Male to Female Breast Augmentation. - Louisville, KY

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I am a mature male looking for this and more to be...

I am a mature male looking for this and more to be done. I just wonder what the general public (realSelf) members think of this. I myself can't wait and have always as long as I can remember wanted this. I am just in the consultation stage but am going to go through the transformation. Please give me your real thoughts on my decision.

Just and update on my expected breast augmentation.

Just a short time and I mean short before my consultation. I don't know what to expect and my stomach is full of butterflys. My mind can't stop thinking about this first step in my new life. I just can't wait but scared to death in some ways. Everyone please pull for me and hope all goes well in the consultation and down the road.


Had my consultation 3 days ago and it was exciting and a learning experience. H actually wanted a 700cc implant and asked me if I wanted cleavage and changed when I said moderate cleavage to 800cc. The nurse had me try 600cc and I was actually happy with the look. Anyway Dr. went with 800 but I'm having changing thoughts about that. I have another consultation with another Dr. next week and again very excited but curios what size he thinks I should have. Later updates to come but it will happen and I want the best for my self. I don't think going huge is a good thing for my goals in life. Just want to live as a female the rest of my life happy! More to come.

2nd Consultation

Well tommorow is another big day on my male to female transition. Im going to get another consultation because I wasnt really pleased with the first due to his lack of concern with me. This new doctor is in Louisville also and he advertizes that he does most all the thingsj I want done to exist in this world. I again am excited with this because I want a lot of things done and want my breast to be thel best they can be. Last doctor said just set him up with 800cc and I don't think I want to be that big. Of course I want nice breast but I want them not stand out is the crowd and not look normal. Of course I want them noticeable but not to much. Well that is it for now just wish me well.excited!!!! Thanks to all Karieann

My latest consultation

I went to a new doctor and had a consultation. He was more than happy to do the surgery but said if I want to do the total change to a women he suggested I should get on harmones because he was afraid that if he makes that many changes my face and breast won't be successful because the change from a man to a women, which I want could totally change my breast and not be the same if he done it now and I started on harmones later. So off to the search of estrogen (I believe). Not sure which doctor I need to see be but I soon will. Any suggestions of what kind of doctor please update me.
Thanks, Karieann

Working on needs for male to female transformation

I went to my PS and he told me some things I need to do. Mostly to transgender I need to be on Female harmones for a lengh of time. I see my doctor for that in about 3 weeks, this has been a long wait. Presently I am taking several things to help my body be ready foor the operation. I can't wait but this was the first PS that told me if I didn't do this correctly I would have adverse effect it the future after my surgery. I am patiently wait for the harmones to do all the need and then it's a go. Sad to wait but right thing to do. Thanks for all the support many of you are giving me.

Male to Female Breast Augmentation

Well to say the least I'm as high as ever about my transformation. I'm still following my PS request to stay on estrogens for a period of time. I am like many of you in waiting to get the augmentation asap. Right now I am enjoying the benifits of extrogen. My breast and body are for sure on the move. I have developed breast that I am very proud of and I can see changes in my body which is natural. My best regards to all of you that are and have been helping me. More to come and best regards to all. Karieann

My latest surge to having breast augmentation

For anyone following my post. I have been asked to get on estogen for some time until I have the breast to do the surgeries I have asked for. This I have done but the biggest contributor to my breast growth is a product called Naturaful. I will probably give me the breast the PS can work with. Estrogen has helped my body change the way I wanted. I'd say overall I am progressing quite well. I will have to start wearing bras very soon. Well that's it, Best to all Karieann
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