softer. The knots are shrinking and I can actually squeeze my breast now. However I haven't seen any change in the scar appearance. The pain in my left is almost gone and the burning sensation is about a 6 now on the pain scale compared to the 9 last week. I hope the left continues to heal and eventually match the right side. I'm not sure why my areola is so much larger on left side but I'm becoming very depressed over it, but I have hope that it will continue to correct itself the more the swelling goes down. I really want to go to vs and get sized but until then i have been buying size 36 C bras at department stores.

just for fun....a must try!

Nothing really new to report, I still have good days and bad days. I have a love hate relationship with my boobs. I keep thinking about myself in a bikini in 20 days when I'm on vacation. So that's something I'm looking forward to. It will be the first time in years I won't try to cover myself up and hide on the beach. But that's not why I'm posting this review I was watching a TV show the other day and they were talking about how to tell if someone has fake breast or real ones. There is an easy but fun test. So for all my ladies I tried this the other night just for giggles and I have to say it was very amusing to me. OK so go into your bathroom or bedroom and turn out the lights, take a flashlight and turn it on, press it right up against your boob. Fake boobs glow in the dark... it lights up like a glow stick. You can see the veins, the implant pocket and the implant will appear as the darken shadow. Try this and let me know if it worked for you ladies and your thoughts on it.lol

a few new pics

Dr appt next week. Curious if any ladies did the fun boobie test I posted a few weeks ago.

bikini shopping

Thought I'd be jumping for joy when buying a new swimsuit today since now I actually have enough on top to fill out a bikini top, but it was very hard not to find suits with padding and underwire. Anyone else have this problem? Still I think I managed to find a few I like but it took a lot of "no's" before I found them.lol

new pics

Ok making this my last update. Ty for all your support. Congrats to all the new members and wonderfull ladies with your terrific new breast. And good luck to everyone with up coming surgeries


Almost 6 months

Victoria secret sizing 34D

Got sized at VS 34D. These are cup size bigger than what I have been buying at department stores. I loved the Dream angel bras and the fabulous by VS. I missed my dr appointment due to car trouble and need to reschedule. Other than that doing good.

Happy halloween

Costume shopping has been fun this year!


I couldn't be more happy with my results unlike some of you it has taken me almost a year before my boobs have really settled and starting to look the way I always thought they would. So please for everyone who is having doubts with your results I say give it time. If you are still unhappy after a year then I would think about revision.
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